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What is This Feeling? (An Ulquiorra Love Story)
Story published October 27, 2011 · updated January 6, 2012 · 25 pages · 1,850 readers · 9,394 reads
Namida Utsukushii
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Namida Utsukushii

Name: Namida Utsukushii

Nickname: Nami

Age: 117 but looks 18

Weight: 120

Height: 5'7"

Eye color: Purple

Hair Color: Green

Species: Espada

Bio: I am espada #1 sharing with Stark and Lilinette. The remains of my hollow mask is a bracelet on my right hand. And my tatto is on the temple of my right eye. My aspect of death is Fearless. The hole of my hollow is on my left hip.

Personality: Badass, Loving, Random, Cool, Awesome, Is happy all the time. :D

Past: I was an adjuchas. I was powerful but had nobody. Then Grimmjow had found me and I was more powerful than he was but I decided not to kill him because I thought he'd be of value. Later on, Aizen had found us and with his help, we both became espada. He became #6 and I became #1 along side with Stark. Me and Stark got along very well. Grimmjow will always be my best friend though. He's the one that has helped me through tough times. But since I became an espada, I got to know Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra would always give me tips on how to be an espada. Ulquiorra,even with his blank expression most of the time, will always have my back.

Crush: Ulquiorra Ciffer

Enemy: Tosen and Nnoitora

Best Friend: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques

Friends: Everyone but Visards, Shinigami, Nnoitora and Tosen

Resurreccion: Murder, Shi no Tenshi (Angel of Death) in Japanese, Angel de la Muerte in Spanish. When I release it, my hair turns white. (You'll find out more later)