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Smother Me.
Story published November 3, 2011 · updated December 29, 2011 · 11 pages · 78 readers · 199 reads
chp. sixxxx<3
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Chp. sixxxx<3

Justin:sooo, i want you to put on this blind fold before we start going.
Me: uhhh, okay? but may i ask why?
Justin: so you don't see where we are  silly.
Me: ohh, but why can't i see, is it out side or something?
Justin: ummm, i can't say. just close your eyes and out this on. 
He slipped the blind fold on, i almost got car sick not being able to see where I was going but I didn't let him know. I could tell this meant a lot to him. I was just curious, where in the heck are we going.?
----Justin's P.O.V.-----
Marjorie looked so adorable in her blind fold. Jesus, i really like this girl. I want everything to be perfect for when i ask her to be my girl friend. Yes, I am asking her today. I have it all planed out. Its going to be amazing.  I just know it. Becauae these past two weeks have been the best ever. 
me: so, Marjorie, you ready to take that blind fold off yet?
Marjorie: indeed my friend, 
me: well, not just yet. hang on.
I got out and walked over to the passengers side and opened her door.
Marjorie: thank you kind sir, now may i take this thing off?
me: go right ahead my love. 

--Marjorie's P.O.V.--
I was amazed, it was so beautiful. i was speechless. the scene was perfect,like it was ripped right out of a story book. Just like the dreams i used to have when i was a little girl. I loved it,it was perfect. 
Justin: so, do you like it? 
Me: huh?, oh yeah, i love it, its, its beautiful. 
Justin: my mom helped me find it. 
Me: shes an amazing lady. Its like it was, -
Justin: like it was ripped out of a story book.
we looked at each other and smiled. at each other.
Justin: so i have this little picnik if you would like to sit down and eat. 
Me: of course. 
Justin set up the picnik and we sat down and began to eat. after eating we just talked.
Me: so, is this all were doing today. 
JUstin: no theres one more stop but before we go i have to ask you something. 
Me: anything babe. 
Justin;well, i know I have only know you for two weeks now, but i feel as if those two weeks were the best time of my life. I really like you alot and i just wanted to know one thing. Marjorie Lynn Jones, will you be my girlfriend.?
Me: i couldn't agree more & yesss i will. ♥

and im gonna start posting at least twice a week. ♥ 
guess what!? 
you, yes you.
you deserve to...
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