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Too Fragile ~Harry Potter Love Story
Story published November 22, 2011 · updated July 28, 2012 · 196 pages · 5,442 readers · 131,736 reads
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 This is about my life

My life is miserable and a living hell.

My family is horrible.

My father rapes and abuses me. He is a follower of Voldermort. He makes me sleep with the elves and be their servant.

My mother does nothing at all, she never talks to me.

My brother, my twin tries to be nice to me, but when my father comes around, he is cold hearted and crual to me.

I wish I was never born. I have no family at all.

Im fragile.

Im weak.

Im ugly.

Im nothing.

Im fourteen years old, I have brown hair, and brown eyes, I am 5' 1" and I have curves in the right places. I just got a letter from hogwarts. i found it, and my father will let me go. Im so glad that I can go, but Im scared. I have trust issues with everyone. Its all my family's fault. They made me skittish, and frail. 

My family's last name is the Malfoys. I am Alison Malfoy and this is my life's story.
I wish I never was born into this hell hole we call a "family" - Ali Malfoy