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Turning Into Something More -Destery Smith FanFic-
Story published November 19, 2011 · updated December 14, 2011 · completed · 13 pages · 2,059 readers · 17,903 reads
Character Update:
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Character Update: Quest Smith

Heya guys.
It's me, Quest.
It's been four months since the prom.
We've all changed so much.
I dyed my hair.
It looks so different now.
Teri's changed allot too.
Destery and Nathan are pretty much just the same.
Me and Destery are even closer.
I love him so much.
We even share a bedroom now.
It's been really good.
Well I should go.
I've got people to meet, places to be and things to do.

Hope you enjoy it.

Love you all <3