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Briana Lewis ( A Tom Felton Love Story)
Chapter 23
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Chapter 23

Briana's POV

Oh my goodness. I haven't seen him in a while. Jade told me I wasn't allowed to see him so I never did. I didn't completely forget about Tom but with Oliver in my life, Tom hasn't been.

Me: Hey Tom.

Tom: How's it going?

Me: Pretty good. How are you stitches?
Tom: Got them taken out already. I'm healing up nice.

Me: Thank you, so much for saving me. I will never forget it.

Tom: No problem.

I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close. I felt his arms slide around my waist as he tightened his grip.

Me: *whispering* I'm glad you are feeling better.

Tom: *whispering* Thanks, me too.

Me: *whispering* I've missed you. 

Tom: *whispering* Me....

???:Tommy, someone needs to talk to you, right now.

We split apart to see Jade standing there. She was wearing something I'm surprised was even considered fashion ().

Tom: Who's that?

Jade: Me. Let's go.

She grabbed his hand and started to pull him away to the otherside of the room. When they got to the otherside, she quickly turned around and looked like she was yelling at him. I wasn't going to get involved in that drama again. I turned around to see Oliver standing there, looking at me with a smile on his face.

Oliver: I'm glad he is feeling better. He was happy to see you, he really does miss you.

Me: I miss him too but I'm not going to deal with Jade and he knows that.

Oliver: Understandable. Here you go.

He stretches out his hand to hand me my drink. When I finished it, I placed the empty cup on a waiters tray as he walked by. I reached out towards Oliver.

Me: Let's dance

Oliver: Sure.

We went out on the dance floor and started to dance to whatever the music was blaring out of the speakers. A couple hours latter I was ready to leave but Oliver was going to stay and find James. Instead I went home with Matthew. I walked up stairs, dead tired. I didn't even take off my dress. I just slipped off my shoes and fell onto my bed into a deep slumber.

---Next Morning---

I woke up the next morning, very uncomfortable. I went into my closet and picked out a new outfit (). I brushed my teeth and headed downstairs. I glanced at the clock on my way out: 8AM. Downstairs I heard the TV on in the kitchen. I walked in and saw Matthew.

Me: Morning bro.

Matthew: Hey

Me: Whatcha watching? *glance at Tv*

Matthew: The coverage of our party last night.

Me: *Excited* shhh here comes Oliver! 

I realized over the last month, I've fallen in love with this boy. He seems like the one that I could spend the rest of my life with.

News Anchor: Here is an interesting clip, just for your enjoyment. *Starts clip**voice over* As you can see, the one and only Oliver Phelps, who played George Weasley in the Harry Potter series, is exiting the party. As you can see, he is not with his confirmed girlfriend Briana Lewis, but instead with Jade Olivia.....Recent ex girlfriend of Tom Felton. Oliver and Jade ended up getting into a limo together before leaving.

Matthew reached for the remote to change the channel. I was standing there with tears in my eyes.

Me: Put the remote down. I want to see this.

News Anchor: Tom and Jade broke up last night at this party. Luckily for all you viewers out there, we caught the whole thing on camera. Check it out

(The whole time they are yelling)

Jade: What were you doing with that Skank?

Tom: What skank?

Jade: Briana. Why were you all over her?

Tom: I wasn't all over her. She was giving me a hug. I did save her life, incase you forgot.

Jade: How could I ever forget that. She's the one that put you into the hospital. 

Tom: She had nothing to do with putting me in the hospital. I would have saved you if it was you.

Jade: Do you like her?

Tom: What? 

Jade: Briana, do you like Briana?

Tom: Where would you get that idea?

Jade: You said that if it was me, then you would have saved me too. You say that you love me but you would have also saved her.

Tom: Because she is my friend.

Jade: She hasn't been around long enough for you to consider her your friend.

Tom: You don't know that, you can't control me or my friends.

Jade: Want to bet?

Tom: No because we are done.

Jade: What do you mean we are done?

Tom: We're through. I'm breaking up with you.

Jade: You can't do that.

Tom: I just did.

Jade: I will ruin your career.

Tom: I would rather not have a career than a controlling girlfriend.

With that you see Tom walking away and Jade glaring after him.

*End of video*

News Anchor: You saw it here first folks, Tom and Jade call it quits. Will anything happen between Oliver and Jade? Does Briana know about Oliver leaving with Jade? What would she think about it? Is Jade right? Does Tom have feelings for Briana? Only time will tell, but for now, this is the end of this edition of BBC News. Thank you for joining me this morning, I'm Christine signing off.

Matthew turned off the TV and I looked at him, he was fuming. He dropped his bowl in the sink and stalked out of the kitchen. I ran after him.

Matthew: I'll be back.

Me: Where are you going?

Matthew: To teach Oliver a lesson.
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