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Lost in an x factor dreamland.
Story published December 1, 2011 · updated December 26, 2011 · 28 pages · 65 readers · 161 reads
Two dreams come tr
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Two dreams come true in a chicken game.

 "Pssttt. Psssttt. Rileyyy! Pssssssssttttttt!" Bitch needs to wake up. This is important.

"what the hell do you want Megan?" she sighed. Once I knew she was awake I got up and turned on the hotel room light. Riley was glaring at me. I smiled and sat down on her bed. 
"sooo. I think we should make a promise." I said.
"A promise?" she asked confused.
"Yeah. I think we should promise that no matter how this goes we'll always be friends. And that if one of us makes it and the other doesn't, they'll go along as the others stylist."
She thought for a minute and nodded. 
"Yeah we should. We've been friends for like 15 years and this competition is the last thing I want to break us apart. You're my best friend babe."
I smiled and held out my pinky. She took it in her pinky and squeezed hard. And with that, we shut off the lights and drifted off to bed thinking about how amazing the x factor was going to be. We already made it to boot camp, which starts tomorrow. Let the fun begin.
"OMG MEGAN! Are you ready for this?! I can't believe we're here. omg omg omg."Riley was totally freaking out and I laughed. We had an early start that morning, but we need some time to put together outfits like these... Mine: Riley's: 
We were standing in the hallway that leads to back stage when we heard loads of girls screaming. We walked back stage to see Simion hugging none other than One Direction. Me and Riley may be from America, but we definately know who One Direction, since you know, they're our favorite band, like ever. 
I looked over at Riley and her mouth was hanging down and she was shaking with excitment. I started to walk over there until I noticed that Riley hadn't budged. I rolled my eyes and walked back over to her, tightly grabbed her arm and pulled her over to them. She went along willingly, thank gosh.
"... Haha. Yeah we're here to see everyone who's made it through. We're extatic." we heard Liam say as we walked up to them.  I heard Riley gasp alittle and she grabbed my arm. For a second I thought she was going to faint, but then she leaned over and said "If I let go, hold onto me, because it means I'm on my way to tackle Niall." I laughed and nodded.
"Aye, what's so funny? I wanna laugh. I love jokes." I looked up to see Liam standing in front of me looking down. I had no idea he was so tall. I blushed a bit and nudge Riley to pick up her mouth.
"Huh? Oh nothing. Just, I laugh when I get nervous.. I am about to preform in front of One Direction, which makes me very nervous, cuz you know I look up to you guys and then theres Simion and and and..." OMFG. I was babbling. In front of Liam Payne. 1/5 of One Direction. Ugh how can I be so stupid. "Oh and um yeah. This is Riley" I said pointing to her. I looked at her when she didn't respond to see she was gazing, or well, creeping, on Niall. I pinched her on the thigh and she snapped backed to reality and saw Liam's out strechted hand.
"Yeah. I'm Riley." She said while blushing.
"Liam," he smiled "so ladies, tell me about yourselves."
I thought for a second, "Well I'm Megan. I'm turning 18 in 8 days. I'm from Texas. I like to sing and uh yeah. Haha." He nodded and looked at Riley.
"I'm Rebecca, but obviously you can call me Riley. I turned 17 5 days ago and I'm also from Texas" Nervous was written all over her face.
"Awesome. What are you guys doing for your birthdays? Or already did?" He asked.
"Well actually, we're going out to dinner tonight"
"Oh fun. Going with your mates or boyfriends?" He raised his eyebrows?
I shook my head. "No. All our friends are in America and we're uh.. both single." I looked down, blushing.
"Ahh. I see. Well maybe we ca-" He was cut off by the stage manager telling us Riley was going first and to get ready.  Riley's eyes widdened as she looked at me. 
"Um I think I should go take my seats with the other guys. I'll see you guys later. Good luck!!" Liam ran off to the audiance and Riley started to pace. I got nervous too. 
"Alright Rebecca c'mon." The stage guy yelled. She walked out and stood infront of the Judges.  
"Hello, um.. Rebecca right?" Simion said.
"Um you can call me R-R-Riley." She stutered.
"Alright Riley, what will you be singing?"
"Moment by One Direction" 
The Judges nodded and the music started. I wasn't able to see her preform since I was in the dressing room getting ready for my preformance, but I'm sure it was amazing. 
I ran out of the dressing room as Riley came off the stage. I hugged her and was handed my mic. I took a deep breath, put on a smile, and walked on stage. 
"Hello" I said.
"hii" the judges said in unison. "what are you singing Megan?"
"Um. If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens."
"Uh. alright then." said simion.
The music started and I put the mic on the stand and started with the first line. "Met a girl at seventeen, Thought she meant the world to me, So I gave her everything, she turned out to be a cheat" I looked out into the crowd and continued singing. I got to the chorus.. "I don't wanna take your precious time 'Cause you're such a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty face But you turned into a pretty big waste of my time." Almost to the end... "Would you please stay and come inside, baby. Would you please stay and please be mine?" The audiance clapped and Simion was smiling. I took a deep breath and smiled again. 
I walked off stage and ran over to Riley. We hugged tightly and we went back to the dressing rooms. We waited for all the other preformers to go and we packed out stuff. We were walking to my car when I heard someone clear their throat. I turned around to see Liam. I smiled. 
"Hiya. I wasn't able to finish my conversation with you girls earlier," He said.
"Ohhh." I laughed.
"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind One Direction joining you for dinner" he asked while blushing.
I was about to answer, but Riley beat me to it. She practically pissed her pants when she said yes. I laughed and we made plans to meet up at some asian restaraunt at 8. I drove to the hotel quickly, so we could shower and change. I was checking myself in the mirror fixing my hair and what not and Riley walked out. I looked her up and down and then looked in the mirror and frowned.
"what?" she asked.
"You make me look like crap" I replied. This is what we were wearing. MIne on the left and hers on the right.
"No. I just like to dress up." she came and stood next to me. I laughed and grabbed my car keys. 
"Ready?" She nodded and we drove to the restaraunt. We got there quickly thanks to the help of my GPS. I turned off the car and looked at Riley, who was checking her makeup in the mirror. We got out of the car and walked inside. The whole band was standing by the host stand in alittle group talking and looking at something. We stood behind them and I cleared my throat. 
They all turned around and Liam smiled and said hey.
"whatcha guys workin' on?" I asked.
I saw Louis blush and he said, "well we asked for a kids menu, so we could do the games and theres a word scramble on it and we can't figure it out." He pouted and looked back down at the paper. I walked behind him and looked at it.
"It's spring rolls" I said. He looked up at me in amazment.
"How'd you figure it out uh...?" He looked at me.
"Megan" I said "and thats Riley."
"Oh how rude of me!" Liam said. "Guys this is Me-"
"Yeah Liam. They did it for you. haha." Harry said. "But do you know us?" He raised on of his eyebrows.
"YES!! You're One Direction! Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall!" Riley said. 
"Yeah what she said" I looked down.
All the boys laughed and then the waitress took us to the table in the back in a private room.  Niall pulled out both of out chairs and it was so cute! 
We started talking and it turns out that we have a lot in common with the boys. 
"Hello, may I take your orders?" a waitor asked? Everyone ordered and then it got to Riley... Oh gosh..
"So i'll have this... and this.... and this... oohhh and this!" she said.
All the boys looked at her with their mouths open wide. I shook my head and laughed. 
"What? I like food." Riley defended herself.
Harry nudge Niall and whispered "bro, get ittt" I laughed and everyone looked at me and I looked at Harry and Niall and they both blushed. 
The rest of the night was really fun. Although I noticed the boys kind of suck at flirting with us. Yeah they were flirting. ♥  It was getting late, so we decided to leave.
In the parkinglot we were all saying our goodbyes when we heard girls screaming and before we knew it we were ambushed by screaming girls wanting to meet One Direction. They handled it suprising well and they signed things and took pictures. I saw Liam looking around and then he saw us. He attempted to get to us, but was dragged back into the crowed. I got and idea. I grabbed Riley's hand and we ran to my car, got in and backed out. We drove towards the group of girls and honked our horn to move. A lot of them were smart enough to get outta the way.
"Guys get in!" I yelled out the window as Riley opened the back door. Soon they were all piled in the car. Zayn and Louis squeezed in the front next to me. Then Harry, Niall, Liam and RIley in the back. 
"Where to guys?" I asked as I pulled out onto the street.
"The Grand Montreal Hotel" Zayn informed me.
"Oh my gosh that's where we're staying!" I smiled. 
"Cool, we should go for a swim or something" Zayn tried to tell me over the other boys talking. I nodded.
We finally got to the hotel and parked. I got out first to make sure that there were no crazy ass fans around. Once I gave the okay, we ran inside. 
"So we'll meet you guys to go swimming in lets say, 45 minutes?" Zayn asked me. 
"Sure," I smiled and me and Riley ran to our room to get ready.
Once we were back in our room I started shuffling through my bag looking for my bikini, Riley did the same. We got changed into this:
After I was dressed I sat down on my bed and looked at Riley. She smiled.
"This is so.. sureal." I said, more to myself than her. 
"It's incredible!" She spun around in circles. "So why did you randomly laugh at dinner?"
I grinned. "Harry was messing with Niall, cuz Niall was checking you out after you ordered the whole right side of the menu. By the way, it's been like almost 45 minutes so lets start walking down stairs."
"Oh my fucking god! Niall was checking me out?! Oh. My. God. Oh and uh.. It was the left side of the menu." Riley was freaking out. xD
We busted out laughing and we couldn't stop. We finally got to the pool and the boys were already there. They were running around and didn't even notice us. I nudged Riley and pointed to the hottub. She nodded and we got in. It took about 5 minutes for the boys to realize we were there. 
"Oh heyy!" Louis said as he got in followed by the others. "Why didn't you tell us you were here?"
"Because it was funny watching you guys run around." Riley told them. "Ugh this hottub is hot, lets get in the pool."
"haha okay Riley." We got out and saw the boys eyes go wide. I blushed, as did Riley. 
Riley and I raced over to the pool and we ended up pushing each other in. I was having a laughing fit when all the boys jumped in at the same time and splashed us. I laughed harder.
We played some volleyball. Me, Louis, and Harry on one team. Liam, Louis, Niall and Riley on the other. Riley's team won.
"You guys cheated!" Louis pouted. 
"How about a game of chicken, Louis. I'm sure we can beat them at that." I smiled and so did he. We paired off and took turns being ref, since it was uneven. Me and Louis, Niall and Riley, Zayn and Harry. Liam reffed.
We played for like 2 hours and it was so fun! Not gonna lie. It was.. uh.. awkward when I kinda accidently spun around on Louis and my crotch was like right in his face. Thank gosh I was able to "fall" off him. XD
Riley and I went up to bed around 11 after giving everyone hugs. We promised to meet up for breakfast the next morning before the people going to the judges houses are announced. I laid in my bed and thought about my day. It was so.. Amazing. Two dreams came true today. I sung at bootcamp on the x factor and I met One Direction. Aye. I wonder what will come next...
I'll update whenever I can! <3 And if I get so comments or something. C'mon guys!