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The Cute One. (Niall Horan Love Story) *FINISHED*
Story published September 26, 2011 · updated October 26, 2011 · completed · 67 pages · 36,219 readers · 711,992 reads
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Name - Amy Bridge
Age - 18
Birthday - 24th August
Personality - Kind, bubbly, bossy, doesn't like attention on her, quiet and funny
Family - Kirsty (mother), Dylan (older brother) and Holly (younger sister).

Message from Amy - Hi Everyone! I'm Amy Bridge. I live in Dover, England with my Mum, Brother and Sister. I used to have a best friend called Niall Horan, but he moved back to Ireland with his family when we were 13. I haven't seen him in almost 5 years. Every year I think about him and go to the place where I last saw him: The Ferry Docks. He left on the Ferry to Ireland, and I never saw him again. We wrote letters and called each other, but it soon just fizzled out and we didn't speak. I miss him.
Anyway, I better get going. I have a load of homework to do. And I need to get ready for some depression. The 5 year anniversary of when Niall left.....Bye. 
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