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One In A Million- A Cody Simpson Love Story (Unfinished)
Story published December 19, 2011 · updated June 4, 2013 · 81 pages · 8,115 readers · 86,403 reads
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        I turn to the figure, and sure enough, it's Cody.        
        "Uhm, hi."  Cody says, and we're clearly in an awkward situation.
        "Why are you here?" I ask.
        "Shows tomorrow, family to visit, friends to see."
        "Obviously," I say, "But why are you on the beach?"
        "I have some explaining to do." Cody says, scooting closer to me, only making it more awkward. "And it's a pretty long story, so prepare yourself bab- uh, I mean, Delaney."      
        "Well, I don't have time." I say, turning my head away so Cody can't see the tears trailing down my face.
        "Oh really? And where do you have to be?" Cody asks, and I know he noticed that I was lying.
        "Alright. Fine. Go." I say, choking on my sobs.
        "So, Jake asked to see my phone. He sent you that text from it so it seemed like I said it. Then, I quickly ran to the bathroom and he said that you texted my phone saying you thought it would be best if we broke up. So when I made my speech a few hours ago, I thought you dumped me."
        I sit there, my toes burried in the sand. I drop my jaw and finally face Cody.
        "And I thought you dumped me." I said, fighting my tears, and I break into hysterical crying. For a minute, Cody just stares at me, but then gathers me into his arms and I sit on his lap. I curl up, and keep crying, and Cody kisses the top of my head. 
        "So, does this mean, you know, we're still boyfriend and girlfriend?" Cody asks me.
        "Only if you want it to." I tell him.
        "Then I guess we're still going out." He says. After awhile, he lifts me up and stands up. He grabs my suitcase and drags it through the thick sand, and reaches for my hand, but instead wraps his arm around my waist. 
        "You do know I never stopped loving you, right? I never will, either." He whispers in my ear.
        "Of course I do." I say, and I stand on my tippy toes to kiss him.
        Together we walk through the sand, and Cody suddenly asks, "Hey, Laney Bug, do you have anywhere to stay?"
        It takes me awhile to process this. Cody just called me Laney Bug, and it was the most adorable thing I had ever heard. 
        "Oh, uh no, actually, I don't. I went straight from the airport to here, I didn't even think about getting a hotel room."
        "Alright, great." Cody says and he pulls his phone out of his back pocket, "Hey Dad, yeah, I found her...yeah...mhm....could you come pick us up? We're like 5 minutes away from home....on Paradise, nobody has seen us yet, so hurry up! Okay...okay...mhmm...alright. Bye." He finishes, and he ends the call.
        "So, my dad is on his way and he'll bring us to our house. Just like originally." Cody tells me. We find a bench to sit on and Cody keeps his arm around my waist, but this time, grabs my hand on the other side. He leans in, and kisses me like there's no tomorrow. Brad pulls up, and apperantly, we hadn't noticed for awhile, and Brad leans on the horn.
        "C'mon, you little love birds!" He teases, and Cody drags my suitcase to the back and opens up the SUV's hatch. I get into the car and Brad turns to smile at me.
        "Haha, hi Brad." I say.
        "Hey there, Delaney," He says, "Great to see you. It really is." He says.
        "Hey Dad. Thanks for the lift." Cody says.
        "Oh yeah sure, anytime. It's just what I do." Brad teases him. We reach their house, and it's much smaller than their house in Los Angeles. I love it. It's perfectly beachy. Perfectly Simpson. Brad and Cody lead the way in to the house and I follow quickly behind. 
        "Delaney!" Alli shouts, and runs to give me a hug. 
        "Laney!" Tom screams, and runs up, and I pick him up in my arms and spin him around.
        "Hi, sweetie!" Angie says, "I'm so glad to see you! I'm so glad you're here!"
        "I'm glad I'm here, too." I whisper. Cody hears, and he squeezes my hand.
        "I don't think anyone is as glad as me." He whispers back, and kisses me lightly.

Life is a journey, and thankfully, I'm on this journey with you. <33