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Im friends with the headmasters daughter |harry potter love
Story published September 22, 2011 · updated September 29, 2011 · completed · 36 pages · 931 readers · 7,249 reads
Part 15; Recoverin
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Part 15; Recovering

Imma be skipping everything that Dumbledore says and that. Anyways on with the story

-Roselinas Pov-
I woke up in the hospital wing, I think I rubbed my eyes to make my vision better and I was in the hospital wing alright I looked to my left to see Harry waking up and then sitting up. He grabbed his glasses put them on then looked over at me.

Harry: Selina? where are we?
Roselina: the hospital wing its a bit obvious

I said with sarcasm. Harry chuckled.

Roselina: have you seen whats at the end of our beds?

We looked to see many sweet treats. Mine are mostly probably to be by Gryffindor as they know im not a spoiled brat after seeing what I'm like. I proved many Gryffindors wrong I even finally got Fred and George to believe im not a spoiled brat with help from Ron of course. I
turned around to Harry to see him staring at me, But not a normal stare nope a dreamy stare, does he like me more than a friend?

Roselina: uh harry? you okay?

I waved my hand in front of his face. He snapped out of it.

Harry: oh uh yeah

He sheepishly scratched the back of his head. I giggled than daddy came in. He looked at me and smiled.

Roselina: daddy!

He came over to me and hugged me. I hugged him back. He talked to us about why Quirrell burned whenever Harry and I touched him. About the mirror and the stone and other things and bid us goodbye and left. moments later Madam Pomfrey said we could go and we left the
hospital wing. We headed to the Gryffindor common room, as we were coming along a corridor we looked up and saw Hermione and Ron talking on a staircase, they turned and saw us they smiled at us and I returned it.

Roselina: alright there Ron?
Ron: alright and you?

Me and Harry looked at each other and smirked nodded and looked back at them.

Roselina & Harry: alright
Roselina: what about you Hermz?
Hermione: never better

I grabbed Harry's hand and ran towards them. When we reached them Hermz gave me a huge hug. We went to the common room. We talked for awhile then said our good nights and me and Hermz went to our dorm got in our PJ's and got into bed I got covered in my covers.

Hermione: goodnight Rosel
Roselina: goodnight Hermz

With that I fell into a deep sleep it's been a crazy night.

this is my first story please comment and tell me what you think thanks