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KHR Seven Minutes in Heaven
Story published December 26, 2011 · updated August 24, 2012 · 81 pages · 10,962 readers · 103,962 reads
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“….What are you staring at me for?”

“Alaude you……you’re brining your handcuffs to a BIRTHDAY PARTY?” You asked, eyebrow raised at the platinum blonde.

“Yes.” He replied shortly, his ice blue eyes glaring into your soul.

“Okay then…..” You muttered, turning away and picking up some important documents.

“Do you really think it’ll be necessary?” You asked, looking at him over your shoulder.

“Anything could happen."

‘Just as blunt as always.’ You thought.

Filing the documents away, you relaxed in your chair.

“You know….I’m kind of surprised Boss accepted the invitation….” Alaude turned to you,

“I mean, I know he would be one to accept, but there’s so much to do…” You sighed.


“Well….See you later!” You flashed a smile at him, before grabbing your coat and heading out the door.

‘Maa~ I guess I could take a bath?’ You thought.

After bathing and eating, you decided to get dressed in a baggy t-shirt and a skirt that went down to your knees. The shirt was so long it covered most of your skirt, until the middle of your thighs.

“Ahh~” You smiled. Putting on some sneakers, you locked your door behind you and proceeded to Tsuna’s house.

“Ah! ___-chan!”

“Please excuse the intrusion!” You smiled at Haru and Yamamoto, who greeted you at the door.

“Come this way, come this way!” Haru dragged you by the arm to the other 1st Generation Guardians.

“H-hello! It’s nice to see you again!” You smiled.

“I’m glad you could make it.” Giotto smiled. Knuckle ruffled your hair.

“Ah! Where’s Tsuna-kun?” You asked. They pointed to your right.

“Tsuna-kun!” You squealed, pouncing on said boy, hugging him to death.

“_-_-____-chan!” He gasped.

“Congratulations on passing the test! Uwah! I’m so happy I could kiss you!” You smiled brightly, making the poor boy blush a bright red.

You nuzzled his chest and continued to smile brightly.

“O-oi! Woman! Let go of the 10th!”

“Ahahaha! They’re really friendly!”

“Hahi! Haru will not lose!”

“Nyahahahaha! Bakadera!”

“Stupid coooooww!!!!”

Something grabbed the back of your shirt, dragging you away. Looking up, you saw ice blue eyes glaring down at you.

“Ah! Alaude!” You gave him a hug too. He pushed you off though.

“Meeaniiie! Tsuna-kuuuun! Alaude is such a meeaniiiee!” You cried over dramatically.

“U-um…” Tsuna gulped as Alaude glared at him.

“Nufufufu~ Someone’s jealous.” Daemon nudged Alaude as they watched you two. Alaude swatted his hand away.


“Bah. Even Tsuna notices…because you’ve been glaring at him all this time.” G smirked. Alaude did nothing but walk away.

“G!” He turned to see you running up to him, a big smile on your face.

He smirked at Alaude as he went up to ruffle your hair.

“Hey, _____-chan!” He smiled, a little brighter than normal.

“Eh?” You peered at him through your long, (now messy) bangs.

“Are you ok? You seem different.” You said innocently, looking up at him.

“Ahh~ It’s nothing.” He grinned.

“Ah….ok!” You smiled. Alaude looked away, scowling slightly.

“Mew~” You looked down. (Oh….Did I forget to mention you had a kitten? Silly me~….or what ever animal you like, as long as it’s a baby~ ^_^)

“Hai? Was is it, Ala?” You smiled, scooping her up. She purred, rubbing her head against your chin.

You giggled, rubbing your nose against her soft fur.

“_____-chan!” You turned to see Fuuta, I-pin, Haru and Kyoko running up to you. You smiled widely.

“Ah! Konichiwa!” You said.

“Nyahahaha! ____-chan came after all!” Lambo laughed.

“Why wouln’t I?” You asked.

“Don’t listen to him.”

“Ah! Reborn-san!” You smiled as he jumped on your head.

“We were just about to play a game. Care to join us?” The little Mafioso asked.

“Ah! I love games!” You smiled.

“What type of game is it, Reborn-san?” You asked as he jumped off. His back was to you, so you couldn’t see the mischievous smirk on his face.

“Oh, you’ll find out. I think you’ll like this game.” You smiled.

‘She’s so oblivious.’ The others sweat dropped.


~After Reborn explains rules~ (Heh. I was too lazy to write it out. =P)


“Oh? So we go in a closet and play a game in there?” You asked, still smiling.

“Ahaha! That’s what it sounds like!” Yamamoto smiled.

‘They’re like twins…’ Everyone sweat dropped again.

Reborn held out his hat to you, making you giggle slightly at his spikey hair.

“Pick something, ___-chan.” He said. You closed your eyes and reached in.

Feeling a bracelet, you pulled it out.

Only it wasn’t a bracelet.

It was handcuffs.

“Ah! Alaude! I think you put your handcuffs in here by mistake!” You smiled at him.

“Baka…” He muttered, taking his handcuffs from you.

“Let’s go!” You cheered, skipping to the closet. Alaude calmly followed after you and shut (and locked) the door.

You plopped down on the bed.

“Please, have a seat!” You patted the spot next to you.

He lay down instead, closing his eyes. You smiled.


“Shh….Ala, don’t disturb him.” You whispered, pointing to Alaude.

He wasn’t really asleep. Not that you’d know that.

You began to play with your [favorite baby animal.]

You laughed softly, tossing her toy to her.

“A-ah! Ala! Please don’t run off-!”

Alaude opened his eyes, watching as you prepared to chase after your [favorite baby animal.]

You suddenly felt something cold enclose on your wrist and a soft click.

“E-eh?” Turning around, you saw Alaude was awake, and that he had attached one of the rings to your wrist.

“N-nani-Mmph!?” He tugged one more time, making you fall and crash your lips to his.

You could feel your face heat up.

With another click, the other loop was around your other wrist. Your face heated up more as he nipped your bottom lip. You gasped slightly, giving him the chance to shove his tongue in your mouth.

“Mm….” You panted, eyes drifting shut as his tongue played with yours.

He drew back, lifting our trapped wrists and placing them around his neck, so it looked like you were hugging him.

“A-Alaude?” You panted, eyes half lidded. A small smirk stole his lips, before laying you down on the bed. He hovered over you, his normally straight face had a small smirk on it, making you turn your head from embarrassment.

His cool hand rested on your cheek, turning you to look at him as his lips came back down on yours.

“____-chan….” He murmured. You smiled.

“You named your [favorite animal] after me, didn’t you?” He asked calmly. Your face instantly heated up again.

“A-ah…w-well um y-you see…” You trailed off, highly embarrassed.

Alaude kissed your neck slowly, teasing you. You shut your eyes tight, gripping the sheets.

It’s a good thing he locked the door.

Or anyone who came in would have passed out on the spot.

Ala sure is glad she jumped out of the window.


Extended Ending



A small chuckle, and he continued his ministrations.

At least the room was soundproof.



Nya!!!! Maybe I made him a little OOC?


Well there you go! I finally got the other chapters in! Feedback is much appreciated! Cha~! I'm sorry if I made them OOC!