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One True Love (A Salvatore Love Story) *FINISHED*
Story published September 18, 2011 · updated May 29, 2012 · completed · 30 pages · 4,158 readers · 29,074 reads
Ch. 12: Dead Meat.
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Ch. 12: Dead Meat....

Crystal Point of View

We got upstaires and there was Elena crying. She had blood on her face and blood coming out of her neck. She looked so scared. Molly was holding Elena's head in her hands.
This is Molly->
"Molly?" Stefan asked.
"That's right Stefan. It's me Molly."
"But I don't understand." Stefan whispered.
"I'll explain it to you then Stefan. You were always a little wimp. Damon....oh Damon was another story. I walked with you that day only to see Damon."
"Your face glowed when he came near you to threaten Stefan. You were there bringing over a gift to the Salvatore's when Damon left. Elizabeth even sent you an invite to her celebration party. I saw you. You were in the back of the room." I said furiosly.
"Yes I was! I wanted Damon then and I want him now!"
"Why come back now?" I asked.
"Katherine changed me after she changed them. She said she could use more help on her side. I didn't know she had even changed them till a year ago. I was plotting how to tell Damon I was alive and well, but them you had to show up!"
"If you had been watching that whole time you should have known that I wasn't Elizabeth." I yelled.
"I thought you were lying!"
"I wasn't!"
Stefan started to take a step forward.
"I have to admit you came up with one hell of a plan. It's kinda sexy." Damon finally spoke.
"Yeah. Makes me wanna just kiss you."
"Damon, you don't know how long I've been waiting to here you say that. You know we can run away together. How's that sound?"
"Come on over then."
"I will."
He walked over to her and wrapped an arm around her waist. He started to lean into kiss her and she snapped Elena's neck.
"Oops sorry I guess I slipped." She said with a smile. He threw Molly across the room.
"Oops sorry I guess I slipped." He said sarcasstically. I looked at Molly and jumped on her.
"Nobody f**ks with my cousin!" I pinned her to the ground. Stefan ran to a table and broke off the leg. She somehow managed to flip me onto my back and her on top of me. Damon real quick pulled her off.
"DON'T TOUCH MY GIRL!" Damon yelled. Stefan ran up and plugged the leg into her heart.
"That's for Elizabeth!" He shoved it in harder. "And that's for Elena!"
Damon took care of the body and we waited for Elena to wake up. 
When Damon came back her brought another girl. ->
Elena woke up and drank the girl dry. Her and Stefan left to discuss the basics of being a vampire.
"Damon. You didn't really like her and want to be with her right?" I asked him.
"Babe I was acting."
"Good. I love you."
"I love you too."
"I have a gift for you."
"You do?"
"It'll last 15 minutes. I don't mind if you kiss her or what you do with her, alright?"
"Um ok?"
I took out the vile Bonnie gave me this morning upon requst and I swollowed the potion.

Elizabeth Point of View

I was watching the battle and then Elena drinking a girl. All of a sudden Damon and Crystal have a talk and then she drinks a potion and I get this weird feeling and I'm looking at Damon's face. 
"Wow. That was odd."
"What was Crystal?"
"What? I'm not Crystal."
"Oh no. That girl has lost her mind! They're going to eat her alive in there! Oh no! What do I do?!"
"What's going on?"
"Don't you get it! It's me! It's Elizabeth! Crystal must have drank a potion to switch places with me."
"What do we do?!"
"Calm down. Calm down. She said it would last 15 minutes."
"I missed you."
"I missed you too."
"I'm sorry for what happened."
"It wasn't your fault." I leaned in and kissed him. I kissed him till our 15 minutes were up.

Crystal Point of View
When I returned I felt Damon's lips on mine and I pulled away.
"Happy early wedding gift."
"Thank you."
"Your welcome."
I leaned my head on his sholder and I knew then I had found my one true love......