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7 minutes in heaven with beyblade metal masters
Story published November 8, 2011 · updated March 22, 2013 · 6 pages · 4,635 readers · 9,510 reads
ryuga(for nikki)
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Ryuga(for nikki)

you was sitting with a happy little yuu by your side then a top hat was placed on your lap.
you reached into the hat feeling all the differant shaped beys untill you chose a bey yo pulled it out to revial a green libra with a yellow face bolt, you sighed and looked at a unhappy yuu"yuu?" you sked feeling disowned "i know you like r-"  he was about to say but you coverd his mouth and dragged him into the closet.
"yuu its a secret your not surposed to shout it out"you spat in a quiet voice"sorry"he reply's in the same tone"i know you like ryuga and i wanted someone younger"he carrys on. "its o- im not that old!" you shout a little.
"what to do.. what to do??"yuu sings and you just role your eyes and smile a little. it was boring for you and yuu... just sitting there "TIMES UP"shouts..."ryuga!" you thought a bit shocked.
"why woul he be sayi-"just then he slammed the door open, obviously you jumped, and blushed abit as he dragged you out by your hand and took you outside.
"ok"ryuga started"well  i was thinking.. will you go o-out with me" he said with alot of convidance "yes!" you shout n a whisper

(hope ya liked it)