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Asymmetriphobia (A Death The Kid Love Story)
Story published November 5, 2011 · updated November 4, 2012 · 80 pages · 4,847 readers · 57,962 reads
Before You Read!!
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Before You Read!!

Name: Amaya R. Dusk (Meister)

Age: 14

Looks: See picture, but she has three red stripes on the right side of her head like Death the Kid.  She also has a hair pin on the side of her head that looks like Shinigami-sama's mask.

Weapon: Yusushi Yamato


You have known Kid ever since you two were born. After you turned seven, your family moved away to Europe. Little did they know that you would end up dying there in the next seven years. Your mother had chosen to take you to Shinigami-sama after you had died, in hopes that you would be revived....
Favorite/Follow/Comment for the number eight and all that is symetrical!!!!!!!!