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What My Sister Doesn't Know- Prim Love Story- On Hold
Story published December 14, 2011 · updated March 2, 2012 · 22 pages · 994 readers · 4,217 reads
POV Rory The Reapi
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POV Rory The Reaping

        My name is Rory Hawthorn. I'm 14 years old. This is my second year being entered in the Hunger Games. I have my name in reaping bowl 12 times. I have 2 brothers ,1 older and 1 younger, and a sister. My best friends name is Primrose Everdeen and this is her first year in the reaping and her name is in there only once... thank God. I don't know what I would do if she was called. She is beautiful and talented and amazing.  I met Prim about 4 years ago when our fathers were blown up in the same mine explosion. If i were called for the Hunger Games I would win just so I could come back to her. I met Prim because her sister, Katniss, met my brother, Gale, when they were hunting. After that Katniss and Gale went hunting together and sometimes she would bring Prim with her. 
        This morning Gale went hunting with Katniss. After her left I went walking and met Prim in front of my house. Once she got there we walked around the Seam for a while. Then out of the blue she just started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she had a bad feeling about today. Usually when she has a feeling about something, weather its good or bad, thats what happens. Now even I'm scared. 
        I was thinking about this as I'm walking to the square.  They put you in sections like cattle, like they think we are just animals. The oldest are in the front the youngest, like Prim and I, are in the back. All around us the people with no loved ones are taking bet on who will be tribute, or if the tribute will start crying. I hate it I wish they would stop. 
         In the front of the square is a stage. On it are three chairs, a podium, and two glass bowls. The in two of the chairs are for the mayor, Mayor Undersee, Effie Trinket, the woman who picks the tributes. Mayor Undersee is a tall balding man and Effie Trinket has pink hair and a lime green suit on. It's a little strange. 
        Once its 2 o'clock the Mayor steps up to read the history of Panem and the Hunger Games. Talks about how we rose up out of the ashes of a place called North America. Of how there was a war for the little bit of sustenance their was left, thus forming the districts and Capital to run them. He tells us of how there was 13 districts until they tried to rebel and the Capital put a stop to that. 
        We have the Hunger Games as a reminder of that time. They will kill your children for their entertainment because of District 13. After his little speech the Mayor read the two names, the names of the tributes we have that have won in the last 74 years. When hes doing that the one that is still alive, and very drunk, stumbles across the stage and then plops down into the third chair then he goes and tries to give Effie a hug that she misses... barely... Quickly the attention is drawn back to  the reaping.
        Effie then says, in her very annoying voice," Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor."  Then she says, "Ladies first," she puts her hand in the bowl and pulls it out. Please don't be Prim, please don't be Prim, I'm thinking.
She shouts out, "PRIMROSE EVERDEEN!" I can feel the blood drain from my face. I almost collapse. I'm going to die. I can't even volunteer for her. How did she get called? Her name was only in there once. I can't breath not Prim, not my Prim!
        Then I hear a shout,"Prim!" It's Katniss." Prim! I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!" I feel relied but not really. Its just as bad as if it were Prim. This is Gales best friend this is going to crush him. Gale loves her. He can't admit it to anyone. But I hear he in his sleep alway mumbling something about how he wants to run away with her, mumbling that he loves her and he'll never leave her. I like her to.
        “Lovely!” says Effie Trinket. “But I believe there’s a small matter of introducing the reaping winner and then asking for volunteers, and if one does come forth then we, um. . .
        "What does it matter?" Mayor Undersee says. He looks pained but I don't know why.                      

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