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Mindless Behavior Love Story- Just Another Girl *DONE*
Story published October 21, 2011 · updated July 18, 2012 · completed · 30 pages · 19,233 readers · 243,330 reads
Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

My mom had said no T.V. but come on! I was home alone with absolutely nothing else to do, so a few rules are gonna get broken. I usually hate missing school because I always have a ton of make-up homework, but it was a Friday so hopefully I won't have too much to worry about. Plus it was almost winter break, so we had the next two weeks off soon! No seeing Jacob for a whole 2 weeks.. shouldn't I be thrilled to not have him flirt with me, constantly? In a way, I felt like I'd miss him. Weird, right? But that's why I stayed home, to figure everything out. This would go a lot better if I had some one to talk to. Not Nancy because she would freak out if I told her that im might actually like Jacob. Mya! But too bad she's in school. Now all I have to do is wait. 

*Jacob's Pov* 

Friday morning. I considered ditching, but why get more behind than I already am? Plus, I had ladies to impress including Michelle. She may be in denial about her feelings towards me, but we all knew that she totally digs me. How could you not fall for me? I lazily got out of my bad, almost collapsing since I still wasn't fully awake. I took a shower, and dried off. After a half an hour I finally picked out an outfit. 45 minutes later, I was finally done with my hair. Say what you want, but it takes time to look this good. But 75% is all natural beauty. I took one last look in the mirror, liking what I saw, and walked out the door. 

-At school- 
I was greeted by the usual mob of girls. They surrounded me as usual. But this morning I wasn't interested in any of them. I was too busy looking for Michelle. She was pretty hot, but she isn't easy. Eh, I like a challenge. Eventually the bell rang, but I still had no luck of spotting her. Maybe she's just late, considering I was on time today. Shocker! 
"Sorry my dear ladies, but this is where we part." I announced. I had a way of words towards girls, but Michelle doesn't buy anything I say. I heard whines and groans from every angle of the group of girls surrounding me. I smiled. I mean, what guy wouldn't like all this attention from girls? 
"Please don't get upset, I'll see you soon!" I said with a wave, and walked away. I heard a girl yell, 'YOURE SO HOT' from the distance. I caught up with Ray, Craig, and Trey. I had to admit, I was pretty jealous of Trey. He was closer to Michelle than I was. But that will soon change.

Love it ♥