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I Turn To You ~Jacob Black Love Story~Finished*
Story published November 23, 2011 · updated November 14, 2012 · completed · 63 pages · 17,640 readers · 241,179 reads
Annabell Swan
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Annabell Swan

Name: Annabell Jane Swan
Age: 16
Nickname: Anna
Family: Bella Swan (older sister), Charlie Swan (dad), Renee (mum) and Phill (step-dad).
Hometown: Phoenix.
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, writing, playing guitar, painting and walking along the beach.
Personality: Quiet, tom-boy, smart, hard-working at everything.
Crush: Jacob Black (when they meet).
When Charlie and Renee split up when her and Bella were young, both Bella and Annabell went with Renee to Phoenix. Annabell never really liked the idea of Renee getting re-married, especially with Phill, but then she saw how happy Renee was and so she accepted it. When Bella moved to Forks to be with their dad, Annabell decided to stay, but her and Bella still talk all the time on the phone and email each other. Now Annabell has deicded to move to Forks, to spend time with Charlie and Bella, but Bella hasn't always been telling the truth about her life in Forks. Will Annabell find out about the stuff Bella hasn't been telling her? What will happen when she meets Jacob Black? Will her life change forever?