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OneShot] Khuntoria after We Got Married
Story published November 27, 2011 · 4 pages · 9,602 readers · 12,586 reads
One Shot
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One Shot

 After the end with WGM’s so called ‘Khuntoria-Couple’, Nichkhun and Victoria hadn’t that much contact. Fans were worried about their relationship whether they’re still just friends or if there’s something more between them. But one day, something surprisingly happens…


Nichkhun’s POV

After WGM with Victoria-ssi, we never met again or else. We just met by chance in variety shows. I really miss her, even if it’s just 3 months ago when WGM ended with us…
I will never forget how we laughed together and made lots of other things. But I will NEVER EVER forget the time we’ve spent together.

Victoria’s POV

Nichkhun-ssi called me last night and asked if we could meet up today at 3pmat the Han River. Hyoyeon brought me there by car. I waited there for him. Suddenly I saw someone waving hands. I went towards that person and recognize Nichkhun-ssi. WGM was really fun with him. We did a lot of things and stuff. And hey! I will never forget the day when we went to meet up with the 2PMmembers. Junho and Wooyoung are really the best when it’s about karaoke! But yeah…


Narrator’s POV

Both went for a walk through the alley. They also ate ice cream on their way and were talking about the ‘newest-news’ from each other.
When it was 7pm, they went for dinner to KFC. When they have finished eating, Nichkhun brought Victoriaback to f(x)’s dorm. They said goodbye and Nichkhun got a cab to go back to his dorm.

Weeks past by and Nichkhun couldn’t stop thinking about her. The other 2PMmembers were worried about him and called f(x). They told the boys that Victoriadoesn’t even look better. Then both groups decided to go out with those two at the next day.

at the shopping mall…

Wooyoung and Nichkhun went pass a Game store when suddenly Nichkhun stopped and starred at something. Wooyoung went towards him and looked at that something. It was a ring which looked like this -->

“Wanna do a proposal hyung?” Wooyoung asked Nichkhun.
Nichkhun didn’t give him an answer and went away from the diamond shop. Wooyoung sighted.


”Unnie. Victoria? UMMA!!!” Krystal shouted at Victoria.
”Huh? What?” she asked confused.
”What about the dress over there?” Luna asked and pointed on this dress -->

“It looks beautiful and it suits to you!” Sulli added.
”I don’t think I will be able to wear that dress” Victoriasighted.
”Yah! Don’t think something like this!” Krystal shouted again.
”Don’t worry unnie~ You’re going to wear this dress one day~” Amber said with a calm voice and they went towards an ice cream stall.


5 months later…

It was February, Victoria’s birthday. F(x) celebrated it at their dorm. Suddenly Amber’s phone rang.

”Annyeong!...Nichkhun-ssi?...Sure! What is it?...Right now?...Oh~ Okay…See you soon!” Amber said and hung up.
She told the other members what to do while Victoriawas at the toilet. They nodded. They went out and left a letter on the table.

When Victoria came out from the toilet, she wondered where the others have been. Suddenly she saw a letter.


We went out to get some fresh air~
If you wanna know where we are…


Happy birthday!!~

Krystal, Sulli, Luna, Amber

P.S.: We love you umma♥

Victoria decided to go to the Han River. When she arrived near the gondola, there wasn’t anyone. Suddenly she heard someone shouting her name. She turned her head and saw Nichkhun.

“Wanna go for a ride?” he asked with a wide smile. Victorianodded and they got into a gondola. It was very awkward during the ride. When they got out of the gondola Victoriawanted to go back, but Nichkhun held her wrist.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.
”I have to tell you something…” Nichkhun said and looked straight into her eyes.
”I…I really really like you since the beginning…but I didn’t know how to confess you…” Nichkhun said and looked away. Victoriasaw how he blushed and giggled.
”Nichkhun-ssi…I have to tell you something too…” she said and lowered her head.

“I…I feel the same…” she said and blushed too.

There was a dead silence between them. Then Victoriarealized her wrist from Nichkhun’s grip.
”Sorry..I…I have to go now…” she shuttered.

Suddenly she heard someone shouting her name. She turned her head and saw Nichkhun just a few meters away kneeling. He held the ring in his hand he saw earlier with Wooyoung. (A/N: Yay!! He really bought it! xD)

”Yah! What are you doing?! We’re in public!” Victoriawhispered.


People came out from nowhere to see this part. Fans were screaming and other random people were shouting “YES!! –SAY YES GIRL!! –OMG!!” or else.
Victorialaughed and tears rolled down her cheeks. (A/N: I really really LOVE this part!!! I L-O-V-E it!! >___

“YES!!” she screamed.
”WHAT?!” Nichkhun pretended not to hear her answer.
”YES! I SAID YES! YES I WILL!!!!” she shouted clear and loud with tears in her eyes.
The crowd was cheering and screaming like crazy. Fans started to cry in happiness. (of course also in sadness xD)

Nichkhun went towards Victoria.

”Victoria-ssi~” he said and put the ring on her ring finger. “Saranghae” he finally said and kissed Victoriaon her lips.
The other f(x) and 2PM members also watched the scene and cheered too.

However the wedding was on November 10th and the best thing is, that the snow was falling for the first time on winter. (A/N: my friend told me that it brings luck & it’s even more romantic when you’re going to marry on a day like this ;)!)


3 years after…
”Umma! Umma! Who are those strange people beside you and appa?” a 2 year old girl asked her mother and showed a picture from their wedding.
Her mother smiled and picked her daughter up.

“Well…that’s Taemin, Yuri, Sulli, Chansung, So Hee, O-…” her mom stopped.
”I’m home!” a male voice said.
The little girl ran towards the husband.
”My cute little princess~ What is this?” he asked and took the picture.
”Appa~ Who is this?” the daughter asked and pointed on a little boy who was kissing a SHINee member. The husband laughed and told his daughter that this is Jung Yoogeun. The little girl nodded and ran to her room.

”Aigo~…Oh, yes! WGM asked us to come for an interview~” the husband told his wife.
”Bwoh? But tomorrow is our 4th anniversary~” his wife pouted.
”We could go out for dinner with Mina tomorrow AFTER the interview…” her husband said and smiled brightly.
His wife nodded and he gave her a peck on the lips.


4th Anniversary…

“Well Nichkhun-ssi and Victoria-ssi~ You’ve been on WGM a few years ago and now…YOU’RE REALLY MARRIED!” the host cheered.
”How…What…How did it come that you’re now married in real life?” the woman of the ne WGM couple asked.

“Well…let’s say…it was love at first sight~” Nichkhun said and smiled at Victoria.

“Yep~ WE GOT MARRIED~” Victoriasaid and smiled back.

The new WGM couple looked at each other and smiled at Khuntoria.
”Well then! Taemin, Mina~ Try your best!” the host said and smiled.
”Happy anniversary yeobo~” Nichkhun said.
”Happy anniversary” Victoria chuckled and they kissed. The audience awed to this scene.

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