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One Direction Stories.
Story published November 26, 2011 · updated April 13, 2013 · 23 pages · 22,335 readers · 71,447 reads
Harry Styles ♥
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Harry Styles ♥

Harry=Blue You=Pink Others=Grey


You were walking down the street, when you bumped into someone.
Oh. I'm verry sorry!
The stranger said.
No. It's my fault. I'm ____
You smiled.
The stranger smiled back.
I'm Harry. 
You studied his face for a while.
Y-You're Harry Styles! From One Direction! 
You were a big fan of One Direction.
You've been to every concert that has been around your area.
You had the posters, and everything.
But, you were yet to meet them.
Until now, that is.
Harry smiled.
Why yes. Yes I am. I take it you're a fan?
You both chuckled.
Yes. A big one at that.
You started blushing.
He must have noticed, because he started giggling.
Well, I have to go. Here's my number. Text me sometime, and we can hang out?
He handed me a piece of paper, smiled, and headed off.
I looked down at the paper and smiled at the number.
I put it in my pocket, and was on my way.

You and Harry have been talking for about 4 months now.
You were also very close to the rest of the boys.
Since then, you also developed a little crush on him.
Sometimes you thought he did too, but you weren't to sure.
Today, you and the boys were hanging out at Louis and Harrys place.
When you got there, you were greeted my a big bear hug from Harry.
You chuckled and hugged him back.
Well hello to you too, Mr. Styles.
You too, Mrs. _____
You both laughed, and then hugged the rest of the guys.
Liam: Should we watch a movie, or what are we doing?
You all looked at eachother, and then said
You guys sat like this:
Zayn, Louis, Harry, You, Liam and Niall.
You all decided to watch Orphan.
Since it was scary, you snuggled close to Harry.
When the scary parts came on, you snuggled closer.
Harry just looked at you and smiled. 
After it was over, you and Harry were the only ones still awake. 
Do, Do you wanna go back to my room?
He asked hesitantly.
You just smiled and said, 
When you got back there, you both layed down on his bed.
Harry looked fidgety. 
Harry, are you okay?
Um. Yeah. I was just meaning to tell you something.
He sat up, and you followed. 
He turned to you and said,
Listen, _____. After we met, I couldn't stop thinking about you. That's why I sounded so excited after you called me. I guess I just thought it was just a weird feeling. But now that I know you better, I realized that I.. I.. I love you _____ ______.
He smiled a weak smile.
You just turned to him and said
I love you too Harry Styles.
After that, he leaned in and crashed his lips against yours.
It was a soft, passionate, kiss.
His lips tasted like a faint cherry.
Like he got it from a chapstick, or eating one.
Not strong enough from a kiss, but strong.
But now they're going to smell like strawberries ;)
This went on for about 3 minutes, until we heard clapping
Louis: Woohoo! Finally Harry! Took you long enough! 
You looked at Harry, and he blushed.
Niall: So, are you guys like, dating now?
Harry looked at you and whispered,
Will you go out with me?
You nodded and then crashed your lips, back on his.

At you and Harrys' wedding, Louis was the best man. 
He spoke about when you guys first started going out, and when he proposed to you.
He got on a white horse, rode you down to the beach, and get it out from a glass bottle.
(Like in ZooKeeper.)
You guys went to Germany for your honeymoon.
While you were there, you got pregeant.
In all, you had three children.
You can name them and their genders.

They take a while, but they get finished,
that I can promise you :)

        -м α η d ι ι ღ