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Rich Man, Poor Man (A Black Butler Fanfiction)
Story published November 2, 2011 · updated May 25, 2012 · 89 pages · 4,520 readers · 28,091 reads
Chapter 5: A Lady,
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Chapter 5: A Lady, Caught

Sebastian returned a couple of seconds later with a droopy-looking Trinity in his hands.

"What shall I do with this thing, young master?" he said, and he held her out for the others to see. She pouted and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"Hey, guy, my name's not 'this thing'!"

The boy frowned. "Put it down. You'll get street rat germs all over your gloves."

Trinity glared at him. "Hey, asshole, maybe you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover!!"

The boy straightened up. "I beg your pardon?! You will not address me with such vulgarity!"

The Undertaker sighed. "I'm terribley sorry, Lord Ciel. She has a filty mouth on her." He turned to Trinity and laughed his creepy laugh. "Eh~! You should not judge a person on appearence alone. I thought you, of all people, would understand such a thing, Milord."

Trinity brushed down her ruffled skirt. "Yeah, well, no use trying to explain that to a rich kid like him. They're all the same."

The Undertaker patted the countertop next to him, and Trinity saw this as a singnal to sit. She sprang up on the counter and sat on the edge, her legs crossed .

"My apologies for not giving the proper introduction. This girl is my-"

"Assistant." Trinity interjected. The Undertaker gave her an odd look before turning to the people again and continueing.

" adopted daughter, Trinity McClellane."

Trinity frowned. "Undertaker....that wasn't needed..."

The boy tilted his head. "Fine, that's good and all, but can I-"

The man standing next to him interupted. "Forgive him for his rudeness. This is my master, Ciel Phantomhive, Earl to the Phantomhive family. I am Sebastian Michaelis, his butler."

The woman across from them raised her hand. "And I am Madam Red, as everyone calls me. Behind me is my butler, Grelle Sutcliffe."

Grelle bowed. "I-its very nice to meet you, madam."

The man sitting next to Madam Red waved at her. "I am Lau. It's a pleasure. And might I say, your skirt is exceptionaly sho-"

Madam Red hit Lau over the head. "Watch it,Lau. Your lewd germs might be contagious."

Lau rubbed his head. "You're one to talk."

Ciel clapped his hands together. "Yes, that's all well and good, but I would like you to give back what you stole from me."

The Undertaker gave her a questioning look.

"Trinityyyyyyyy? Did you steal this boys belongings?"

Trinity stiffened a bit, scratching the back of her head, blushing with an embarrased look on her face.

"Uh...well...I seem to recall something...maybe...about that, yes..."

The Undertaker frowned and shook his head. "You know what I have told you about stealing and pickpocketing."

Trinity croosed her arms and pouted. "I know. No stealing."

"Then go get whatever it is you took from him and give it back." he coaxed.

Trinity shook her head. "Nuh uh. Finders keepers. And its shiny and pretty and he can just get another one!"


She sat there for afew seconds, hanging her head. Finnaly, she sighed. "O-kay, fine. I'll be right back...."

She hopped off the countertop and reatreated into her dark room. Once inside, she picked the black top hat up from its resting place in her coffin bed and walked back out.

"Here. Just take it." she said, and she held the hat out stiffly.

The boy stood up, crossed the room, and grabbed it from her hands. "Thank you." he said, and he returned to his seat.

Trinity sighed. "Yeah, whatever."

She walked over to the counter amd stoodin front of it, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning against the edge.

"Anyways, where were we?.....Ah, yes, the recent deaths." The Undertaker said. Ciel straigntened up in his seat.

"You see, for awhile now I've occasionaly had clients who shall I say...lacking, you see?"

This piqued everyones interest. Trinity stole a glance at him, knowing what he was speaking of.


"Yes, quite lacking." The Undertaker said. From beside him, he picked up a small model of a human. Half of the model was a see-through body, showing the internal organs.

"Lacking...their inards, that is." he said darkly, a creepy smile spreading across his face.

A dark air befell upon the group.

"Before my clients can rest easy on their beds, I must make them nice and clean, yes? And examining them as I do my duty is a little hobby of mine, you see?"

At this, everyone stared down at their measureing cups with disgusted faces. Trinity giggled. "Oh,woopsy! Heehee~!"

Lau placed his cup down on the coffin next to him and slid it away from himself. "So they were all lacking a kidney or somesuch? In that case, the killer is a loan shark or the like..." he said, wipeing his mouth.

The Undertaker laughed. "Goodness! Chinese cellar rats think up the most disturbing things! That's not what I meant. It is something only a prostitute...a girl would possess."

He picked up the model and took a closer look at it. "Hm. This little one doesn't seem to have it either."
He put the model down and faced the people again.

"Each was missing...her uterus."

The men stared at the Undertaker with shocked faces. 

Trinity sighed. "You know, that is equaly, if not more, disturbing...but anyways... Lately, we've been seeing a rise in such 'clientele' all of a sudden...and their crimson 'rouge' is becomeing gaudier by the day." she said. "It's all been keeping Undertaker very busy."

Sebastan cleared his throat.

"Even with few passersby, commiting murder on the street...moreover, in the dead of night............would it not be difficult for an amateur to cut out the womb with the necessary precision?"

The Undertaker smirked. "Quite the bright candle, aren't we, Master Butler? I have considered that myself."
He walked over to Trinity and gently grabbed the other side of her face. With his other hand, he traced a long, thin line across her neck with his black fingernail.

"Well, lets see.....first, I'd take something sharp and slash the throat..." His hand, the one that had been holding her face, traveled down her body to her abdomen. He ran his nails across her bare stomach. Trinity held in a giggle as his fingers tickled her skin.

".....Then I'd cut riiiight here... and steal away the little precious."

He dropped his hands to his sides. "The 'skill' involved and... the 'lack of hesitation' points to a proffesional. And most likely, someone of the 'underworld', at that."

He crossed the room and stood next to Ciel, pokeing the boy's face with his finger. "And that is why I knew you would come here, milord." he said, grinning eveily from ear to ear.

"If there were a possibility that the killer belonged to the 'underworld', I expected you would be summoned here without fail."

He walked away from Ciel, towards the counter.

"Heed my words. Another will die. And so the murders will continue...until someone stops them."

He leaned against the countertop, smirking. Can you stop the killer... 'Aristocrat of Evil', Earl Phantomhive?"

Trinity frowned. 'What kind of nickname is that? How terrible.' She thought.

And go in search for a serial killer...and most likey, he has done things of this magnitude before....what a strange child this is, to take such heavy tasks into his schedual, this child who looks to be no more than 13...

Ciel smiled and stood up, motioning to his butler. Sebastian nodded and started to put his coat on.

"The underworld has its own rules. It's residents do not kill those on the other side without reason...and they do not invade polite society using the powers of the underworld."

He finished putting on his coat and turned to the Undertaker. "By our family coat of arms...I vow to eliminate, without exception, all who defile the gardens of the any means necessary."

At this, he turned away. Madam Red, Lau, and Grelle all stood and walked to the door with him.

The boy turned back a bit. "Excuse our intrusion, Undertaker."

Finnaly, all the guests were gone. Trinity sighed and slid to the ground.

"Nyaaaa~! No fair! He took back my pretty pretty hat!"

Undertaker looked down at her. "Now, now. No need to be so loud. It was just a hat, there are plenty more hats in the world."

Trinity pouted. "But still......"

The Undertaker reached behind the counter and pulled a jar out from a shelve. "Looky looky looky, kitten. I have some bone cookies, your favorite!" He pulled one out of the jar and shoved it into his mouth.

Trinity shot up. "Yay! Cookies!" She cheered. She grabbed one from the jar, shoved in in her mouth, and picked up an measureing cup someone had left on a coffin.



"Why didn't you tell them these were brand new measureing cups?"

He laughed. "It was funnier, because I didn't!"

"If I could not keep my young master happy, what kind of Phantomhive maid would I be~?"

--- Trinity