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7 Minutes In Emo Heaven
Story published December 29, 2011 · updated February 4, 2012 · 4 pages · 2,429 readers · 7,928 reads
Max ~ Musician
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Max ~ Musician

You were dragged to a party by your sister that you honestly didn't want to attend to. When you arrive, you see your best friend, me, come over to you and hug you. I drag you to the basement where we're playing an hour in heaven. You sit in the circle and wait patiently for your turn. When I hand you the box, you pull out a guitar pick. 

"Anyone's guitar pick?" you shout, loudly.

"And that'd be mine," said a deep voice behind you.

You look up and see a really cute guy with ice blue eyes, brown hair, and a lip ring. He was your type all the way.

"Shall we?" he asks while taking your hand.

You look at me one last time and smile. I wink at you two then close the door.

"Time starts now!" I yell.

You sit down in the closet; the guy sits next to you. 

"Hey, I'm Max... And you are?" he asked. 


"Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl," he says. 

You blush and look at your converse and blush a dark red. Thank goodness it's dark, but Max saw you. He lifts your chin up with his finger and smiles. 

"You're cute when you blush. You know that right?" 

You remove his finger from under your chin, but he grabs your hand and holds it. 

"Do you mind?" asks Max, curiously.

"Before, we do that mind telling me what you play?" you ask curiously.

"Oh yeah! My pick. I play the lead guitar for this band," he said.

You nod your head and look at him, while smiling.

"Um, can I kiss you?" he said hesitantly. 

Without answering him, you lean in and kiss him. It was a soft, passionate kiss, but you felt the world with it. He grabbed your waist and pulled you closer, onto his lap. You naturally wrap your arms around his neck and allow your legs to wrap around his waist. He deepens the kiss by licking your bottom lip. You smile in the kiss but don't grant him entrance. Well, you can imagine he didn't like that so he grabbed your ass roughly and you had to gasp. His tongue explored every inch of your mouth. Yours did too. He then moved to your neck. Right when he started nibbling and biting it, you instantly moaned. Your neck was your weak spot. He smiled into your neck as you grabbed his hair. Let's just say it was a hot and heavy make-out session. You guys ended up on the ground, with him laying on top of you. Both shirts were off.

"Wow _____. You're so beautiful," said Max while stroking your cheek.

"Times up!" I yell, banging on the door.

You two got up, put yours shirts back on, fixed your hair, then walked out the door, hand in hand. For the rest of the night you guys talked and hung out. He asks you out and of course, you say yes.

The rest is up to you ♥   
Please enjoy.
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