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A New Face! My First Love! What's Going On Here! A Gingka Ha
Story published September 19, 2011 · updated October 7, 2011 · 13 pages · 2,395 readers · 5,259 reads
Love Story!~
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Love Story!~

I woke up to my alarm clock, screaming in my ears. I groaned and threw it at the door, and what do you know? It STOPPED!~ I went back to sleep, only to hear my brother's nagging.

"SIS! WAKE UP ALREADY!" Brother yelled.

"BUT IT'S A SATURDAY! LET ME SLEEP!" I yelled back, not wanting to get up.


"FINE, GIVE ME A MINUTE!" I replied.

"HURRY IT UP THEN!" He yelled.

I groaned, and somehow managed to get out of bed. I went to the bathroom, with a clean change of clothes in my arms. I changed, brushed my teeth, went downstairs to the kitchen and made myself toast to eat. Knowing brother, he'd probably either skipped breakfast, or actually made himself the chocolate chip waffles I bought and ate them all without me.

"Ready." I said, as I was eating my toast.

"Let's go." He said.

"Okay, brother." I replied.

If he woke me up this early in the morning, and on a SATURDAY morning, too, it's either a meeting with the 'Face Hunters' or going to the store to buy stuff we need. We walked around, and went to the store. I bought things for dinner, while brother was arguing with a stranger for some reason.

"Brother, you should stop getting into fights with strangers." I muttered.

"What was that!?" He yelled.

"Oh, nothing. By the way, we're out of milk and cereal." I replied.

"Okay." Brother said.

As brother went to get the milk and cereal, I went and looked for things I needed for one of the member's birthday. Brother doesn't care much, but since the members are my only friends, I decided to bake him a cake for his birthday. You see, just last Friday, me and brother we're talking about holding a surprise party for him. His name is Benkei, I think. I can never really remember all of their names, but I do know Benkei is one devoted follower of my brother.

"Pastry flour, pastry flour... Ah! Here it is!"

"SIS! HURRY IT UP!" Brother yelled from a distance.

"Okay!" I replied as I ran.

I ran with the pastry flour in my hand. Brother seriously needs to learn how to be patient! I sighed as brother and I made it to the cash register. We made it back home and the time was... 8 AM....


"Benkei and some friends of mine are coming at 10 and they'll be staying over. That's why I woke you up early." He told me.

"BU-- Wait, did you say friends?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?" He replied.


"Gee. You don't have to yell, sis. It's too early for that." He said. I pouted, but got to work with the cake!

I made two medium sized cakes. (Me: You can imagine any kind of cake, your favorite too, if you want. Steve: So... Like Strawberry Short cake? Me: Yeah. Envy: Vanilla? Me: Yesh. You get the point? GOOD!)

"Hmmm... I should run to the store and buy some refreshments... Yeah! Brother, I'm going to the store again!" I said.

"Okay, just hurry it up, it's already 9, they'll be here at 10:30." He replied.

"Okay!" I yelled, as I went out the door.

But as soon as I got out the door, I bumped into a girl.

"Owwie. O-oh! I'm sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going! Sorry!" I apologized.

"It's okay, really. By the way, is this, by any chance, Kyoya's house?" She asked.

"Uhh, yeah. Ah! Your one of brother's friends!" I yelled out in glee.

"Yeah, my name is Madoka. Nice to meet you." Madoka said.

"My name is Shiyo! I'm Kyoya's younger sister. You can call me Shi!" I said.

"It's nice meeting you, Shi." Madoka said with a smile.

"Oh, hey! Madoka, can you come to the store with me?" I asked.

"Sure! I'd love too. Oh hey, what are you making for Benkei's birthday?" She replied.

"Well, I know his lovev for hamburgers and other kinds of food, so I was planning on making him his favorite foods." I answered.

"Wow, really! Can I help?" She asked.

"Sure, I really need the help since brother is taking care of the decorations." I replied.

"Great!~" She said.

"We have one hour! Come on!~"

With that, we were off! We went to the store and bought the things to make Benkei's favorite foods. It took us an hour to find all the right things, but it was worth it!


"What is it, Shi?" Madoka asked.

"WE GOTTA HURRY HOME!!! IT'S 10!!!" I yelled as I grabbed Madoka's hand.

We both pretty much ran back to my place. We made it back and everyone arrived, 30 minutes early, too.


"Well, I was wrong. Sorry." Brother said.

I saw alot of people. Most of them I don't even know, except for Benkei.

"Brother, you better introduce me to your frineds, since you never let me have any friends except for Benkei!" I yelled.

"Alright, alright. You don't have to get all worked up about it." Brother said.

"You have a sister?" A boy with orange/red hair said.

"Yeah. This is Shiyo, my sister." Brother said.

"Wow! Hi, I'm Gingka!" Gingka said.

"I'm Hyoma." a boy with blue-ish white hair said.

"I'm Tsubasa." A boy with white hair said.

"I'm Kenta." A boy with green hair said.

"I'm Yu." A boy with yellow hair said.

"I'm Hikaru." A girl with white-ish blue hair said.

"Wow, who knew brother had so many friends!~" I said.

"Hey, Shi. I'm getting hungry, can we start yet?" Benkei asked.

"Sure thing!~ WHO WANTS HAMBURGERS!~" I yelled.

"I DO!!" Everybody yelled.

Madoka and I laughed, and so the party started. You see, this was no ordinary birthday party, this is a birthday slumber party!~ I got all the guest rooms ready the day before, but we're short by two rooms. So, I'm guessing Hikaru and Madoka are sharing rooms with me! Anyway, Madoka, Hikaru and I were making the hamburgers, while the guys where either battling each other or playing video games. Hikaru was having some trouble, but after awhile, she was like a pro! When we were done, we all ate, talked and laughed.

"Hey, brother. Can I battle your friends?" I asked.

"Let me guess, your going to practice your new special move, 'S.O.S. Brigade' aren't you." Brother replied.

"Yeah! I need to perfect it! Practicing always make things in life easier!~" I said, happily.

"Okay then, how about you battle me?" Gingka said.

"It's on, spikey!" I said.

"S-spikey?" Gingka replied, a bit surprised.

"She has a habit of calling people weird names." Brother said.

"Intresting... How about this. If you win, you can call me 'Spikey' and if I win, you have to call me by my name. Got it?" Gingka said.

"Sure thing, Spikey!" I replied, all pumped up.

"3" Everyone yelled.



"LET IT RIP!~" I yelled.

"LET IT RIP!" Gingka yelled.

"Let's show them what we got, Thunder Star!" I said.

And with that, Thunder Star was on the move. She was an Attack type, mixed with a Deffence type. The trick was in her performance tip.

"GO, GO, GO, PEGASUS!!" Hyoma yelled.

"Let's go! Special Move! S.O.S. BRIGADE!"

Thunder Star stood still and then, three illusions appeared. I smirked.


A flash of light appeared aroud the four Thunder Stars, and the lights blasted at Pegasus. Pegasus then flew off and landed, no longer spinning.

"Whoa..." Was all Gingka said.

"Me and Thunder Star were together since forever! We have a wonderful bond, the same kind of bond as mine and brothers." I said, as picked up Thunder Star.

"And nothing can break through this bond?" Gingka asked.

"Yes. Unless one of us perish, then we both perish. There's no meaning if our bond breaks physically and mentally." I told him.

"What an intresting bey. It's an Attack type and Deffence type!" Madoka said.

"WHAAAA!?" Everyone except brother yelled.

"H-how is that even possible!?" Gingka asked.

"It's all in the performance tip." I bluntly said.

"Wait, let me see." Madoka took Thunder Star out of my hands. "Amazing! With one command, the tip changes postition!" Madoka exclaimed.

"Brother and I made Thunder Star ourselves." I said.

"YOU DID!?" Everybody yelled.

"Yeah." Brother replied.

"Brother!!! My ears hurt!!" I whined.

"Okay, so?" Brother answered. I just pouted.

"AHHHH!!!! I GOTTA GO!" I yelled as I checked the time.

"Why?" Hikaru asked.

"Because I need to make sure Mr. BunBun is okay!!" I cried.

"Who's Mr. BunBun?" Madoka asked.

"My class pet!! I gotta feed him!!!" I yelled, while in a panic.

"Ohhh!! I wanna meet Mr. BunBun!!" Benkei yelled in excitement.

"Okay, we'll all go! How's that sound?" I asked.

"That sounds fun!" Kenta exclaimed.

"GREAT! AND WE'RE OFF!!" I yelled.

We walked, only for a few minutes. When we got to the school, we walked in and went to my class.

"Mr. BunBun? You there?" I asked.

"Sis, he's not gonna answer you, he's a rabbit." Brother plainly stated.

"I know that! Atleast let me have my fun!" I nagged.

"Whatever." He sighed.

"Ah! Mr. BunBun!~" I squealed. I ran up to him and hugged him.

"That's Mr. BunBun?" Benkei asked.

"Yeah, he's just a rabbit. What did expect, something cooler?" I asked.

"Well... Yeah." Benkei replied.

We laughed and spent half of the day playing with Mr. BunBun. Mr. BunBun would run all over the place. By the time we caught Mr. BunBun, we messed up the entire room, and the security guard came up to see what was going on. He yelled at us, but I told him I had to feed Mr. BunBun on the weekends. After awhile, he understood and told us to clean the now messy classroom. Every now and then, I would stare at Gingka, seeing him laugh would make me smile. When I checked the time, I wanted to scream!!

"GUYS, GUYS!! WE GOTTA GO!!!!" I yelled.

"Wait, why?" Gingka asked. Benkei checked his watch, and his eyes widened.

"Bull, bull, bull, bull, bull!!! THE MOVIE I WANTED TO SEE IS ON!!! COME ON!!!" Benkei yelled.

And with that, he grabbed all of us and ran back home as fast as he could. Only bout a minute passed and we made it. It's usually a 20 minute walk from my house to the school, so we made it back in record time!

"We *pant* made it!" Benkei panted.

"I'll make some snacks." I said.

"We'll help!" Hikaru and Madoka said in unison.

"Okay, come on!" I was pumped to watch this movie!~


"Spill it, Shi. You like Gingka, don't you!~" Hikaru said.

"W-what are you talking a-about!" I stuttered.

"We know you like Gingka! We saw you staring at him and smiling!" Madoka said.

"Dammit." I mumbled.

"Yay!! We got something to talk about tonight!" Hikaru squealed.

"Yup... I guess." I said.

We continued to get the snacks ready. In total, we took only 5 minutes. When we entered the room, Benkei started telling us what happened so far. He must really wanted to see 'Laputa Castle in the Sky' if he was really willing to explain to us what happened so far.


I was somewhat crying. So was Madoka, and Benkei. That movie was something that made me wish I could find a place as beautiful as Laputa and be there with the people I loved. But those are dreams, not reality.

"That was awesome!!" Benkei yelled.

"Yeah! Who wants dinner?" I asked.

"MEEEEE!!!" All the boys yelled.

I laughed. I started making beef curry. All Benkei did was drool whenever he came in the kitchen, so I had to push him out. Madoka helped and so did Hikaru. Kenta helped from time to time. After about an hour, we finally finished.

"Guys. Dinner's ready!" I yelled.

"ALRIGHT!!" Was all I heard before they all ran to the table. I just laughed.

As we ate, we told stories of our adventures, what had happened before and after meeting Gingka. I was amazed by how much brother changed just by meeting Gingka and the others. After they told me of their stories, I told them of my stories about the shrine I take care of. I told them of the time where I met a spirit who was looking for someone near the shrine, saying he was waiting for his friend. They all listened intently, as I told them of the entire time I spent with the spirit before he found out his friend was already waiting for him on the other side. Of course, Benkei cried, but I didn't expect Kenta to cry. After awhile, he stopped and told us of the time where Gingka defeated 100 beys all at once! I was amazed. After about an hour of eating and chatting, everyone helped cleaned up. While in the kitchen, Madoka suggested something.

"Hey, what's a birthday slumber party without karaoke!"

"What?" I asked.

"Come on! It'll be fun!" Madoka's eyes seemed to sparkle when she said that.

"Ummm... Okay...?" I replied.

"Great! I have a karaoke set with all my stuff!~" She sang. I just stood there as she ran off to get things ready.

"Wow, I didn't expect that to happen."

"Me neither." Hikaru said.


"I'm done!~" Madoka yelled.

"Okay, what shall we sing?" I asked.

"I don't know. Oh! I know, how about you go first, Shiyo!"

"Huh!?" Was all I said, while Madoka picked a song for me.

The song was 'Aitai' by Hanatan, a Vocaloid. I sighed as I got ready for the song to play.

When I finished, everyone clapped. I smiled sheepishly.

"Thanks." Was all I said before I sat down.

"Okay, now let's do a group song!" Madoka yelled in glee.

"Okay, but this time I get to pick, 'kay?" I said.


I looked through the songs. Couldn't really find something I like, so I just searching until I saw one of my favorite song.

"Hey what about this song?" I showed them the song.

"Sure, but who are you going to sing it with?" Madoka asked.

"Simple answer, my friend! You and Hikaru!" I stated.

"Wait, what?" Hikaru said.

"You guys heard me!~ You two are singing with me!"

"Fine." Hikaru and Madoka said as they came up.

They clapped again.

"Wow, that was hard." Hikaru said as she sighed.

"No it wasn't, do you want to try another one of their songs?" I asked.


"Good!~" I sanged.

"It's time to get ready for bed, guys." Brother said.

"Okay." Everyone said.


"Soooooo!" Hikaru started.

"'So' what?" I asked.

"You know!!! About Gingka!!" Madoka said. I felt my face heat up.

"Uhhhh...." Was all I was able to get out.

"Ahhhh!!! Someone has crush!" Hikaru sanged.

"Come on! It's only love at first sight, I don't even know Gingka!" I scolded.

"We know, so you'll have to give it some time, right?" Madoka asked.

"Yeah, maybe a few months or something." I said.

"Great! Until then... WHO WANTS TO BATTLE!" Hikaru yelled.

"HEY, SHUT UP AND SLEEP ALREADY!" I heard brother yell. I laughed and grabbed a pillow.

"Let's go and give the boys a surprise attack." I whispered.

"Agreed." Hikaru and Madoka whispered back.

We sneaked out of my bedroom and made it to brothers. They seemed to be playing Dead or Alive 5. HEY! THAT'S MY VIDEO GAME! I tried to contain my anger as we got closer. We started throwing pillows at them and next thing we knew, we were getting attacked at too. There was a pillow war going on and we weren't ready to loose! While we attacking, I didn't notice Gingka was behind me, until he tackled me to the ground. When this happened, everyone was still throwing pillows at each other. My face was probably beet red by now, and when I looked at Gingka's face, his was a pink-ish color. We stared at each other for a moment, then we laughed. Gingka helped me up and then we continued our pillow fight with the others until late at night.


I woke up pretty early, considering we slept around 12 or 1 AM. It was only 8 AM, so I decided to get breakfast ready. As I went downstairs, I thought about my feelings towards Gingka. For now, I'll just push them aside, I need to focus on other things, besides love. After 20 minutes of cooking, one by one, they all started to come downstairs.

"Good morning, sleepy heads." I said with a smile.

"Good morning, Shi-shi." Yu said.

"Morning, Shi." Gingka said, still half asleep.

"Where's everyone else? Still sleeping?" I asked.

"Yeah." They replied.

"Well, can you guys wake them up for breakfast."

"'Kay." And with that, they went upstairs.

After a few minutes, I heard screaming. I could tell Yu, Kenta and Gingka were the ones who were screaming. I just laughed to myself as I heard brother yelling at them. After awhile of hearing yelling and screaming, they all came downstairs.

"I thought I told you two to wake them up, not cause a disturbance." I laughed.

"We did! But Kyoya started to attack at us!" Yu and Gingka said.

"Whatever. Breakfast is ready." I said.

"Oh boy!" Kenta yelled out in glee.

We all ate, there was some arguing about this morning disturbance but after awhile, they gave up on the argument and talked about stopping the Dark Nebula. Tsubasa seemed to want to rip them to bits, seeing how much he hated their organization. We all seem to have our reasons of why we hated them so much, but of course, the dangers they can cause with THAT bey. Lighting L Drago. We all kept talking about this subject until everyone was finished breakfast. After that, apparently, brother wanted to play a rematch battle with me on Dead or Alive 5.

"Brother.... You know your not going to win." I said bluntly.

"Hey, atleast I try!" Brother protested.

"Whatever. We'll play tag battler. I'll play as.... Ayane and Kasumi."

"Fine, I'll play as Ryu and Hayate."

Brother and I played 10 rounds. It seriously took 2 hours just to play all 10, but I won either way. Madoka ended up laughing so hard, she nearly fainted! Hikaru just stood there, trying to hold in her laughter, while all the other guys did the same.

"Good fight, brother."

"You too, sis. But next time, I'll defeat you for sure."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. WHO WANT'S TO GO AGAINST BROTHER!~"

"MEEEEE!" Everyone practically yelled.

"Umm... Yeah, OWWWW!"

Everyone just laughed and had another good time. Everyone seemed to be happy, this made me happy. This is better then finding Laputa or whatever mysteries in the world! As long as I'm with my new friends and brother, I'll always be happy! As time went by, I wondered about my feelings towards Gingka. I mean, I just met him! I really hate love at first sight kind of things. I know nothing about Gingka, yet I HAD to fall in love with him! I hate to admit this, but what am I suppose to do in a situation like this!? While I was thinking, someone interrupted me from my thoughts. And you know who that person was? Yup, it had to be Gingka.

"Hey, Shiyo, you okay?" Gingka asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why do you ask?" I replied.

"You don't look like your having fun."

"I'm fine, I was just deep into my thoughts, that's all."

"Oh, is that so? So... What were you thinking of?"

"O-ohhh.... N-nothing m-m-much."

"Oh okay. I'll be going now."


Great. A chance where I could've told him my feelings, just left like that! Well, I should give it time.... After all, I did tell Hikaru and Madoka I would take time to get to know Gingka better before I told him anything.


And just like that, time just flew by and everybody left. I waved goodbye to them, all smiling and happy. I know this won't be our last time seeing each other, but it feels like we won't ever see each other, ever!

"I bet you had a good time, sis." Brother said.

"Yeah, I did. I just wish it didn't have to end." I replied.

"You can go outside, just don't get into trouble."

"Are you sure!? Positively sure!?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."


With that, I glomped on brother, who started yelling at me to get off of him. Something tells me my encounters with Gingka will happen often in the future!


My hair seemed to get longer each month! It's seriously a pain taking care of it! Today was the day where Madoka, and I go to a Cosplay Photoshoot. Of course, the entire gang is coming along. I'm seriously nervous!! Madoka and I are competing in the Cosplay contest, and we've prepared our costumes. Our theme was 'Shrine Maiden' which was easy, since I'm a shrine maiden myself! We took ages to make these costumes, and we bought a custom made wig for Madoka. My hair was already long, so I didn't need a wig. We packed everything, making sure things weren't missing! We had to have 2 or more pictures taken with a background. Today was when we're taking the pictures. Live. Infront of thousands of people worldwide! I can't wait, as I left home with brother.

"You ready?" Brother asked.

"Yeah!" I replied, as I locked the door.

It took us 15 minutes to get everyone and 5 minutes to get to the Cosplay contest. As soon as we got there, I grabbed Madoka and yelled.


"Sure thing!" Gingka said.

During this entire year, my hair isn't the only thing that got bigger. My feelings got bigger for Gingka. For the past year, we've hanged out and got to know each other. I found out we both had alot in common! Who knew love in first sight kind of situations can be so... so... I don't know, weird!

"Hey, you got the costumes?" Madoka asked.

"Yeah!~" I replied, happy.

We changed and walked out. While we were walking, we talked about my feelings towards Gingka. Of course, my face went bright red and there was steam coming out of my ears! She just laughed.

"I see your little crush grew alot more, huh?" Madoka laughed.

"Y-yeah. I'm hoping I could tell him... Today, maybe..." I mumbled.

"That's GREAT!!!"

"Quiet! I don't want anyone else to know!"

"Oopsie! Sorry!"

"Come on, the others are waiting."


We both ran and got to the others. I saw Gingka blush a rosey red. I giggled and started to take some pictures.

Entry #1:

Entry #2:

Entry #3:

We made only 3 entries, since we didn't know what else we should've done and we were running out of time too. But I noticed something.... During the entire time, Gingka was staring at me and.... Blushing..... OMG!!! AM I SEEING THINGS, OR IS THIS FOR REAL!? My face probably turned bright red by now. Just when I was about to think of a way to confess my feelings to Gingka, Hikaru interrupted my thoughts.

"Hey, Shi! I'm going to enter these pictures, okay." Hikaru said.

"Oh. Right! I'll come too!" I replied.

"Well, hurry it up, then!"

"You sound like my brother!"

"Well, sorry.!"

I laughed as we went off. We talked about alot of things as we walked. I just.... Couldn't get Gingka out of my mind... ARGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! What's up with me!? I hate these feelings, they make my tummy all weird feeling! In a good way though. And yet again, Hikaru interrupted my thoughts.

"So, Madoka said your confessing today... How?" Hikaru asked.

"I don't know... What am I suppose to say if I froze up on him?" I asked.

"I don't know. But do your best, okay!"

"Do your best in what?" Gingka asked, out of nowhere.


"You didn't have to scream, you know." Hikaru said.

"Sorry if I scared you, Shi." Gingka said.

"It's okay. Really, it is!" I replied.

"Oh wow!~ Look at the time! I have to go, later Shi!~" Hikaru said as she ran off.

Wait.... SHE'S GRINNING!? DAMMIT! She did this on purpose!!! I'M GONNA GET YOU, HIKARU!

"Hey, Shi." Gingka said.

"Uhh. Y-yeah?" I answered, a bit nervous.

"Would you.... Like to go... out with me?" He mumbled, hoping I wouldn't hear him.

"YES!" I said.... Well, screamed.

Before anything else happened... He.... Kissed me. (Me: AWWWWWWW!!! Envy: *Gagging* Steve: O.o;; Me: You guys, be happy!~ Envy: No, this is gross. Me: Oh, and you act as if we never did this before! Envy: ... You got a point there. Me: Exactly, now let them continue this story!~) Of course, I kissed back. After awhile, we broke aprt for air.

"I love you." Gingka said.

"I love you too." I said.

Just then... I heard Awwwww's and whistles. When Gingka and I turned around, we saw the gang..... WTF HIKARU!!!

"Awwww. My little sis is growing up." Brother said as he snickered.

"Yay!!! You guys are finally together!~" Madoka and Hikaru squealed.

"S-shut up!" Gingka and I yelled, both of are faces red as a tomato.

Everybody laughed.

As weeks went by, Gingka and I had wonderful times together. We'd get into arguements from time to time, but get over it quickly. I mean, he's just soo adorable!!!! Brother is always lecturing Gingka about how to treat me. Seriously, whenever this is happening, Hikaru, Madoka and I are eating popcorn, just sitting there and watching. I wonder how Gingka gets through it all. Anyway, Gingka and I are happy together and we will be together, forever!~


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Envy: Sorry, but seriously....
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