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I'm Scared. (Finished)
Story published December 14, 2011 · updated March 7, 2012 · completed · 17 pages · 2,970 readers · 32,366 reads
Chapter 15
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Chapter 15


I wake up naked in a bathtub with no water. I sit wake up look around, spotting some things on the counter with the sink. I stand up, and walk over to the counter. I see a pile of clothes and on top a neatly folded note.

Here is your reward from the game. Take a bath and put on these fresh clothes. I have to admit that I was rather disappointed that I didn’t hear your beautiful screams, but your expression was filled of pain, and it took my breath away. Enjoy.

                I shiver. Although maybe I should have earlier, I realized Jared does these games to hear my scream. The thought terrifies me. How many other girls have been done this to?? Where are they now? I shiver again, and push that thought out of my head.

                I turn around to the bathtub, plug the rusty drain, and start the water. I see a bar of soap, stick it under the burning hot water, and rub it until there are bubbles in the tub.  I look around the room looking around for some sort of way out. Even the smallest of one. But no, there are none.

                I stop the water and climb in the tub, sighing. The water burns my cuts and skin, but at this point, I don’t care. I just need something normal. I start to relax, feeling nice. I soak until the water starts to get cold. I pull out the drain, and hop out of the tub.

Cool air hits me as I quickly try to wrap a towel around me. I pull on my clothes, and then start to the door. As I’m about to open the door, I hear it lock. I try to open it, of course, but it doesn’t work. I slam myself against the door, but nothing happened other than a bruised shoulder. I crouch down, panting.

As I stand up again, I hear something causing me to immediately tense. Thumping, crying, and screaming. Jared’s brought in another girl.

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