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It's An Evans Thing- A Sirius Black Love Story (CHAPTER
Story published November 29, 2011 · updated 2 weeks ago · 289 pages · 13,139 readers · 198,832 reads
Chapter 1- Over th
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Chapter 1- Over the River and Through the Woods to Lily's House We Go

        Okay so apparently the couple got the time mixed up and dropped me off a little early. Like three hours early. I have literally just been sitting here staring at the ceiling this whole time, one word running through my mind repeatedly. Bored. Bored. Bored. It's pretty quiet in here, at least quiet enough to hear the telephones going off nonstop in the other room. The crime rate is rather ironic now adays. Although sometimes it gets quite entertaining when muggle cases and wizard cases get mixed together.
        The room is pretty much empty aside from a sobbing couple, an old lady who looks extremely confused, and some dude talking to a wall. Although he's not speaking English so I'm not exactly sure what he's saying. I think he's speaking Spanish, not sure. He doesn't seem very happy with the wall though. I wonder what the heck he's saying.
        "Juliet Evans?" I look towards the door and see a man, the exact stereotype of a police officer. Rather large, eating a donut, and looking around the room stupidly.
        "That'd be me," I say, slinging the bag of clothes I brought with me over my shoulder as I stand. The man looks at me and his face is drawn into one of whom is in process of judgement. Doesn't shock me. No matter who you are, no matter what you say, you always take a first judgement of someone. Even I did it, with the whole stereotypical police officer thing. He obviously isn't impressed with what he sees either.
        "Your family is here to take you home. I'm deeply sorry for your loss." And there it is, the lie I was waiting for. The words spoken so robot like they couldn't even be considered casual. He cares even less than I do, and that's saying something.
        "No you're not but don't worry. She was abusive and I honestly hope she suffered," I say flatly. He looks at me in slight shock. I'm not sure if it's from the harsh words or how emotionless they were said. Either way his face goes back to being emotionless, or hungry. He finished his donut.
        "Well, uh, come on then. Your family is through here. They seem very eager to see you," he says and I give a small smile. At that moment the couple gives a rather loud sob and I look at them in confusion. I still don't have the slightest clue as to what they are crying about. The old woman still looks confused and now the Spanish guy is screaming Hola at the wall. Well at least I know that word. I shrug before following the officer out the door. The ringing sound instantly increases as we walk through the source. Ringing comes from left, right, before we walk into a room that's more quiet. Well, was.
        "Willa!" My middle name being screamed is literally the only warning I have before I'm tackled to the ground in a hug. I laugh and hug her back.
        "Hey Lily-Bee," I giggle and she pulls away, grinning. I smile back as though her smile was reflecting onto me.
        "I can't believe you get to come stay with us and go to school with me and everything!" Lily says, jumping up and down excitedly.
        "Lily I suggest you calm before you literally burst with enthusiasm," I giggle and she stops jumping but still rocks slightly on her heels. Petunia just glares at us from where she's standing by their parents. I haven't seen Petunia in a while. She doesn't really like me or Lily that much. She constantly refers to us as 'freaks'. Apparently she thinks being a witch is odd. Well I think being a muggle is boring. So I guess we're even... in some sense. Okay not really but whatever.
        "Alright let's go," Aunt Jane (I don't know the actual names of Lily's parents so I'm just using random ones) smiles, setting down the pen she was using. Lily and I walk over and both Aunt Jane and Uncle Chase give me a hug before we head out. Once we're all in the car Lily starts talking heatedly about Hogwarts, I swear by the time we get home I'm going to be a freaking genius on the topic.
        "Oh and watch out for the stair cases because they move and I'd just ignore the portrait of Sir Cadogan. He's really bitter and always looking for a duel. Rather annoying really. He always calls people rude names. Once he called me a fire breathing dragon, not sure why. James hexed the painting he was in though. Speaking of James..."
        The moving staircases sound a bit odd. I am seriously wondering how the heck she can talk that long without breathing. She keeps going on and on and on.  As she gets through with the school and teachers she moves onto students and I begin to drift off to sleep as she's explaining some annoying git named James something or other and his friends.
        "I swear that boy is relentless! He ever came over to my house! He got his friend Sirius to weasel it out of my friend Megan by offering a snog. I swear, be glad that you don't have someone like him after you," Lily says and I laugh.
        "Awww, it sounds cute," I tease and she huffs.
        "It is not cute. It's bloody irritating," she says and tosses her arms in the air in exasperation. I stifle a laugh as I roll my eyes at her.
        "Whatever you say Lily," I chuckle as I look out the window at the grass and random colored buildings passing by. I release a breath and my eyes begin to drift closed once again as Lily continues to talk. Finally I fade into blackness.