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A DBZ Love Story ~Chapter 10 Out~
Story published September 25, 2011 · updated April 16, 2012 · 13 pages · 4,236 readers · 15,827 reads
Chapter 1: First S
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Chapter 1: First Sight

   Let me explain first. There is a certain character in Dragonball Z that I absolutely love! (You'll find out when you start reading x]) I always ask myself (well not always lol) "Why doesn't he have someone to love?" Well, HA!! Now he does!! Please enjoy! (have a guess who it is yet? x3)
(Story starts below x])

         Piccolo was bored. This wasn’t unusual now a days. Cell had just been defeated by Gohan and Earth was now safe. Most of the time Piccolo spent his days meditating upon the lookout. Today, however, he didn’t even feel like doing that. He stood up and walked to the edge of the lookout. He sat down and began to watch. Just watch. He watched the people below. Those foolish people he separated himself from. He saw a man leave his house for work, two kids riding their bikes, and a women taking her pet to the vet. They were so boring to him. He didn’t even know why he was still watching them….. Then his glance shifted towards the woods. He saw a girl running. She wasn’t running away from something so he knew she wasn’t in danger. She was running after something. Next he saw her extend her arms out as she ran. He saw something fall in her hand. It was a bird. A Cardinal. Piccolo knew the bird was a girl because only the male cardinals were red. When you live on plant as long as he has you pick these things up. It was trying to get away. He was about to say humans are sickening, but the thought disappeared. The girl placed down the bird and took something out of her bag she had on. It looked like… bandages? That’s when he figured out what she was doing. She was helping it. She was wrapping up its tiny wing. When she was down she picked it up and started walking toward a tree. She climbed the tree with the bird still in hand. She then placed it in an empty nest. She petted it and bird responded by letting her pat him as if it was saying thank you. She jumped off and started walking. Piccolo looked ahead to see where she might be going. There was a house in the middle of the woods. It wasn’t huge like Bulma’s house but it sure wasn't small either. He wondered if she lived there. “She’s at it again huh?” a voice came form behind him. It was Dende, Guardian of earth, who, like Piccolo, was a Namek. Piccolo didn’t even notice Dende approach him. He was really focused on that girl. “I’ve seen her help other creatures as well” added Dende without waiting for a response from Piccolo. “you don’t see most humans do that do you?” He smiled at him. Piccolo looked at him then glanced back down. “No…. no you don’t…” Piccolo then wondered: Who was this girl?