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Your monster high life
Story published November 23, 2011 · 1 page · 549 readers · 2,165 reads
Chapter 2 The stea
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Chapter 2 The stealing

It was prom day and Siria had the trap all planned."Dad im going to school!" schouted Siria."Okay" Her dad shouted back.Siria went to school with the plan still in her head.She saw deuce alone,amedietly went over to him and looked in his eyes a minute or two,then he was by her side until prom and Cleo was in no sight.Then when Siria and deuce walked into prom together,Cleo was the first they saw.In a blue,long dress the her ankles.All her gold was out,as if she was no egiption mummy at all."Hi deuce"Cleo said,waving.Deuce then snapped out and looked to his right,then left where Siria was."omg why am i here with you"Said deuce,running to cleo.Siria then was stunned,there was love for Cleo and Deuce."I challenge you to a dance off! winner gets to be Deuce's girlfreind"Said siria.Cleo then started dancing,showing Funky Moves.Siria started dancing,showing Crazy Swiggle."OK CLEO WINS!"Shouted deuce."Ha.Now leave and NEVER steal anyones boyfreinds.I know hw it feels but i will only help them if i like them."said Cleo.Siria stomped out saying,"I WILL GET YOU CLEO!"

                                                                                                 Hoped you liked it!