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The Mark Of Athena
Story published November 1, 2011 · updated December 29, 2011 · 10 pages · 5,242 readers · 19,705 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

I know, I know, this chapter is way overdue.... sorry. Well at least here's the first chapter!

Annabeth's POV
        One more day. Just one more day. One more day untill I see my boyfriend. One more day untill I see my seaweed brain. One more day untill I see Percy.
        Leo was working on the Argo II now. That was the ship I would travel to see this Camp Jupiter Jason  was talking about. That was the ship where I would finally see Percy again.
        I know I was acting a little...... crazy, but I hadn't seen him in over 8 months. I had a right to go a little crazy with worry.
        Gods I was acting insane, wasn't I? Well, I thought to myself, as long as I'm already insane I might as well put my time to good use and work on the Argo II. 
        "Leo hows the ship coming along?" I asked.
        "Fine, it'll be ready by departure at noon Annabeth," Leo replied.
        "Your really worried, arn't you?"
        "Yeah...." I trailed off. How could I last untill noon with Percy, let alone till the end of the day?
        "Well I better finish packing my bags...." I said.
        "Okay Annabeth, see ya later!" Leo replied.
        Truth is I've had my bags packed for 3 months now. I just really needed to get away from Leo and his questions. Well it dosn't hurt to make sure I have packed everything in my bag. 
        After checking my bag to make sure I had everything I went over to the mess hall to eat lunch before departing on the Argo II for Camp Jupiter.
        At lunch everything was unusally quiet. Perhaps it was the fact that four us were leaving for a camp that could kill us. Or perhaps it was the fact the Ares cabin lost capture the flag for the first time since Percy has disappered. You know, now that I say it out loud, it was probally the second.
        I ate my lunch in silence, I didn't know where we were going or what we would do but at least I know I would see Percy. I had a cheeseburger and a blue soda that tasted strangly like Coke, it was Percy's favorite meal, and he always seemed to have it. 
        After lunch I was saying my goodbyes. Grover and Tyson were the first people I saw and of course were the only ones.
        "ANNABETH!" Tyson yelled.
        "What's wrong?" I asked.
        "Your going away like Percy!" Tyson sobbed.
        "No, Tyson I'm going to find Percy and bring him back."
        "Okay...." Tyson said.
        "And me?" Grover asked.
        "How could I forget about you?" I laughed.
        "How will I know you find him?"
        "I'll have him Iris message you of course!" I laughed. "Okay well I have to get on board, bye!"
        The Argo II was amazing! It had seperate bedrooms, a pool, an armory, and everything else your modern Demi-God would want.
        "Hello and welcome abord the Argo II," Leo's voice called over the loud speaker. "We will be arriving at Camp Jupiter in 5 hours. Thank you and have a good trip!"

So how was that? Was that good for a first chapter? Well sorry if its kinda short, I had to prolong Percy and Annabeth's reunion for one more chapter :) I know, I'm mean. Hehe, well thanks for all of your support!

Story read: Please read this, its written by my best friend and she is an AWESOME writer. Thanks!