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Fear (Vampire Story) -FINISHED-
Story published November 23, 2011 · updated March 30, 2012 · completed · 33 pages · 1,839 readers · 19,223 reads
The Vampire and Th
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The Vampire and The Incubus

                                         Rain, rain, go away. Come Again another day. All the world is waiting for the sun. - Breaking Benjamin~~Rain 

(Venom's POV) 

I looked at Marshall, why would he want to tell me sorry? I walked on with Micah in my arms, he barely even moved a muscle. It made me sad and I wanted to hold him tighter. I noticed he was cuter before I met him, I guess it took me awhile to find that out. Huh, damn.

(Marshall's POV) 

I stopped, suddenly hands crept over my shoulder and to my stomach. I stiffened.  The hands grabbed me to a male body and I heard a familiar chuckle. The pure feeling coated me, I shuttered. "Hello, Chris."  I scorned, the angel chuckled behind me. I whipped around and saw the beauty of his face, I tore away and growled low; is face was beautiful yes, but I knew what he was. A Incubus. A male demon that seduced others. Chris strolled up to me and caressed my face. I fell attached to his touch....oh this won't end well. Chris yanked me close, but a fist came flying out of nowhere, but he dodged it, letting me go. Venom's sexy hiss filled my ears.        

Copywrite (c) 2011

"Fear" (vampire story) is mine.


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