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Supernatural..The Little Winchester
Story published November 13, 2011 · updated February 21, 2013 · 41 pages · 2,420 readers · 15,690 reads
Centennial Highway
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Centennial Highway Cont.

Pretend Izzy is in that pic >>>>

We arrived in town, and walked towards a girl, with a brown jacket on, blue skinny jeans, and boots that came up to her knees. The boots were so adorable I wanted to ask her where she got them, but Sam and Dean would have been mad, they’re too serious about all this hunter stuff. 

        “That must be her.” Dean said. I gave him the ‘Duh’ expression, and then Sam said, 

        “You must be Amy.” Dean asked.
        “Yeah” She said still putting the missing poster of Troy up on the brick building. 

        “I’m sure Troy told you about us, were his uncles Dean and Sammy, and this is Izzy his cousin.” Dean said smoothly.
        “He never mentioned you to me.” She said putting her tape and the rest of the posters in her bag. Dean sighed,
        “Well that’s Troy I guess, we’re not around much--,”
        “So, were looking for him too.” Sam said cutting him off. “We’re kinda asking around.” He finished

        Another girl walked up next to Amy, and asked “Hey you okay?”
        “Yeah” Amy replied
        “You mind if we ask you girls a couple questions?” Sam asks 


         We all walked to a local diner, and sat in the way back. 

        “I was on the phone with Troy, he was driving home, he said he would call me right back.” Amy said her voice cracking a bit, and tears forming her eyes. The other girl, her friend rubbed her back gently.
        “-And uh, he never did.” She finished, letting a tear drip out from her eyes. 

        “He didn’t say anything strange, or out of the ordinary?” Sam asks in a soft voice.
        “No.” She whispered. “Nothing I can remember."
        I looked at the other girl, and she looked like she knew something she wasn’t telling us.
        “I like you’re necklace.” I say smiling, looking at Amy's pentagram she had around her neck, and was actually really cool. I have one like it at home. My dad gave it to me at his last visit. 

        Dean looked over to me,giving me a  ‘what the hell?’ look but I just shrugged, and looked up to Amy.
        “Troy gave it to me.” She said twirling it around in her fingers. Have you ever noticed that, when you compliment someone on something, they start fidgeting with it? Well I have.
        “Mostly to scare my parents.” She said laughing a bit, “you know all that devil stuff.” She finished. I laugh, 

        “Well actually, it means just the opposite, a pentagram is against evil. Really powerful, I mean if you believe in the kind of thing.” I say trailing off on my comment.

        “Okay, thank you unsolved mysteries.” Dean says rolling his eyes. “Here’s the deal ladies, the way Troy disappeared, something’s not right. So if you’ve heard anything,” he pauses waiting for one of the girls to talk. They look at eachother and it looks like Amy’s friend has something to say. Amy shakes her head at the other girl, and has a look on her face like ‘don’t you dare say anything’. 
          “What is it?” Dean asks. Amy’s friend starts to talk,
        “Well it’s just. I mean with all these guys going missing, people talk.”
        “What do they talk about?” Dean, Sam, and I say in unison. I’m getting the feeling this is going to happen a lot. We look at each other like. ‘Really?’
        “It’s kinda this local legend. This one girl, she got murdered on Centennial. Like decades ago. Well supposedly she’s still out there. She hitchhikes, and whoever picks her up, well they disappear forever.”


        After Amy’s friend told us of the legend we decided we would go to the local library and do some research on this supposed murder. Dean got on the computer and clicked the link for the Jericho Herald. He typed in, Female Murder Hitchhiking in the search box, and came across with no results. He changed Female Murder Hitchhiking  to, Female Murder Centennial Highway, and pressed search, and still came up with no results.
        “Let me try.” I say going to grab the mouse, but Dean smacked my hand away while saying, “I got it.” So on the note, I pushed his rolling chair away, and he just looked at me with a WTF expression on, and said “Dude.” With a warning tone, and then said, “You’re such a control freak.”
        I got comfortable in front of the computer with Sam on my right, and Dean pulling up his chair beside me on my left.
        “Okay one; I’m not a dude, two, I’m not a control freak and three, angry spirits are born out of violent death right?” 

        “Yeah.” He replies not knowing where I’m going with this.
        “Well then maybe its not a murder.” I say, while erasing what Dean put in the search box, and typed in, Female Suicide Centennial Highway. It came up with one result, Suicide on Centennial, the name Constance Welch stuck out at me. I clicked on it and it was an article about a women who comminted suicide. Sam started to read off the article,
        “This was 1981, Constance Welch 24 years old, jumps off Sylvania bride, drowns in the river.”
        “Does it say why she did it?” Dean asks.
        “Yeah.” Sam says with a sigh. 

        “What?” Dean asks looking more closely at the screen,
        “An hour before they found her she calls 911, her little kids are in the bath tub, she leaves them alone for a minute, and when she comes back, they aren’t breathing.” Sam reads in disbelief. “Both die.” He finished nodding his head. “’Are babies were gone, and Constance just couldn’t bear it.’” said husband Joseph Welch.”
        “That bridge look familiar to you guys?” Dean asks. It does. It’s the same bridge that they found Troy’s car on when we first arrived in Jericho. And now I’m thinking, great we have to go back to this bridge, and it’s getting dark. Awesome. That’s me being sarcastic if you couldn’t tell.

"Our lives are weird, man."