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1 Annabeth and Percy-Stories Of Their Love Life: FINISHED, S
Story published October 16, 2011 · updated December 14, 2012 · completed · 44 pages · 16,969 readers · 68,732 reads
Annabeth and Percy
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Annabeth and Percy- Wedding at Camp Half Blood

    Annabeth's P.O.V.
     I looked at Percy nervously as he got down on one knee. I thought that it was another one of his jokes, something he would get a huge laugh out of, but when I saw that serious look on his face, I knew that it was something big because Percy isn't serious too often. I saw Percy reach into his pocket and pull out a small black box. 
   "Annabeth Chase, I love you. I've loved you always and will love you until the end of time. Will you marry me?" I saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes, like he didn't know how I felt about him at all. 
     I paused for a minute before answering, looking out to the water from the dock. The Ferris Wheel's lights bounced off the water, making me wonder if Poseidon was watching this. If he was, did Percy get his permission? If he hadn't, the entire ocean would probably yank me under and I would never see Percy again. At the same time, we'd been through so much together, including the fight with Kronos that seemed like it was only yesterday.  
     He cringed when I didn't answer right away, probably thinking that he'd made a complete fool of himself. He was about to shove the ring back in his pocket when I knelt next to him to stop him. 
   "Percy, I thought you would never ask." I smiled and watched the hope glimmer back in his eyes before he slipped the ring on my finger. I jumped into his arms, laughing as everything in my life seemed to glow. 

   "You're what!" Thalia screamed through the phone. 
   "I'm engaged." I slowly looked down at the ring as I said the words. The diamond shone in the light, glittering like the happiness in my heart. There was only one thing I wasn't sure I should tell her. 
   "To who?" That was it. 
   "Percy." I responded, biting my lip as I waited for the screams of her begging me not to do it. He was her cousin, and anyone could tell that they had their fights, but I didn't think that Thalia hated him. 
   "Finally! I knew you were perfect for each other! When is the wedding?" 
   "August 10th. Will you be my Maid Of Honor?" 
   "Of course! We have to get together to discuss everything later, but I've got to go for now." She laughed as she hit the end button. I wondered how anything in my life could get any better. 
     I felt the hope simmer inside me as I awoke on the best day of my life. My stomach had butterflies, as I expected, though I knew I shouldn't have been nervous. He was my best friend, and the one I'd always loved. I had nothing to be nervous about. 
     I crawled out of bed, throwing my hair up in a ponytail before I made my way to the Big House. I noticed Chiron standing near the door, waiting for me so he could turn over the keys to me. I smiled and hugged him.  
    "I knew that you would have a wonderful life, Annabeth." He smiled back at me, straightening out his tuxedo. I nodded and smiled again, knowing that he would be in his Centaur form for the actual ceremony. "You'll look lovely. Go on, child." He laughed and rolled his wheelchair away from the door. 
      I pushed open the door to the Big House, feeling like I was being tackled by a football team. In the end, it was only Clarisse. I laughed when she threw me down in a chair. I saw that Clarisse, Thalia, Mrs. Jackson and Juniper were standing there, all in the same lavender dresses that Thalia had helped me choose. They all looked lovely, and when I looked at Thalia, she took one look at my outfit and screamed "No!" at least fifty times. 

      Thalia yanked my ponytail out and threw the dress over my head. The dress was long and white, thin with no sleeves that flowed when I turned. I smiled down at it, feeling like I was in some sort of monkey suit or something, but it was a lot better than getting married in Vegas in a pair of khaki shorts and a T-shirt.

       Once the dress was on, they plopped me down in front of a mirror and yanked my hair into many different styles before they chose a half ponytail with a few strands of hair hanging down in ringlets. They smeared make up on my face, and when they were done, I thought that I looked like a California Barbie doll, but I liked it.

      "Are you ready, Annabeth?" Mrs. Jackson asked.

      "Yes. Thank you, Mrs. Jackson."

      "Annabeth, call me Sally. You're going to be family in a's time." She smiled and threw the veil over my head. I smiled and turned toward the door.

        I stopped before I walked out. "I think I'm going to be sick."

      "Calm down, honey. You'll be fine. You look beautiful." My dad, Dr. Chase, smiled as he looked down at me. Dad looked handsome as well with his tuxedo and his hair combed neatly.

       "Thanks, Dad." I took a deep breath before Dad opened the door.

        There were benches that sat overlooking the lake and the sun was slowly starting to set, making the water look like it was lighting up from within. The benches were tied together with white ribbon and the canopy overlooking everything was a glowing white. As I walked down the aisle, everyone stared, and I felt like I had to stare at my feet to keep from tripping.

        When I looked up, I saw Percy, standing there in his tuxedo with a smile on his face as his blue green eyes sparkled with happiness. I smiled up at the man I loved when my dad let my arm go. I took Percy's hands before I could topple on top of him. Stupid high heels.

        "Perseus, do you take Annabeth to be your lawfully and godly wedded wife?" Chiron asked.

        "I do."

        "Annabeth, do you take Perseus to be your lawfully and godly wedded husband?"

        "I do."

        "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Percy smiled as he reached down to push up my chin. I smiled as he kissed me.

         When the ceremony was done and people started clapping, I saw that Poseidon was sitting on the opposite side of Athena, who looked like she was about to go insane. She never really liked the idea of us being together, but I didn't care. I was with the man I loved, and nothing could hurt my hapiness right now.

         When I was about to shove a piece of cake in Percy's mouth, the ceiling caved in. I screamed as something wrapped around my waist. My veil flew off my head and I saw Luke's face in front of me. Percy was knocked to the floor, unconscious. I felt a chunk of the ceiling fell on my head, I hoped that almost all of this was a horrid dream I had the night before my wedding. I hoped I'd awaken soon and that I could cry in Percy's arms, but I seemed to know in my heart that it was true.

        "You're mine now, Annabeth." Luke whispered. I kicked and fought, but my eyes were starting to close.

        "I'm going to kill you, Luke." I thought as my eyes closed and blackness became my world.


I hope you guys enjoyed! I will write more when I get some comments! Let me know what I can do to make these better! THANK YOU!                                     

I hope you guys liked! Let me know what I can do to make the next one better!