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7 minutes in heaven with beyblade metal masters
Story published November 8, 2011 · updated March 22, 2013 · 6 pages · 4,700 readers · 9,712 reads
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for emily

you sat shyly in a big arm chair, watching everyone passed by as if you wasnt there. gingka glanced back at the girls figure, he frowned it turns it was his turn to pick out of the bag he replaced it with a bright smile "ok~!" he cheered and stuffed his hand into the bag, pulling out _______(name of bey). "emily! i got you!" he yelled.

you looked up and saw that he had picked out your bey, you smiled and watched as gingka made his way to you. once he reached your figure he held out a hand, you gladly took it and stood up.

you followed him into the closet with a light smile spread on your face "you have 7 minutes!" grinned madoka and shut the closet door. "what you wanna do~?" asked gingka in a curious tone. "whatever is fine with me" you simply answered.
ginka hummed and thought for a while in thought "hey! i know!" he suddenly beamed causing you to jump a little. it was quiet for a while until some soft hands folded around your cheeks. "g-gin-" you were cut off as gingka pressed his warm lips against yours.

it took a while but you kissed back and not soon after gingka licked your lips for entrance, you were more than happy to let him in. "mmm~" you moaned lightly as everything suddenly became heated in there. "PLEASE STAY CLEAN!" the two of you heard madoka shout from out side the closet.

ginka lightly nodded as he pulled away, panting rapidly. you also panting quite quickly.

madoka opened the door with a happy sigh "thank god" she smiled.


you and gingka went though quite a lot in your time and one day you asked for a child and so you two tried once you were old enough. the thing is that you two tried a lot of times but nothing happened and so you both went to the doctors, turns out you cant have children because sometimes a womans body fails in lack off children/eggs.
BUT! thats ok because no matter what gingka loved you but thats not the case. you were extreamly upset about this and found it hard to smile so gingka and you adopted and you sloy became yourself.

le extra~ (beacuse i took ages)
"emily?" gingka looked at you. you have just been told you cant have children. "hunni?" he kept on seeing if you will reply, a few tears dropped onto you hand as gingka stroked your soft brown hair "its ok" he cooed and kept you in a tight hug, fiddling with your wedding ring.

HOPE YOU LIKE IT! :D im really sorry if you don't but i was listening to how to save a life so yeah :3