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Thunder ~OHSHC Story~
Story published December 3, 2011 · updated February 6, 2013 · 26 pages · 1,254 readers · 12,192 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

Shiro's P.O.V

.:Next Day:.

"Oh jeez! Shiro! Are you sure you can go to school?" My mother asked, oh so dramitcally.
"Yes mother. Im a big girl. See you." I said with no emotion at all. I still remembered about the white rose falling on the ground and I knew that Kyoya knew about it.
He was the only one that really understood me...
But hes friends with those morons he calls friends. The only one I actually like is that tall quiet one and that brunette.. Whats her name..? Haruhi! There you go.
I finally got to school, and the same little blonde kid came up to me, with the tall quiet dude.
"Hi-Hi Shi-chan.. Im really sorry for what happend yesterday  .. Would you like this pocky..?" Little Blondie asked, handing me a box of pocky.
"Hn. You didnt mean it right?" I asked. Little blondie shook his head, gripping on his bunny and the box of pocky.
"Okay. I forgive you. Why do they call you Honey anyway?" I asked.
"Its my nickname! And this is Takashi! But you can call him Mori!" Honey explained.
I nodded.
"Is your forehed okay..?" Honey asked.
"Yeah. No damage done." 
Honey nodded,"Can you come to Music room 3 again? Everyone was worried about you! Even Kao-chan!"
"Okay.. I guess." 
Honey nodded and skipped off, with Takash- er.. Mori walking behind him.
I walked to 1-A and sat on my seat.
"Your okay?" Soft-voiced twin asked.
I nodded,"Really?" The other twin asked.
"Oh my god. Im okay!" I snapped.
They flinched and Haruhi looked at me.
"Sorry 'bout them .." Haruhi apologized.
I gave her my infamous fake smiles,"Its fine." I said.
Haruhi smiled and faced the board.
I sighed and my eyes unconciously stopped on.. Kaoru, I think..
"What?" He asked, snapping me back to reality.
"No-nothing." I frowned and looked away,"Which twin are you anyway?" I added.
"Kaoru." He smiled.
"Oh. Okay."
.:After Class:.
I cant believe this.. The twins actually made me agree into going to the club with them.
I sighed one more time, as they opened the door.
"Boss! Shiro agreed to come here everyday!" Kaoru said, rather too happy.
"Did this princess miss me?" 'Boss' asked.
I was about to slap him, but I caught Kyoya's eyes, telling me not to.
I sighed and smiled,"Oh sure." I replied,"Whats your name?" I added.
"Tamaki Suoh!" 
"Whats this club all about...?" I asked.
"Its when us gentlemen entertain fine ladies." Kyoya explained.
I nodded,"Thats gay." I muttered. Luckily no one heard.
"Okay. Would you like to help out, Shiro?" Kyoya asked.
I shrugged and nodded.
One of the twins smiled at my decision, but I pretended not to notice.
"She doesnt talk much huh." The other twin said, frowning.
I glared at him and sighed, putting on my fake smile.
"You dont know my life." I said plainly.
Its not like HIS life was better. He actually had someone with him.. Kaoru. I was all alone when I saw.. THAT. My mother wasnt there, and im lucky to be alive.
The twin glared at me while the other one had a slight blush.
I sighed and turned to face Kyoya,"What am I going to do?" I asked.
"You could help serve tea. Maybe do some music." Kyoya said.
I nodded,"I'll start tomorow." And with that, I left, thinking of what instruments im going to use.
.: Haruhi's P.O.V :.
Once Shiro left, I sighed.
Shes probaly strong... Seeing how shes perfectly fine after that kick yesterday..
"Say Kyoya-sempai. How do you know her?" I asked.
"I've met her family before. My sister had to... Heal her wounds once. I had to come." Kyoya answered plainly.
I was about to ask another question when Tamaki beat me to it.
"What do you mean?" Tamaki asked.
"She got in this fight during Kendo practice.. She was beaten up badly." Kyoya explained.
I saw Tamaki's face softened and looked... sad.
Does Tamaki have a crush on Shiro?

Thanks For reading this!