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Justin Bieber Love Story
Story published December 7, 2011 · updated August 29, 2012 · 4 pages · 288 readers · 1,462 reads
Chapter 8
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Chapter 8

The Next Day

You wake up and put this on

You get a text from Justin
*Justin: Hey YN can you meet me in the park?*
*You: Umm sure....*
*Justin: okay See you there :)*

-you go to the park and see Justin their*
You: Hey!
Justin:Hey you look great! :)
You: so what did you want me to meet you here?
Justin: I Miss You YN and Im Sorry for what I did please forgive me pleasee I Love you! :'(
You: But your with Jasmine and I dont Know :(
Justin: I never was with her she just followed me into the coffee shop and I dont love her I love you!
You: I have a Boyfriend Justin you know I just cant break up with Him hes been so Nice and sweet to me.
Justin: NO He isnt YN Hes Been Cheating with u turn around *You turn around and see him kissing another you start to cry*
You: How could He I Loved Him *you cry*
Lets go Justin.
Justin: Okay
*At Your House*
You: Thanks for taking me Home Justin :) Justin: No Prob and please be my Girlfriend again YN I will never break your heart again please...