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Spin the Bottle (Naruto Style)
Story published December 29, 2011 · updated 1 week ago · 13 pages · 5,047 readers · 38,196 reads
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You spin the bottle and it lands on Mr. Too cool to care (Sasuke:Too cool to care really? Me:Shut up Uchiha -___-') He shrugs and walks over to you. "S-sauke-kun" He bends down and kisses you full on the mouth. He realizes that everyone's watching breaks the kiss and sits back down. "Not half bad _____ ." *sweatdrop* "Thanks I guess." (Me:That cocky idiot why anyone would like him i really don't know. Sasuke:Hey!) "We should continue this when there are less people around."  You blush and the game continues.

After the gane Sasuke walked you home where you guys had a full out make-out session. Later you two got engaged. You found out that you were pregnant with twins after he left the village. UPon hearing this news he promptly returned to the village were you two were finally married. You had 1 boy and 1 girl both grew up and possesed the sharigan. 

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