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Alice's Little Sister (Alec Volturi Love Story)
Story published December 8, 2011 · updated February 4, 2013 · 22 pages · 1,961 readers · 21,545 reads
Chapter 7: Mary Al
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Chapter 7: Mary Alice!!

I was in a small shock as she walked through the door.

Alec: You ok?

Sydnee: Alice? Mary Alice?

She turned and looked at me. I felt tears run down my face. I heard Aro whisper "how odd" but I didn't care.

Sydnee: Ally!?

She looked at me like she had no idea who I was. I looked at Alec and he slightly nodded his head.

Aro: Carlisle, can I talk to you for a minute?

I saw a blond man nod and walk away with Aro, Marcus, and Caius. Mary Alice just starred at me I just hoped she remembers me.

Sydnee: Ally, its me Syd. Your little sister. A...Ally please try and remember me.

She just shook her head and looked to the floor.

Alice: Your dead... Your grave was next to Ma's. You disappeared. Father killed you.

I walked up to her and grabbed her hands I still was about a half a foot shorter then her. I heard a hiss come from someone in her clan.

Sydnee: Ally I'm alive... kinda.

She looked at me then hugged me. She was sobbing but had no tears.

Alice: I missed you so much.

Demetri: Aww such a caring get together now lets get on with the show.

I growled and turned toward him.

Sydnee: Shut up!

A huge gust of wind came out of no where and he went flying into the wall. the impact made a crack run down the side of his face. It slowly started to mold back together.

Sydnee: Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!

He growled and got back up.

Demetri: Your dead!

Alec turned to him and growled.

Alec: Touch her and you'll be worse then dead!

Alice pulled me behind her and stood in front of me protectively.

Alice: Agreed. 

Demetri Growled and mumbled something before stomping out the door with the rest of the Volturi guard following. Leaving me, Alice, and Alice's clan. I turned around and saw a brown haired man about 3 feet taller then me behind me. I yelped and jumped back. He chuckled and extended his hand.

???: I'm Emmett.

Sydnee: Sydnee and I'm not good at the whole controlling my powers thing so I don't think I should shake your hand.

Emmett: Whats the worse that will happen.

Sydnee: Burst out in flames? Freeze from the inside out? Depends on the mood.

His eyes got wide and he pulled his arm back. I giggled and Alice hugged me again. I felt calm all the sudden and a different blond man stuck out his hand.

??: Jasper.

Sydnee: Sydnee or Syd.

I kinda just looked at his hand.

Jasper: Don't worry you wont hurt me.

I shook his hand quickly then pulled away waiting for something bad to happen. Nothing happened I smiled and looked at my hand. That's when a ball of fire appeared right above the palm of my hand. I sighed.

Sydnee: My point exactly.

I closed my hands together and then opened them to find no more fire. Alice giggled and a brown haired girl carrying a small child waved.

??: I'm Bella and the is Nessie.

The man next to her smiled kindly and simply said

??: Edward

I smiled at the little girl

Sydnee: She yours?

Bella nodded happily. I smiled wider.

Sydnee: Shes adorable.

A blond girl smiled and nodded. She stood next to another brown haired lady.

??: Rosalie but you can call me Rose.

The brown haired lady smiled.

??: Esme and the man who left was Carlisle.

Sydnee: I can tell you guys take good care of my sister she can be a trouble maker.

Alice: Oh hush I grew out of it!

I giggled...

Sydnee: Yeah... grew

Alice: Look who's talking your still a half a foot shorter then me.

I shrugged smiling

Sydnee: Genetics... what are you gonna do.

Everyone laughed, Emmett being the loudest, I smiled again.

Sydnee: So powers... anyone? I know Alice has one.

Jasper: Changing emotions.

Sydnee: I can tell we are going to get along! That or your going to be emotionally exhausted by the end of the day.

He smiled and so did Alice.

Edward: I can read minds...

He smirked and my eye got huge.

Sydnee: Hahaha good luck.

I pointed to my head

Sydnee: This is probably the strangest mind you will ever read

Edward: I can tell.

Over time I found out Bella's and Nessie's Power and for the rest of the time we talked until I was rudely attacked from behind....

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