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Short Hogwarts Stories! :D
Story published November 17, 2011 · updated March 10, 2012 · 43 pages · 2,167 readers · 10,188 reads
George Weasley and
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George Weasley and Izzy De-Long

(That's what Izzy looks like -->)

First year

I was sat in a compartment with Fred planning our first prank. We decided that water balloons would be a good one to start our fist year of with.
"Your idea my brother so you can do it." Fred said.
"But I get to pick who." He continued, I sighed knowing he wasn't going to make this easy for me, but hey! Us Weasley can do anything. 
"Right there's a girl out there. Do it now!" Fred said coming back into the compartment. I stuck my head out and saw - and she was wearing - 

"But Fred! She's pretty!" I whined.
"Too bad I got to choose." He said and I grabbed the balloons. 

"Hey!" I called she turned towards me and I chucked balloon after balloon hitting her each time. By the end I was on the floor laughing and clutching my stomach. She glared at me.
"I wouldn't be laughing if I were you." She said and stalked away. I crawled back to the compartment. Fred looked at me and helped me up.
"Did you do it?" He asked.
"I was amazing, and when I stopped she was all like 'I wouldn't be laughing if I were you' It was SO funny." I said doing a bad impression of the girl. We both were laughing. The train came to a halt and Fred and I ran off.

Hagrid led us to the boats and that girl was glaring at me the whole journey even though she wasn't in the same boat as us. What really got me though was that she knew I did it and not Fred. She could tell us apart. She then started talking to another girl in the boat. 

The sorting Hat had already put Fred in Gryfindor (in my story they don't do it in alphabetical order)
"Izzy de-Long!" Professor M. called out, she was the girl I threw the balloons at. So her name is Izzy. The hat was placed on her head, it whispered a few things and then screamed out "Gryfindor!" She happily skipped over and started talking to Fred. 
"George Weasley!" Professor M. called out, I was the last person. I sat down, 
"You're very much like Miss de-Long, mischievous. But she's smarter. And you two don't like each other watch out she's better than you at magic." The hat said to me before it yelled, "Gryfindor!" I smiled and ran to my brother. Izzy stood up and walked as far away as possible from me, with some friends. This is gonna be the start of a beautiful hatred.


Third year

The sorting has just finished and Ron was sorted into Gryfindor. Fred and I are classed as the 'prankers' of the school while Izzy and her 'group' , Jenna(girl), Hayley(girl), Lucy(girl), Freddie(boy) and Andy(boy) are the 'populars' Izzy is every guys dream and she gets along with everyone - even Slytherins - except me. Yeah, she can hold a grudge.

"Hey Fred." An angelic voice snapped me out of my thoughts. " You're brother, Ron, is so sweet." Izzy continued. "Well, bye Fred, bye ... yeah bye Fred." She said catching herself before she said bye to me.

"Dude! How did you get Izzy to hate you? She's hot!" Ron said, sitting across from me.

"It's all Fred's fault, he's the one that told me to chuck water balloons at her first year." I said

"Anyway Ron she too old for you. She likes me." Fred said.

"No she doesn't, she told me who she likes." Lee said joining our conversation.

"Really then who'd she say." I asked in disbelief.

"Me!" Lee announced.

"No I didn't Lee! I never told you who I liked." She called from down the table where she was sat with the fifth year guys on the quidittch team. One of them was her brother but you could see the others trying to flirt with her. She was smiling and laughing, oh her laugh. Damn! I'm fall for a girl that hates my guts.


Forth year

Izzy has been distant with all her friends, she never comes to meals and you can see everyone is worried. There has also been people getting petrified, that's why their worried, no one wants Izzy 'Popular' to be petrified. One day I saw her walking with Andy and Lucy. I went over to her.

"Hey Izzy." I said in a seductive voice, she scoffed and walked away.

"Dude you struck out!" Fred said when I told him what happened. He walked towards Izzy and her friends left so they could talk. I don't see how see can like Fred, but not me!

"Night!" Izzy called from her room, the WHOLE common room echoed a night just like always.


I can't believe it Ron and Harry saved Izzy. She was the one doing it all, she was being controlled by he-who-must-not-be-named!

"Izzy you alright?" I asked her on the train when she walked past our compartment.

"Funny, it sounded like you actually cared for a moment." She answered and went to walk away.

"I do care." I told her.

"Sure" She said and went back to her compartment. I sighed and blocked out what Fred and Lee were saying and feel asleep.

"Come on George get up. Were back home." Ginny said.

"No to tiered!" i stated and feel back asleep.

"George get up, you have to go home." I knew that was Izzy saying that.

"No why should I!?" I said harshly.

"There was no need to be mean. I was just helping Ginny!" Izzy sobbed. I immediately shot up, she was giggling. I scowled at her. She walked out to the platform and shouted back,

"It was Ginny's idea!" I chuckled and grabbed my stuff. She was perfect.


Summer between fourth and fifth year

"Fred! Someones hear to see you! She's in the living room!" mum called.

"She?"  I asked him, he shrugged and ran downstairs, I walked slowly behind him. When I got down to the living room. A girl, Izzy kissed Fred on the cheek and got back into the fireplace.

"de-Long Mansion!" She shouted and chucked the floo power down.

"Why was Izzy here? And why did she kiss you?" I asked voice rising. "You know I like her!" I exclaimed.

"Calm down, man!" Fred said. "Izzy came to invite our family to her family's summer ball." He continued, my mouth fell into an 'O' shape. Fred chuckled and walked into the kitchen to tell mum.


Fred and I changed into - (pretend its Fred and George)
and met our waiting family by the fire place. We all grabbed some floo powder and went to Izzy's house.
"Hey Ginny!" Izzy called coming out of a crowd of her and her brothers friends that have been invited and giving Ginny a hug. I felt my eyes go wide she looked beautiful - 
She hugged Fred, Percy and Ron then walked back to her friends, Fred following behind her. 
"Georgie, why didn't Izzy pay attention to you?" Mum asked
"Cause she can hold a grudge for years." I said and went to find Lee. I saw one of Izzy's friends Hayley walking towards me.
"Hey Georgie," She said sweetly taking my hand and leading me to a room of the ballroom, It had a sofa in, she sat down and patted the seat next to her.
Hayley looks like - 
And she's wearing this -  

I'm a guy and even I could tell she was completely fake, her tan and body were fake! I sat next to her but as far away as I could with out falling off. She kept moving closer to me until she was literally sat on my lap, she kissed my neck all the way up to my cheek, she then moved down to my lips. She was making-out with me while I was there frozen in shock. I started kissing back, I don't know why, I don't even like her. The door opened and we continued kissing, someone cleared their throat. We broke apart and Hayley had an annoyed look on her face.
"Sorry for interrupting." Izzy said, she walked away holding someones hand. It looked alot like me, FRED! I pushed Hayley off me and walked out of the room.

Fifth year

I was sat in detention doodling Izzy's initials on a piece of paper. Snape walked in and Izzy trailed behind him. She saw me.
"Professor, I'll do triple detention if you don't make me do detention with George!" She pleaded.
"Sorry Miss de-Long but detention isn't supposed to be an enjoyable experience." Snape stated, she sighed and took a seat the furthest away as possible from me. 
"Now I want you two to clean out the storage cupboard, I'll be back in 1 hour." Snape said and walked out of the room. Izzy grabbed a cloth and started cleaning the jars. I was just looking at her.
"Why are you staring George?" She asked obviously annoyed she had to talk to me.
"Just wondering how you got a detention, I mean your perfect, you never get caught." I said proud of the lie I had just created.
"I punched Hayley." She stated turning around.
"Why?" I asked.
"What is this 20 questions?! Merlin, I punched her cause she's really annoying and I couldn't stand her anymore." She said and carried on cleaning. "And I'm not perfect!" She said. I cast a spell to make the cupboard clean and tidy itself.
"What do you mean your not perfect? You're smart, kind, sweet, friends with everybody except me and you're beautiful." I said. She blushed and lightly smiled.
"Thanks" She whispered. I walked closer to her, I tilted her chin up so she was looking at me. 
"I wasn't kidding. I think you're all of those things I think you're amazing." I said and leaned closer. She went up on to her tip-toes and we kissed. It was amazing, I love her, I wasn't going to deny it, I love her. We started snogging. She pulled away and walked out of the door. I just stood there in a daze. WOW! She's a good kisser.
"Mr. Weasley you may go." Snape said snapping me out of my chance. I'm not sure how long I'd been stood there but it was at least a good 15 minutes.

I slowly walked back to the common room asking myself what actually just happened. I pinched myself, no not a dream, maybe I didn't actually pinch myself. I was back at the common room now. I sat on mine and Fred's couch, I saw Izzy stand up and go to the boys dorms with Andy and Freddie. I smiled at her, she ignored me.

Sixth year (goblet of fire)

We were all in the great hall for dance lessons. Professor M. said it was cause we had a Yule ball. She made Ron go up and dance with her, Fred and I couldn't stop laughing. Gryfindor and Hufflepuff fourth years and up were in here. I decided that I would ask Izzy. She completely ignored our kiss but I couldn't help but still love her. We all started dancing, Izzy was dancing with Cedric so I danced with Katie Bell.

"Hey Izzy!" I called. Her friends said they'd wait and she walked towards me.
"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the ball with me?" I said fast but slow enough that she heard me.
"Sorry George, I've already got a date." She said.
"You can't have no one could have asked you this quickly. If you don't want to go with me you can just say so." I said getting angry.
"I already have a date, I'm not lying." She said offended I'd called her a liar. She walked back to her friends.
"Oh really? Who are you going with?" I shouted.
"Cedric!" She called back. I walked away.

I asked Alicia Spinnet to the Yule ball cause Izzy said no. I was waiting for her at the stairs with Fred who was waiting for Angelina. Alicia walked down, she looked nice.
"You look nice!" I said to her, she looked disappointed but I shrugged it off. Izzy walked down, everyone stared at her. She was wearing this - 
She was beautiful, Cedric walked up and kissed her on the cheek. They looked really good together. Fred elbowed me to tell me to stop staring and we walked in.

Later on I saw Izzy run out of the room, I left Alicia on the dance floor and ran to find Izzy. I saw her outside in the courtyard. I went up to her. 
"Izzy? What's wrong?" I asked, I saw tears in her eyes and pulled her into a hug.
"I saw Cedric and Hayley snogging." She sobbed, I hugged her tighter.
"He's not good enough for you." I soothed. She looked up at me.
"Thank you." She whispered, kissed my cheek and walked away. She left me there in a daze, AGAIN!

Summer between sixth and seventh year

"Izzy is staying with us, don't bother her. Her parents say she hasn't been the same since Cedric's death." Dad announced when we got to The Order. No her and Cedric didn't brake up after he kissed Hayley, he explained and cause he's a loyal hufflepuff she believed him. But then he died, she was pretty crushed.
"Okay dad." We chorused. Fred and I apperated up to our room and carried on working on the skiving snack boxes. 

After dinner I heard the door open and close. I assumed that it was just an order member, that was until I heard Ginny scream,
"Izzy!!! Yay, I'm not the only girl!" 
"Oh thanks Ginny!" Hermione moaned.
"Sorry mione I forgot about you." Ginny said. I apparated to the kitchen, they were all stood there. She was wearing - 
"Hey George." She said
"That's not George that's Fred." Ginny said.
"No it's George." She said smiling. "He can't trick me. Even if he says he's Fred he's lying. That is defiantly George."
"Who's defiantly George?" Fred asked coming into the room.
"Hey George." Ginny said.
"I'm Fred not George, Gin." Fred said. Hugging Izzy.
"That's definitely Fred!" Hermione exclaimed. "Izzy will willingly hug him." She continued. I looked at Izzy and opened my arms. She came and hugged me.
"Okay I really don't know who's who's now." Hermione and Ginny agreed.
"Look, he's Fred." Izzy said poking Fred in the head."And he's George!" she said poking me. Fred and I nodded. 
"We can't fool her," I started
"She too bright." Fred finished.

Seventh Year

"Why are you guys even taking this class?" Izzy asked us as we followed her and Andy to potions.
"Yeah, you and Snape have never liked each other, you didn't even pass your potion OWL" Andy added. We walked to class and took a seat.
"Today we'll be learning about Love Potions." Snape said. "Pair up!" He continued. I was with Fred and Izzy was with Andy.
"Well done Miss de-Long, Mr Hale, good work. 5 points to gryfindor." snape said looking over their potion. He came to ours turned his nose up and walked away. Fred and I shrugged. We smelt it. It smell like a potion gone wrong and that's not a smell I liked.
"I smell pears, broom cleaning spray and spearmint tooth paste." Izzy said, smiling down at her potion.
"Let me try." I said walking round the table. 
"I smell spiced peaches, pound coins and apple lip balm." I said, Izzy blushed and Andy laughed. I have no clue why.

"Oww." I heard someone say from around the corner. I looked who it was. Izzy was sat there clutching her hand on pain.
"Did Umbridge?" I asked gesturing to her hand, she nodded. I sat down and placed an arm around her shoulders.
"George do you wanna know why I blushed when you said what you smelt in potions?" She asked. I nodded vigorously. 
"The question I've been asking myself these past months, will now be answered by the person that blushed." I announced. She giggled and said,
"I wear apple lip balm and my shower gel smells like spiced peaches." She stated blushing again.
"Well guess what?" I asked her.
"What?" She said.
"I have just recently cleaned my broom," I leaned into her, "and I use spearmint toothpaste." I whispered against her lips. We kissed, our lips moving in sink. I licked her bottom lip but she kept her mouth shut. I placed my cold hand on the top of her neck, she gasped and I explored her mouth. We pulled apart and I pressed my forehead to hers.
"Be my girlfriend?" I asked.
"Yes!" She whispered before placing her lips back on mine.

Day of the war

"Hey babe!" I said apperating into Izzy's room.
"Hey!" She said, looking for something.
"Whatcha looking for?" I asked grabbing her by the waist and spinning her around. "Are you looking for this?" I asked pulling out a small box and giving it to her.
"Why would I be looking for a ..." She stopped mid-sentence, in the box was this - 
"Miss Izzy de-Long will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs Izzy Weasley?" I asked. She nodded and I crashed my lips to hers.

We were sat on the sofa I was playing with the ring on Izzy's finger when Fred apperated in.
"The war. It's starting!" he exclaimed and we all apperated out. 
We were running around dueling death eaters. I expected Izzy to be scared, but it looked like she was having fun, which made me smile. 
"Harry Potter is DEAD!" Voldy screamed. Then NEVILLE of all people cut the snakes head off then Harry and Voldy were dueling. BANG!!!! Voldy turned to dust. WE WIN!

19 years later

We were running to get to the platform, why we are ALWAYS late I will never know.
"Bye Mum, Bye Dad, Owl me." Zara said hugging us then running on to the train.
Zara looks like -  -  How she got blond hair is another thing we will never know.

"Love you Mum, Love you Dad! BYE!" Jason called already on the train.
Jason looks like -   - He got Izzy's brown hair and my brown eyes.

"Bye Mama, Bye Dada." Eleanore said.
"Sweetie, your only 6! You can't leave us alone yet." I said tickling her sides.

Eleanore looks like -  Yeah none of our kids got the Weasley ginger hair. Eleanore's out little gangster.

There you have our 'special' family!!!

(One of my best friends on here is turning this into a proper story, but she said that she'd change bits so follow her - 
Ɖesтιиed ғσя тнe cℓσʋds - and read the story when she publishes it :D)

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