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Years- Roxas x Reader |Finished|
Story published October 12, 2011 · updated January 30, 2013 · completed · 32 pages · 3,128 readers · 27,879 reads
~Special Chapter~
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~Special Chapter~ ♥

 Four years had past , you still have yet to see Roxas again. You found yourself as the scanner of the  group telling everyone what to do and what they should use against the Heartless.  Nobodies were harder for you to scan being as your powers only work on things that have a heart. But still you somehow managed to pull through when you got lost or separated from the group.

Whenever they heard your voice yelling what to do they felt more confident in what they needed to do. But you didn’t know this, you felt as if you were slowing them down sometimes. Like you were extra weight. 

You were surprised to find out that Roxas was actually Sora’s Nobody. The other half of his powers and without him he couldn’t wake up. You smiled a sad smile when Riku told you there was no hope of ever seeing Roxas again. But you still hung on to that small piece of hope that you’d be able to at least see him one more time. 

You sat on the tree that bears the fruit the locals call Papoui fruit. A fruit that binds two people together for all eternity. You smiled as you pulled one down and looked at it in wonder and with a smile you raised your hand  to throw it only for another hand to reach out and grab your wrist. 

You turned around and saw Kairi holding your wrist, “Kairi…what are you doing?” 

Kairi didn’t answer you. She only looked at you  then mumbled, “Y-you miss him don’t you?” 


“Roxas….you miss him.” 


“Please tell me what’s wrong ______ you’ve been sad and down lately!” 

“Kairi…if I told you I wanted to use a Keyblade to take away Sora’s heart would you try and stop me?” 

“Huh? What are you saying ______?” 

“That’s how bad I want to see Roxas again…..I didn’t realize it till now that I thought those horrible thoughts as to taking away Sora’s heart just to see Roxas….but if I did that I wouldn’t be able to look Roxas in the eye…my hands would be stained…” 


“I just wish I could see him….one last time…” 

You slowly let your hand fall to your side holding the Papoui fruit with shaky hands. You felt the tears fall down your face as Kairi stood there feeling completely and utterly useless. 

She didn’t know that it secretly hurt you when she was around Sora. Cause she’s so close to Sora’s heart that makes her close to Roxas. And Namine is Kairi’s Nobody…. You wanted to cry. Knowing that you couldn’t do anything to see Roxas. 
Later that Night

You walked into a cave and looked at drawings on the wall and you bent down and looked at them and smiled. These drawings reminded you of the chalk you and Roxas used to draw pictures. 
The memory was still  fuzzy but you could see you and Roxas smiling. You stood up when you heard footsteps, you automatically went on guard.  You weren’t good at fighting but you knew you could run away from danger really, really fast. 

You took a defensive stance and prepared for the worse but the footsteps started to fade away, your curiosity got the best of you as you yelled, 

“H-hey come back!” 

You ran after the sounds where you thought they were going.  You chased a figure all the way to the Papoui tree. You stopped to catch your breath as you yelled, 

“You stay right there …..until….I catch my breath….then I‘ll beat you up….” 

“Man ________. I never thought I’d get that kind of welcoming from you of all people.” 

That voice it couldn’t be. This figure cloaked in black was he….was he really Roxas?

“R-Roxas? Is… that you?” 

The figure held up a there pointer finger and slowly raised his hands towards his hood while your hand slowly reached for your weapon just in case. 

The figure pulled the hood back causing you to smile as you ran towards the figure sending you two off into the water, 

“Roxas! I don’t believe it! H-how are you even here!?” 

“I’m not sure myself….but I know I want to say I’m proud of you….my heart you protected me….” 

You smiled as Roxas hugged you and you said, 

“Your heart? I protected it? Sora is your heart right?” 

Roxas shook his head ‘no’, “No I left my heart with you _______. You fought hard and protected my heart…yeah I left it with you….my strong and beautiful heart protected not only my heart but yours as well…” 

You smiled as you held Roxas in a tight hug. 
Three Years Later

“Mommy~ Mommy!” a small boy with short spiky blond hair yelled to you while a little girl with short blond hair followed him. 

Smiling you turned to them and said, 

“What’s wrong?” 

The boy held out a butterfly and said, 

“Rinas’ kitty hurt it!” 

“It’s the butterflies fault for messing with him Noah!” 
“Argh! No it’s not Rina it’s your stupid cats fault!” 

“Calm down here let me see it…” 

Noah handed you the butterfly as a light green glow was seen  coming from your closed hand as you slowly opened  them and let the butterfly go. Noah and Rina chased after it saying, 

“Be careful!!! Don’t run into any other cats!” 

“I can’t believe how you can deal with them all the time _____.”  Roxas mumbled as he hugged you

“Silly husband…it’s just something that I have a lot of practice at~” you smiled playfully as you elbowed him in the stomach. 

You smiled watching Roxas get up and play with Rina and Noah. Yeah….you liked how everything was now. 

Everything was great. Roxas was here with you.

Hard to believe that after all those Years you had already found the one just for you. And he was merely a stones throw away only needing a little guidance on how to use the heart he had. 

Well I hope that you like it~ It’s finished now and I hope that you all like reading this story while it was going on~ 

See you all in the future~ Leave a comment or just tell me how I’m doing or if you liked the ending of this story~ 



Hope that you all liked this! c: 

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