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Hogwarts 30 minutes in heaven! hogwarts style! - Finished -
Story published December 1, 2011 · updated June 8, 2012 · completed · 12 pages · 7,007 readers · 36,048 reads
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Well you were sitting in between Fred and George and the Hat is handed to you
You pull something that looks like a picture of a cute family.
" Cute Family in a Picture??" you said.
and Harry stood up and Held his hand out for you to get up.
You grabed his hand and left to go to the room.
" 30 MINUTES GUYS!!" someone yelled as the locked the door.
" Well what is your name," said Harry as he sat down on the couch.
" _____ is my name," you said sitting on the floor relaxing like there is no tomomrrow.
" Well my name is Harry Potter," said Harry as he held out his hand agian.
you of course took his hand and he pulled you up.
Then he pushed you againt the wall near the door.
" Well let's have some fun shall we?" said Harry.
" Fine but we got 20 minutes left Harry," you said scared about what he was gonna do to you.
Then when you were thinking he rubbed his hand on your cheek.
You thought that felt amazing!! you screamed in your head.
then he grabed your chin and kissed you.
You were surprised and started to kiss back.
Then it turned out to be snogging.
" TIMES UP PEOPLES!!" Yelled Fred as he walked in.
" Umm George i think we need another room this room is occupied with lovers," said Fred as he walked out of the room.
" Okay peoples we need a new room go find us one right now!!" said George.
then you started to laugh and Harry started to laugh too.
You choose the rest of this 30 minutes in heaven.
This has been a great and wonderful 30 minutes in heaven.

Hope you like this. This is my first Minutes in Heaven thingy so yeah. Comment if you want and if you like then add to your favorites.