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Mine~Pokemon Love Story (Red x Reader) |Finished|
Story published November 20, 2011 · updated November 26, 2011 · completed · 9 pages · 11,186 readers · 74,003 reads
This is how it beg
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This is how it began

It was just a normal challange to the Pokemon Master Red, beating the Elite Four wasn't easy but now...your not even sure yout going to make it up Mt. Silver.

You stood there at what looked like the opening to the sumit of Mt. Silver, you saw a boy standing there without a jacket.

He turned and looked at you, you felt your cheeks heat up then you heard a noise.

Where the boy was standing was collasping!

You had to do something so with one great big leap of fate you grabbed him saying,

"Watch out!" then you fell down.

The world started to go black then you saw nothing.

You slowly opened your eyes to hear the sounds of a fire crackling and burning with life. You blinked. Wait.....weren't you shot up and something moved under your blankets.
It was a small yellow Pokemon that you'd only seen a few times threw out your journey.

Pikachu, the electric mouse Pokemon, and partner to the legendary trainer Red.

You blinked and asked,

"W-what happened? I remember falling....then nothing."

You heard footsteps then a soft voice said,

"You're lucky that I managed to catch you and save the both of us."

Your [e/c] spheres met red ones.

They looked back at you, no emotion seemed to be in them then you jumped up and wrapped the blanket around him (still holding Pikachu) saying,

"Your going to catch a cold! I don't care if you have a fire going you feel like you've been outside! You're freezing!"

You then started to rub his arms threw the blanket. He just stared at you, you felt a little uncomforble so you decided to make small talk,

"S-so why are you up here?"

"No reason really?"


A couple of moments of silence passed between the two of you, then the boy spoke again,

"Why are you here? This isn't a place for girls."

You glared at him for saying the girl part but you said,

"Well I want to fight the Pokemon Master know as Red.....Green, and Professer Oak talked alot about him. I wondered if I could challange him to a fight and see how well I do against him."

The boy looked at you,

"So what's your name?"

"Oh, it's _______. What's yours?"

"Dosen't matter what mine is...."

"Wow rude much?"

The boy laughed a little,

"So I take it since your here you beat the Elite Four?"

"YEAH! It took alot of traning! Yesh, I teamed up with the Dragon Tamer Lance to beat some members of Team Rocket.....then I had to fight my Rival who turned out to be the son of Team Rockets former leader....."

You looked down at the ground and the boy said,

"I saw the pictuers you took on your Pokegear....there's alot of Pokemon in them."

"Yes there is.....I loved seeing them so I took pictuers of them."

The boy smiled taking his hat off and putting it on your head, he stood up the blanket falling off of his shoulders as he said,

"My name is Pokemon Trainer Red....I'm the one you came her to battle. I'm not in the mood for fighting you."

Reaching into his pants pocket he pulled out your Pokegear and said,

"Tell Green that I've got you to help take care of me he dosen't have to worry."

You smiled and said, "Okay."

You slowly walked towards the entrance of the cave and Red spoke,

"And tell him your mine, and no one elses."

You could tell he was blushing and you smiled and said,


Comment and tell me if  you like it~ I actually enjoyed writing this~ 

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