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Ok. I hate Twilight. First off, why the hell would you fall in love with some creepy ass fairy. Yes I admit, Robert is hot... IN HARRY POTTER! Second, Bella has some retarded issue and has no independance. Thrid, why is she in love with a fairy and a dog dammit?! I am not trying to hate but Twilight just seems quite stupid. 

If you have watched Charlie read Twilight he also thinks it stupid. HOW DO THEY HEAR BELLA'S HEART BEAT?! Seriously? Like WTF? 

Stephanie Meyer or whatever the fuq her name is, needs to get out of this sexual state of mind. STEPHANIE, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE SEX WITH YOUR FICTIONAL CHARACTER SO GET OVER IT! I know she wont read this but she needs to get it through her brain that is obviously as big as a sack of peanuts...

Dumbledore tells us not to dwell on dreams... Stephanie Meyer came up with Twilight in a dream. Hense the horribleness and sexual factor of the load of crap called Twilight.

To conclude this short but serious rant, I'd like to end it with a joke:

I bought the Michael Jackson Album, Michael died.  I bought the Slipnot CD, Paul Gray died.  I bought an iPhone, Steve Jobs dies. Soo tomorrow... I'm going to buy the whole twilight saga...