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Story published October 23, 2011 · updated January 21, 2012 · completed · 16 pages · 39,862 readers · 610,762 reads
Chapter Fifteen
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Chapter Fifteen

I'm starting to panic.
I've had morning sickness which included puking a few times.
I think I may be pregnant... So Carson left to go get pregnancy tests once our parents left for work.
I sit on my bed staring blankly at the wall, thinking.
Olivia would defiantly kick us out of the house if I'm pregnant.
The question is would my dad leave with us? Or abandon us and stay with Olivia?
I begin to think about this when Carson walks in with the tests.
"Hello darling" He whispers, sitting next to me.
I sigh and continue staring at the wall.
"You might as well get it over with and find out now y'know?" He says soothingly.
I sigh, "I know" I say before Carson hands me the tests
I walk quietly to the bathroom and close the door.
Both tests reads positive.
I sit in the bathroom corner with the door locked as Carson begs for me to let him in.
I tune him out and get lost in my thoughts.
I'm defiantly not getting an abortion I know that.
I am against abortions.
I don't think I have the heart to do that.
To look at my beautiful baby, and then just give it away forever...
I have to keep it, no I want to keep it....
I sigh and silently open the door to reveal Carson.
"Positive." I whisper.
"Are you sure? Did you take more than one to double check?" He asks.
I nod, "Both, positive." I say looking at him blankly, trying to hid my emotions.
Carson knows me to well though.
He pulls me into a hug and I sob into his chest.
"What are we gonna do?" I ask between sobs.
"We'll figure something out." He whispers.
"She'll kick us out and my dad might stay with her." I say, a bit more calmly.
"I'll be eighteen by time you give birth, we can get our own house." He says.
"We don't have enough money, between hospital bills, getting baby stuff, and enough for a house!" I say, finally stopping crying completely.
"Our parents will have to pay for some of that. I know Olivia will if it's the only thing that will keep us out of the house, and your dad defiantly will because you can tell he still cares about you." He says, stroking my hair.
This calms me down a bit.
I sigh, "I want to keep it." I whisper.
"So do I." Carson says with a bit of a smile.
I look down at my stomach, knowing there's a life in there, a life I'm responsible for.
"I'm scared." I whisper.
Carson kisses my forehead gently.
"Me too darling." He whispers.

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