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Confronting the Reaper King *finished*
Story published December 10, 2011 · updated July 11, 2012 · completed · 84 pages · 838 readers · 7,034 reads
The willow tree
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The willow tree

           Since I've been a young girl the darkness has followed me. Not just that overwhelming feeling you get when you think you're being watched. Not just that feeling of a monster under your bed or in your closet. I'm watched every day of my life, and my monsters are real. Every where I go, death is there. The Reaper takes souls all around me. I was once told that Reapers are the light of the world. Not these kind. These kind are the darkness that sucks every drop of light from the world.         
         I look up from where I'm sitting, the darkness cries out all around me. The night creatures taunt my every move. I stroke the willow tree behind me and then stand to my feet. I push my dark brown locks away from my eyes and move forward. I'm suddenly aware of the presence behind me. I spun around quickly and saw a shape run past my vision.      
            I knew better than to call out. They wouldn't answer. They didn't have tongues, therefore no words. Their tongues were cut off many decades ago because they used them against each other. The tongue is the worst and best thing given to a man. You will never see two of them together, they never travel in packs. They hate each other. They don't really walk, it's more of a glide through the frightening darkness. They wear dark gown like capes to cover their terrible bodies. Underneath those capes are all the darkness inside them. Their eyes are a mirror of their souls. Its said if you look one in the eyes you die right there and now. They each carry a different weapon, this one had a glowing double blade.                
           I took a step back and contemplated running. But he would just catch me. They wanted me, but not for death. There was another reason for them following me. They were sent to capture me, not kill me. I pulled my blade from my boot and stepped towards him. My blade had been charmed to kill anything and anyone.         
         The Reaper glided towards me, his blade pointing at me sharply. I ducked from him and spun around to swipe at him. Our fights had become useless. Each of us had been trained to fight. And each were good. I kicked up at him and caught him in the stomach. He staggered backwards and regained his strength.       
           He jumped at me, striking his blade down on my shoulder. I winced and stepped back. Blood started seeping through my jacket. I huffed and spun around to catch him off guard. All of a sudden he did a series of moves and punched me to the ground. I breathed hard, noticing now that he was an upper level Reaper.     
             He brought his blade down to where it was touching my neck. He pressed down and I felt blood rush down my neck. I winced and closed my eyes. All these years of running, of hiding, and I had finally been caught. Suddenly the Reaper stopped. He released the blade from my neck and stepped back.     
             "Kill me!" I screamed at the Reaper.          
        "I am not ordered to." He spoke with a voice inhuman.       
           "Since when can you speak?" I stood up, wiping the dirt from my jeans. I rummaged in my bag for a paper towel and removed the blood from my neck. I slung my bag on my shoulder and pulled my hood over my dark brown hair. My hair was a curse. It was long and straight naturally. I hated it. I had cut it off one summer, but I hated it that way to.           "I work on spacial cases. Therefore, I can speak." The Reaper willed his double bladed sword to disappear and stepped closer to me. "You are spacial."     
             "I've never had one of you guys before." I informed him.       
           "We thought a couple level three Reapers would take care of the job."   
               "And how did that go for you?" I chuckled and stepped away from the Reaper. "Can I leave? Since you weren't here to kill me, I take it you're trying to persuade me to come with you?"     
             "Come." The Reaper tried ordering me.       
           "No." And I turned my back away from him and left. He would just be back, after he told his leader what had happened. They weren't here to kill me, most never hurt me. Even if they could touch me. They only wanted me to follow them. They wanted to take me to their leader.     
             I followed the line of the trees towards the light. I knew these woods like the back of my palm. I found the road and made my way towards town. I made my way towards the diner on third street. I worked there as a waitress. I checked my watch and sighed. I had fifteen minutes to get there. I picked up my pace and turned onto third street. Cindy's dinner was just ahead of me.

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