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No, Please...Don't. *FINISHED!*
Story published December 21, 2011 · updated January 10, 2012 · completed · 58 pages · 58,526 readers · 536,989 reads
I'll Give You A Ki
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I'll Give You A Kiss If You Tell Me:)

        "I'm tired of you calling me, "The red eyed boy," so I'm gonna tell you my name. My name's Past. Past Conners." I smile and laugh. He gives me a puzzled look and I say,

        "Your name's Past?"

        "Yeah, you gotta problem with that?" I can tell by the hurt in his face that other people have laughed at his name too. I smile and say,

        "No, I think it's actually cool. It'd be funny if your last name was Future." He chuckles and shakes his head. All of the sudden he groans and stops. I stop and raise my eyebrows at him. What's his deal?

        "Can I please just pick you up and run to your house? I'm tired of going so slow."  I laugh out loud. He whines like a little kid. It was kind of cute. Oh crap! I look up at his face and see him smiling like an idiot.

        "I didn't mean it that way!" I yell and he just nods and says,

        "Whatever. But for what it's worth," He scoops me up and I scream like a little girl. "I think your pretty cute too." I didn't know if vampires could blush, but if they could, my face would be as red as blood. I hear him laugh again and I give him a glare.

        "Will you please stop reading my mind!?! Gosh, do I have any privacy?!?" He chuckles and says,

        "Nope." And ran. I actually don't even know if he ran. He just said nope and all of the sudden we're in front of my house door. I look at him in shock and say,

         "Holy crap!! Can I run that fast?" He laughs and puts me down.

        "No, but later you will. Your still new. New vampires can't run this fast yet." I pout and we walk inside my house. 

        "Honey, is that you!?!?" I hear and I stop dead in my tracks. I look at Past and he does something I never thought he would do. He pulls me into his arms and puts his forehead against mine. I suddenly could read his mind. I saw what he wanted me to do and I saw one more tiny thing. I only saw a glance. It was a girl. She looked a lot like me but had blonde hair and green eyes. She was in Past's arms and they looked like they were about to kiss. Past could tell I saw that and he immediately pushes me away. I look at him in shock. Who was that girl? Was she the reason why he picked me? "Honey!?!" I turn my attention to my Mom and yell,

        "Yeah! It's me! I just got back from the park!" I walk away with Past at my heels. I walk into the living room and see her watching some soap opera. She smiles and looks up at me. Then she sees Past and what I was wearing and it immediately turns into a frown. 

        "Um, sweetie, whose your friend? And were you cold today?" I bite my lip. I'm not a good liar. Plus, I hate lying to my parents. Just see how well last time I tried to keep as secret from them worked out. I say,

        "This is Past. He just moved here from Alaska. He goes to my school and now lives in our neighborhood. I met him while I was walking to the park. And yeah, I actually was. Weird, right?" She nods and stands up. She holds up her hand to Past and says,

        "Well, welcome to Florida Past. I'm Kaitlyn's mother but you can call me Carrie." He shakes her hand and says,

        "Thanks Carrie. By the way, your home looks so beautiful." He gives her a huge smile and my Mom's smile disappears. She looks a little flushed. Past chuckles a little and stands by my side again. My Mom regains her focus and says,

        "Thank you Past." We stand there awkwardly and I hated awkward moments. I break the silence and say,

        "Well we're just gonna go in my room. Come on Past." Past and I walk away until my Mom grabs my arm and whispers,

        "So, is he someone special for you?" My breath catches in my throat. I can't believe she just said that! Nothing is going on! I bite my lip and say,

        "Mom! He's just a friend!" She laughs and walks away. I rush back into my room, only to see a laughing Past on my bed. I give him a glare and say,

        "Shut up." I sit next to him and he stops laughing. Hardly. "What was she thinking when we came in?" He smirks and says,

        "Well when she saw us she was thinking that I was your new boyfriend and then she saw our clothes and thought we were idiots." Again, I felt like blushing again. Past could never be my boyfriend. And then a question pops in my head. 

        "Who was that girl in your head?" His smile leaves his face and he says quietly,

        "What girl?" I raise my eyebrows at him.

        "Don't play dumb with me. Come on, tell me." He wouldn't look at me. I know this is bad but I thought this so he would look at me: I'll give you a kiss if you tell me:) And it worked. He immediately looks up at me smiling. I roll my eyes and say, "So, you gonna tell me now?" He bites his lip and says,

        "She used to be my girlfriend. It was in the 1800s and we were madly in love. Until one day, she got turned into a vampire by my father. I was so angry when he did that. After that, she couldn't control herself at all. Whenever she saw any human being, she immediately attacked them and bit they're heads off. I showed her how to control herself until one day she just lashed out during a parade. Millions of people saw it. People all over the world saw it because the parade was showing on t.v. After that, my father destroyed her." Hatred was in his red eyes and his face looks hard. I look down at his fists. They were clenched into balls. I'm actually sort of scared right now.

        He continues though and says, "That's why I picked you. When I saw you on the screens in my father's room, it was like I couldn't breathe for a second. I knew I'd have to be torturing you but I didn't care at the time. I just wanted to see you." I look at him shocked. But I also feel.......used. It's like he only picked me because I was exactly like his lost love. It made me feel..........weird. He turns his head to me in a flash and says with sadness on his face, "But your nothing like her! When I first met you, you were angry and stubborn. And you cussed. Rachel would've never cussed. Plus, she was always bubbly and happy no matter what happened to her." Oh so I look exactly like her but I was worse than her in personality wise. He groans at my thoughts and says, "Your impossible." He suddenly smirks and says, "Pay up." I look at him puzzled.

        "Pay up? For what?" He smiles even wider and says,

        "You said that you would kiss me if I told you. Pay. Up." I raise my eyebrows at him.

        "I never said that!"

        "Yeah! But you thought it!" I groan and ask,

        "Do I have to?" He smiles and nods his head. "You just wanna kiss me because I look like Rachel." I say with sadness. He shakes his head and says,

        "No, because I know you don't want to and you said you would." I roll my eyes, knowing that wasn't true. I lean in though and kiss him. I wrap my arms around his neck. He deepens the kiss and puts his arms around my waist. I know I shouldn't be thinking this, because I know he'll hear it and he will never let this down, but this was about the best kiss I've ever had. I can feel him smiling through the kiss and I pull away with regret. He opens his eyes and pouts. I roll my eyes and say,

        "Nope! You ruined it. I knew you would read my mind during the kiss. Plus, I said kiss. Not make out session." He laughs and says,

        "Aw come on. You did think it was the best kiss you ever had." He says, trying not to laugh. I stand up and say,

        "You know what!? You can go!" He raises his eyebrows at me. "Yup! Go! Bye bye! See you later!" He chuckles and gets up. He walks towards the door until in less then one second, he takes my face in his hands and kisses me again. And I liked it. I actually kissed back. If I had a heart right now, it'd be beating as fast as a hummingbird's wing. He brakes the kiss and says,

        "Sorry, had to do it. It's nice to know that you like kissing me though." He winks and pecks me on the lips again before walking away. I groan and lay back on my bed. Today has been insane. I learn I'm a vampire, I kill someone and drink they're blood, and now I just made out with another vampire. What is wrong with me? I think to myself. Did I have a crush on Past now? I can't though. He's still in love with his last girlfriend. I groan wishing I could fall asleep but he already told me I couldn't. Being a vampire is gonna be hell.

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