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Too Fragile ~Harry Potter Love Story
Story published November 22, 2011 · updated July 28, 2012 · 196 pages · 5,440 readers · 131,660 reads
Chapter 1 - At Har
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Chapter 1 - At Harry's House

 Okay, so I'm at Harry's house now with a whole bunch of people to pick Harry up.
I havent seen him all summer. I miss him a whole bunch.
Vicki and I were talking and Hagrid went to go knock on Harry's door but he already opened it.
Harry smiled. "Hello Harry!" Hagrid said.
"Hello." Harry said.
Hermione ran up and hugged him, then Ron came and bro hugged him. After that Judd said hi and bro hugged him, and then Vicki went and gave him a hug. They went into the house talking. Harry didnt even notice me. 
I just stood by George and Fred.
"Well aren't you going to say hi to your boyfriend?" Fred asked jokingly.
I rolled my eyes. "He didnt even notice me." I said sadly.
Then George took my shoulders. "Im sure he thinks your safe aomewhere else because he knows it wont be easy. Besides, if he hurts you me and Freddie here will do all sorts of things to him." He said.
I laughed. "Thanks."
We walked in the house I saw Harry talking to Bill and Fleur.
I walked over to Hermione and Vicki.
"Hey, Im suprised that you and Harry aren't sucking faces right now." Vicki joked.
I sighed. "He hasnt even said hi to me yet." 
She smiles with sympathy. "It will be alright. Trust me. He has a lot on his plate you know?" Hermione said.
I smiled. "Thanks Herms."
"Well I think he found out that your here." Judd said spinning me around.
I looked at Harry and he looked at me.
"Ali? When did you get here?" He asked running to me hugging me tightly.
"Harry.... Can't.... Breathe." I choked out.
He let go. "Im sorry."
I laughed. "its alright."
He smiled that smile that makes me melt every single time. He then cooped my face with his hands.
"I missed you so much. You have no idea." He said his eyes staring deeply into mine.
"I think I do." I smiled at him.
He then kissed me. All those days without being with him Im suprised it didnt kill me.
I heard a cough. Oops, forgot people were here.
I slowly walked back to Hermione Vicki Ron and Judd who were all smirking.
"See he didnt forget about you." Ron said.
I blushed. "Shut up."
"Alright. We'll have time to catch up later. We have to get the hell out of here." Moody said.
"Potter you're underage so you have the Trace on you." He said.
Harry looked confused. "The Trace. Whats that?"
"It means if you sneeze they know who wiped your nose. The point is that we have to use transportation that the Trace cant detect. like a broom, Threstrals, and the like. We go in pairs. That way, if anyone out there is waiting for us, they wont know who the real Harry Potter is." Moody ended with a smirk.
Harry looked really lost. "The real one?"
Moody went into his coat pocket and took out a bottle. "I believe your familiar with this brew."
Harry eyes widened. "No absolutely not."
"Told you he would take it well." Vicki mutterted.
"No, if you think Im going to let you risk your lives fore me-"
"S'not like we havent done that before mate." Ron interupted him chuckling.
Harry turned to Ron. "No, this is different. Becoming me. No!" Harry shouted.
"Well none of us fancies it mate-" Fred started.
"Yeah, imagine if something went wrong and we ended up a scrawny git like you forever!" George teased.
I glared at them, and Jessica hit them in the back of their heads and turned to me and winked. I smiled and mouthed 'Thank you.'
Moody spoke up. "Everyone is of age here Potter, everyone is willing to take the risk." 
Mundungus cleared his throat from the back. Man, I despice him. "Actually, I've been coerced. Mudungus Fletcher Mr. Potter. Always have been a huge admirer."
"Nip it Mundungus!" Moody snapped.
Hermione pushed me and I walked up and took a strand of Harry's hair. "Ouch! Blimey Ali!" Harry complained.
I gave Moody the hair and I walked back to Harry. I kissed his cheek. "Im sorry."
He fake pouted. "You missed." He said pointing to his lips.
I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Maybe later." i said and walked back to Hermione and Vicki in line. 
I looked at Harry and he saw me with his eyes widened yet again.
"no, Ali. You are not doing this!" Harry protested.
I put my hands on my hips. "And why not?" I asked.
"Because I dont want you getting hurt... Or worse, killed."
I sighed. "Harry, Im strong. I can handle myself, I'll be fine." I reassured him.
He sighed. "You cant protect me on everything I do thats dangerous." i added.
Vicki then handed me the bottle and I took it. Harry gave me his pleading eyes. I just looked at him and swallowed the drink. 
Man, thats awful! Then I starting getting taller and turing into my boyfriend, the guy i love. Harry James Potter.

Im so so so so so so sorry I havent been updating, school has been so cramped. I have a whole bunch of tests to study for. Softball has been having problems. I finally got a night where I can write. I know its not good, but hey better than something. Please comment. Thanks!

I wish I never was born into this hell hole we call a "family" - Ali Malfoy