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Love, Lust, And The Night You Said 'I Love You'~Dramione Lov
Story published December 10, 2011 · updated May 24, 2012 · completed · 114 pages · 13,268 readers · 309,876 reads
Chapter 2: My Enem
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Chapter 2: My Enemy

Hermione woke up in the single bed of the guest room. Her eyes fluttered open and she was staring at rain streaming down the window. 

"Morning R..."

Hermione recalled what had happened the previous day. A stray tear fell down her pale cheek. She looked an absolute mess. 

"I need to get a job," she said to nobody in particular.

She did need to get a job though. She had no money. No real house. And she couldn't have this one when Harry and Ginny moved back out. It was a temporary one, and Hermione needed something permanent. But where to go? Where to start? Hermione slowly crawled out of bed. She always hated leaving the warmth. Who didn't? She stumbled silently towards the bathroom, hoping not to wake anybody up. 

After taking a nice and long hot shower and getting changed into a brown patterned jumper and a long brown skirt, Hermione went down to the kitchen to say good morning to her best friends. Harry and Ginny were sitting close together, with pumpkin juice in their hands. They seemed sad, and Ginny was almost close to tears.

"What's going on?" Hermione whispered.
"Well, err, Hermione, the paparazzi have found out about Ron err 'ditching you'," Ginny managed to stutter out.
"Oh. I'm really very sorry about all this, but I have nowhere to go and parents are so...the paparazzi they could come round and cause trouble, oh Merlin!" Hermione said worriedly.
"Hermione! Slow down! All you need to do is get yourself a job," Harry said in his calm voice.
"But it's not that easy, Harry. Even still, the paparazzi will still see that you're not managing."Ginny sighed.
"I'm going to go and find a job.Now."

Hermione grabbed her cloak before Harry or Ginny could stop her. It was obvious they didn't mind her staying, but it had all come so sudden to Hermione. One minute she was struggling to hold back tears, the next she was dealing with the paparazzi. She hated the fact that she was cooped up with her two best friends who constantly argued. Another thing she hated, was the fact she was a war hero and had to deal with such things. She needed a quiet and peaceful life, where she could sit and read books in a library by the fire and be carefree. Then she wanted to have hot chocolate with her soul mate and think back to past memories such as getting Outstanding in charms. 

But it could never happen. She was special, and she couldn't erase it, no matter how hard she rubbed and scraped at her history.

"This is so...GRRRR,"Hermione murmured.

She had been in so many shops, but they all insisted her too young and fresh from war. There was one last place for her to try, and it wasn't that bad. 

"Private tutors for 2-11 year old's needed," she read aloud.

It's worth a shot, she thought. After breathing a deep breath, she walked into the big white house, that looked as if it had just been dropped from heaven. Hermione knocked on the door. It was answered almost instantly by a house elf. Hermione soon regretted asking for a job here, if the manager was someone she disliked, she would have to blow up at him about the use of house elves and it would cost her the job she knew she was definitely going to get. 

And sitting there at the desk, was none other than Draco Malfoy. Hermione stared at him. He stared back.

"What're you doing here, Granger?" Draco spat.

Hermione let her pride get to her, and instead of walking out the door like she ought to have done to save a fight, she answered his question.

"I'm here for a job, Malfoy, but seeing as it isn't going to work out, I may as well leave."
"Oooo Hermione Granger, hasn't got a job? I'd a thought with brains like yours you could've got one. You look terrible by the way." Draco sniggered.

Hermione stomped out towards the door, ready to quickly hex him before leaving, but she was interrupted from her 'pride strut' when Draco cleared his throat.

"What?" Hermione mumbled.
"I'm running low on house elves and my girlfriend isn't available and I need a cleaner. Pay is 20 galleons a week," Draco said through clenched teeth.

It was obvious to Hermione that Draco needed a cleaner but didn't want it to be her.

"I came here to be a tutor, not a cleaner."
"Please,"Draco whispered.

It was that please that got her. He said it so sweetly, so quietly. 

"Fine but 25 galleons a week will be much more persuasive if you really need a cleaner."

Draco just nodded. He did have a tendency to throw his money round because, well, he had the money to throw around. 

"So you tutor children?" Hermione questioned eagerly.
"That I do Granger. I don't need a tutor right now though."
"Then why is there..." 
"I needed a cleaner so I thought it would be easier to get one if I lied," Draco interrupted.
"Typical Slytherin. I'll start work tomorrow," Hermione sighed.
"You need a job that bad? I was going to say next week," Draco said playfully. 
"Yes, well, I don't exactly have my own house or anything," Hermione sniffed.
"What happened?" Draco said in an almost sorry voice.

Hermione switched from her pride mode to her annoyed mode. She didn't realise how calmly she had been talking to her childhood enemy. It infuriated her that he had tried to invade on her personal information.

"It's none of your business. You should know anyway, it's all over the daily prophet," Hermione snapped.
"Oooo look at mud blood Granger boasting about how she got on the cover of the daily prophet. I'm surprised they even put you on, with the way you looked. And I know what happened, I just wanted to see if it was true. The daily prophet are lying alot nowadays."
"Watch it Malfoy," Hermione said threateningly.  

And with that, Hermione walked out the door.

"I got a job today, as a cleaner." Hermione murmured.
"Why didn't you tell us???" Ginny piped up.

Hermione shrugged her shoulders. They were having dinner and sharing the thoughts of the day. Hermione used to come over to dinner alot, but with Ron. It seemed so quiet without that rowdy red head. 

"Guess who my employer is," Hermione said nonchalantly.

Harry and Ginny glanced at Hermione cluelessly.

"None other that the amazing bouncing ferret, Draco Malfoy," Hermione said defiantly.

Harry and Ginny dropped their spoons. They were quite shocked at this. Who'd have thought that Draco Malfoy of all people would hire a muggleborn?

"Wow," Ginny and Harry said in unison.
"Well I'm going to bed now, goodnight," Hermione sang.

Hermione tossed and turned in her bed. She wondered how her life had gone so down hill. She was famous. Talented. Extremely smart. A hero. But she lacked confidence and had too much pride, although she didn't know. And welcoming someone so vaguely similar to her back into her life was a cautious move, but she was willing to do it. And not just for the money she so badly needed.
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