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Hetalia Love Stories
Story published September 27, 2011 · updated August 15, 2012 · 47 pages · 2,814 readers · 16,083 reads
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Perfect song for him
Im adding songs too!

You go one of my favorite!!! Russia


I was walking in the sunflower patch wishing I never had to leave.The colors are wonderful they make Russia a bright person and place. Sunflowers were always my favorite flower im not sure if its because it was Russia's favorite too or just because they where breath taking. When I was younger I got a silver sunflower necklace from the my first and still and always love. I see him whenever he is in Russia. We meet here in the sunflowers its our own little meeting place. But he doesn't know how I feel for him those motions that's way stronger then friendship and could ruin our relationship. Every time i see his smiling face I feel a tug at my heart.But its so hard to keep my feelings inside of me. I saw silver haired Russian walking to me. I run to him. I cant condemn my happiness when im around him.
"You have been good da?" Russia said. I nod. we start walking through the field. I trip over a sunflower root. Waiting for myself to meet the earth. But that never came. I look up to meet the warm eyes of Russia holding onto me. How i never wanted him to let me go .
"Are you ok?" He said in his thick Russian accent. I nod and hug him I dont want to ever let go. We lay down just holding each other hours pass. I start to cry thinking he can only be here for a small amount of time.
"Russia dont leave me!!" I scream. He looks at my in shock his eyes are wide. He holds me tighter its getting harder to breath but I dont care I feel closer to him then ever when he gives me bone crushing hugs like this.
"I would never leave you!!! You know that right da?" He plays with me hair stroking it. I whip my eyes but I cant stop crying
"Yes i know! But im scared that you might. We only get to see each other every month sometimes 5 months! We've know each other forever but sometimes it feels like we are growing apart!" I cry harder. He rubs my back. his other arm snaking around my waist pulling me closer to him.
"Don't ever think that I will be here forever with you even if its not personally im in your heart. I gave you this necklace so you would always know no matter how far away we are or how close we are. I'm always here for you." Russia says. I look up at him and give him a soft smile.
"I know and I love it!! It even has my name on the back." I say to him. I play with the necklace around my neck given to me by a child Russia.
"Yes it does because you are my sunflower. You make my life brighter! you make me not as dark as I could be you, make me a better person, you make me feel better around others.You make it worth living. You make me happier. I'm happy that i meet you when we where little, im happy you live forever,im happy to be with you!" Russia says to me. My eyes go wide water goes to my eyes. I feel tears coming on.
"Ivan I-I love you." I say in a whisper. I smile I finally said it.
"I love you too ______!" Russia says. With that he kisses me. Not just a peck but a full on passionate kiss I can feel his tongue lick my bottom lip begging for entrance, I allow him just that. I feel his smile in our kiss. He won dominance, but sometimes he would let me take over. We release our lungs begging for a breath.

"Ты мой маленький подсолнечника" Russia says. I smile. We fall asleep in sunflowers. holding onto each other like the minute we let go one of us will disappear. We would never let go.

5 Years later Russia takes you back to the field asking for your hand in marriage. You say you wouldn't dream any different.
Ты мой маленький подсолнечника = You are my little sunflower

End! :( was it good?
ok so i redid that!!!! im gonna do that to all of them and then im gonna do the requested stories!!!
I got this!
Fighting fighting ♥
Love love! <3 should i make more? And comment please. Ill take requests <3