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My Bully Is...My Boyfriend [Emo Love Story]
Story published December 18, 2011 · updated November 2, 2012 · completed · 56 pages · 2,578 readers · 29,459 reads
Chapter Four
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Chapter Four

I was just looking at him, I did not invite home over and I was not in the mood to be talking to him right now. I mean did he not see what he just did today, he ditched me for one of his dumb friends. I was walking upstairs when he grabbed by my waist and put on the couch. I stood back up but he pulled me down on the couch, I rolled my eyes. Travis kisses my cheek, I pushed him away. He sighed.
Travis: Brooke, I'm sorry. 
I looked away from him, he made me look at him.
Travis: Baby I just couldn't tell him to leave.
Brooke: Yes you could have.
Travis: You're right I could have but...
He trailed off not knowing what to say next.
Brooke: But nothing, you didn't even want to go on that date with me.
Travis: Babe, I honestly did. I'm your "bully" I had to.
Brooke: You don't have to do anything if you don't want to. You would kick him out any other time so what's is the difference now.
He didn't say anything. I was walking towards the stairs when he grabbed me, he laid me on the floor and sat on my legs. He held my arms down, he kissed me on the lips, I moved my face to the side so now he kissed my cheek. He looked at me with a frown.
Brooke: Travis, get off.
I said sternly, he sighed and got off of me.
He offered me his hand bu I just got up and walked into the kitchen. He walked into the kitchen with me, he grabbed me by my waist and held me close to him. I was getting frustrated, I pushed him off of me.
Brooke: Stop touching me.
Travis: Please forgive me, I can't stand when you're mad at me.
Brooke: So stop doing stuff to make me mad at you. Now leave, I'll see you tomorrow.
Travis: Can I have a kiss? Or a hug?
Brooke: What part of "I'm mad at you" don't get?
He rolled his eyes, I started to cook dinner.
Travis: Fine I love you.
Travis walked out of the house, we always argue like this. He just does stuff that he knows that makes me mad, but does he stop. No he just keeps pissing me off, I finished dinner. George and I ate, I walked into Noah's room and feed him. I put him to bed, then I went to sleep. 

~The Next Day~
I walked into the school wearing this: 
I immediately pushed on the ground by Eddie. He wasn't Travis but so I was going to stick up for myself, I stood up and slapped him in the face.
Brooke: Don't ever do that again.
Eddie: Who do you think you're talking to?
Brooke: You, I am not scared of you. You're just a follower.
Eddie: I'd rather be a follower than a nerd.
Brooke: Well I rather be a nerd instant of a person with no backbone and follows someone like they have cake up there a**.
Everyone in the hallways was laughing, Eddie had got pissed off. He picked me up, he pushed me into my locker and closed it. 
Eddie: Who's scared now?
Brooke: I'm scared all right, I'm off grade point average you dumb f***.
Eddie started banging on the locker, he made me hit my head three time. I was in pain, I let tears flow out of my eyes. My glasses had broke too, I was in here for about twenty minutes when Travis opened the locker door for me. We looked at each as tears flowed down my cheeks, Travis grabbed me by the waist. He gently pulled me out into his arms, he held me close, and I laid my head on his chest crying.
Travis: It's okay, Baby. I'll kick his a** today.
I nodded, he kissed my head. You see he isn't all that bad, he is really a sweet boy. That's why I love him so much!