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Dancing [A Hyuuga Neji One-Shot]
Story published November 1, 2011 · completed · 5 pages · 1,957 readers · 2,633 reads
~The Story~
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~The Story~

The night was dark and cold, it made you shiver. The chill seemed alive as it crawled its way down your spine to your toes. You didn’t know why you were outside right now. Maybe you were just confused. You’ve been dealing with mixed feelings a lot lately. Mainly towards the guy you liked.


***Flash Back***


“Hinata, I don’t know about this…” You said staring at the dress Hinata held before your eyes.

“Oh cummon ______-chan! He’ll love you in it!” Hinata said enthusiastically.

You were currently at the Hyuuga mansion. You had stayed the night there for Hinata since she wanted you to go to a party with her the next day at a club. She was shy—as all knew—and she really only wanted to go because of Naruto, but she knew the guy you liked was going to be there so she was making you come along.

“But I—“ You started to protest before she cut you off.

“No way ______! I went with you that one time. And you owe me. So put on this dress and hurry up and get ready. I will drag you out of the house in your underwear if I have to.”

It was surprising how much influence Hinata had over you. You were both really good friends. You’ve known her since you were both kids and now you’ve grown up thinking of each other as sisters. But that ‘one time’ she was referring to was a beach part you dragged her to. It was Naruto’s birthday and you thought it might give Hinata a chance to go talk to the man of her dreams. Though she really only fainted when she tried to talk to him and didn’t wake up till you both had to leave. It was an embarrassing moment for her so… you guessed you did owe her. Though you smirked when you thought about how Naruto had carried her to his room in the beach house he had rented for the night and taken care of her until you had wanted to go home.

‘Too bad she doesn’t remember that.’ You thought to yourself. Then you slowly walked into a bathroom and put on the dress that Hinata had given you. It was strapless and a thick black silk. It felt great on your skin and it wasn’t skin tight. The dress flowed slightly as you twirled around in front of the mirror in it. It only came a little bit above your knee. You stepped out of the bathroom to see Hinata. You asked her what she thought and she smiled widely as she told you how amazing you looked in it. She then handed you some black stilettos and you put them on. When you went over an inspection in the mirror you smiled at how you looked. Indeed Hinata was right; you looked amazing in the dress. Hinata was dressed in a similar dress, only it had thin straps and reached her feet. But it was a pale blue color and it really made her look beautiful. She wore white stilettos with her dress.

You then turned towards her and asked her if she was ready. She said she was, so you both started towards the front doors of the mansion and then you did a few hand signs before teleporting to the outside of the club building. You both walked inside to already see a lot of people there. Everyone that either of you knew, plus a few strangers that you both didn’t know. You spotted Naruto first and told Hinata to go over to him.

“I don’t want to leave you alone.” She protested.

“Go Hinata. I’ll be fine. I think I’m gonna go get a drink. So go on, dance with him!” You said pushing her gently towards Naruto. After a moment’s hesitation she started walking towards her. They were both dancing in no time. You then made your way over to the bar and sat in a stool, but before you could order Neji slid into a seat next to you and ordered for you.

“Two margaritas.” He said before turning towards you.

“I could have ordered for myself you know?” You said trying to hide the blush that wanted to creep onto your face. Neji happened to be the guy you liked.

“I know, but why pass up the chance?”

You simply smiled at him as the bartender brought you your drinks. You took yours and sipped it slightly, tasting it. It was good, one of your more favorite drink choices. How Neji knew that though—or if he even did, he could have just chosen randomly—you were unsure. Not that you minded. Having your best friend order for you was a common thing that you were used to. Neji always ordered for you whenever you both were together somewhere where he had the opportunity to do it. He knew you better than anyone else, and you him. Maybe that was one of the reasons you were starting to fall for him.

You both talked casually like friends did until your favorite song came on and Neji smiled at you as he held his hand out. You have him one of those ‘I don’t know’ looks but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He stood up from his stool and then took your hand as he walked you over to the dance floor. The blush you were trying to conceal was slowly coming out, but in the uncertain light of the splash lights and laser lights you were glad that Neji probably couldn’t tell.

However he could tell once the exciting lights died away and a pale blue light replaced them all. Your favorite song was slow and so you could really dance with Neji without all the enthusiastic bodies around you ruining the mood.

You both danced hand in hand for a while until he pulled you in from a twirl and you both danced closer. You placing your hands around his neck and his around your waist. The next song was slow too. As it played you laid your head on Neji’s chest; listening to his heartbeat in time with the song. His arms wrapped tighter around you and holding you closer in response. You both failed to notice that Hinata and Naruto were sneaking pictures of the moment. Neither of you would have cared at the moment though, you were simply enjoying being in each other’s company.

That night was a good night


***End Of Flashback***


You hadn’t heard from Neji in months. You knew he had left for a mission but that didn’t mean you didn’t miss him. It had been four months since that night at the club and since then you had noticed a change in the way you looked at Neji. Your feelings were stronger for him, almost as if…

“______-chan!” Someone yelled from behind you. You turned around to see Hinata, and she had a huge smile on her face. She finally reached you and she practically tackled you in a hug. “Guess what?!” You laughed a little as you asked her what it was she was so excited about. “Neji’s back!” Your smiled faded slightly.

“He’s back?”

“Yeah, his team just got back from their mission.” Then she noticed your expression. “Are you not happy?”

“I… don’t know, Hinata. I’ve just been having some weird feelings towards him.” You said.

Hinata’s smile only got bigger—if possible. “Well you like him don’t you?”

“More than that.” You said.

“More than that huh?”

You turned around to see Neji staring at you. Suddenly Hinata wasn’t there anymore and it was just Neji and you. You tried speaking but you only stuttered every time. So you just stopped talking. Neji looked amusedly at you. You hung your head trying to avert his gaze. He placed his index finger under your chin and made you look at him. Then he started leaning in.


You mentally cursed as you darted away from Neji and ran to the shouting person. Neji wouldn’t have heard the shouting. You had hearing far better than even Kiba. So it was a miracle that you heard anything at all. The shouting was coming from the Hokage monuments, so you made my way there. You stopped when you reached the small crowd that was staring at the Hokage heads.


You looked closely at the Hokage faces to see a little boy hanging on to one of them for his life. You instantly went into action. You jumped up onto the faces and started climbing towards the little boy. Your foot occasionally slipping as gravel gave way to gravity. I cursed silently as I managed to pull myself back up more securely. You reached the little boy barely in time as his fingers slipped off their grasp and he had started to fall. You grabbed his wrist and hauled him up so you could hold him better. You now had him by the waist. Slowly, you made my way back down the faces and walked over to the woman who had been shouting. You handed her son over to her.

“Thank you so much ______. You saved him.” She told you. You shrugged it away as if it was nothing. Everyone—the whole crowd—the started walking away and making their way back into doing their day-to-day routine. Then you sat down against the foot of the monument. You may have saved a little boy, but Neji probably hated you for running from him. You sighed as you sat down, your muscles painfully relaxing as you did so. Though you didn’t regret what you did, why would you? ‘I just saved a little boy from dying, and I’m worried about Neji?!’ You thought. You shook your head; maybe you cared too much about his opinion of yourself.

A shadow casted over you, when you looked up you could tell by the silhouette that it was Neji. “Sorry about running off like that.” You said after a moment. He then sat next to you,

“Don’t’ worry about it. You saved a little boy from a bad destiny. Be proud of that.”

You smiled at him. “Thanks. I… just… I know you probably didn’t hear the shouting. So it probably looked a lot like I was running from you.”

Hinata and Naruto then ran up to the both of you. Hey! They both shouted. “Who wants to go to the club with us?” Hinata said.

“We’re inviting everyone! It’s gonna be like last time, BELIEVE IT!”

You laughed at Naruto’s enthusiasm. “Sure, I’m up for it. How about you Neji?” You looked over at him.

“Sure.” He said.

***Time Skip***


This party was definitely alive as everyone was dancing. The song was wild and there was movement everywhere. You were dancing the night away with Neji, having a fun time together. Laughing occasionally throughout everything.

The dancing continued and Neji spun you around and twirled you before catching you every time. Then when you least expected it, he dipped you and pressed his lips to yours passionately. Initially you were shocked, but soon you melted into it and kissed him back. He pulled you up from the dip but didn’t break the kiss.

“Awwww.” Someone said while another wolf whistled.

You both broke the kiss to see Hinata and Naruto staring at a camera. “Did they just—“

“I think they did.”

“That was the cutest moment ever.”

“And we caught it on film!”

“Well then catch this.” Neji said dipping you again. “Be my girlfriend ______?”

You kissed him. Your answer clear enough.

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