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Say It To My Face - ON HOLD -
Story published September 24, 2011 · updated September 15, 2013 · 39 pages · 746 readers · 4,881 reads
Say It To My Face|
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Say It To My Face|-|Chapter Ten-Cena,Truth,Miz....A-Ry

You: Okay umm...

I felt him staring at me. I look up and I saw Alex staring at me. I look down and blush more than I have ever had.

You: How-How do you make me blush?
A-Ry: I don't know. It's just......

I smile and look down.

A-Ry: You're special.

I felt my face turn red.

You: I think I look like a tomatoe right now.
A-Ry: A cute one.

I blush more,I grab the pillow and slam it to my face. I felt A-Ry pull the pillow away and his face was inches away from mine.

A-Ry: Boo!

I giggled and he starts tickling me. I start laughing like crazy.

You: A-A-Alex! P-Please s-stop!
A-Ry: Haha nope!
You: K-K-Kevin! P-Please!
A-Ry: Not going to work!

I start laughing more and more. He started laughing hysterically cause of me.

You: S-Stop! K-Kevin! Haha I-I can't b-br-breathe!
MP: Woah what are you doing? Raping her?!

A-Ry stops and we both look up to see Mike and a few other guys. A-Ry and I sit up.

A-Ry: We were having our moment.
Mike: It's called rape, my friend.

I giggle.

Mike: Well ________, this is John Cena and R-Truth.

I shook their hands.

You: Hi nice to meet you, I'm _________.

They smile.

John: She's a keeper. Very sweet, nice and caring. I can see it in her eyes.

I chuckle underneath my breath and A-Ry looks down and blushes slightly.

A-Ry: We aren't dating.....

He mumbled something at the end, but I didn't hear. But the guys did.

R-Truth: Hey, let's just hope she ain't a little Jenna!

I smile and Mike, John and A-Ry roll their eyes.

Mike: Truth, just... stop.
R-Truth: What?
Mike: Really? Really? Really-
John: Miz, just stop.
A-Ry: Yeah stop.
You: Um should I go?
A-Ry: See you guys are scaring my date-Uh friend!

I blush and look down.

A-Ry: Heheh.
Mike: Ah, see Cena, you scared her.
A-Ry: No you did, Mike.
Mike: No Cena did!
John: It's Truth!
R-Truth: I am not. I regret nothing!

I laugh. I look at the time. 11:56 P.M.

You: I should get going. It's really late.
A-Ry: Um alright. I'll drive you.

I smile.

You: Bye guys.
Mike: Bye _________.
John: Bye _________.
R-Truth: Bye ________.

I smile and we got out and we walked in A-Ry's car.He opens the door and I thank him and I get in.....

A-Ry: Had fun?

I nod.

You: Yeah I did.
A-Ry: Who exactly was scaring you?
You: Nobody was, it's just it's really really late. It's 12 in the morning.
A-Ry: Dang, already?

I nod and he chuckles as he stops at a red light. It was quiet for a moment til we got to my house. I turn to A-Ry who was looking down. He looked sad, I smiled to myself.

You: Bye, A-Ry.

He smiles slightly.

A-Ry: Bye ______y. (Your name but ends in a why. Ex. Sandy)

I kiss his cheek and he smiles wide. He turns over to me and I kiss his other cheek and he blushes. I giggle and I got out.

You: Text me if you want.

He smiles wide and I wave at him and he just smiles at me and stares at me. I walk in my house and I close the door behind me and I smile like crazy!!
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