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Chocolate Or Blood (Severus Snape Love Story. Completed!)
Story published December 29, 2011 · updated February 22, 2012 · completed · 364 pages · 24,479 readers · 402,229 reads
2. Chocolate
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2. Chocolate

    Then next morning, Selene quietly climbed out of bed and got ready for classes. She silently buttoned her white cotton shirt, fastened her skirt, pulled on her stockings and shoes, followed by her jumper, and finally she slipped on her black cloak on the left breast was embroidered the Slytherin Crest. She looked into the mirror the girl staring back at her had a pale complexion, long eyelashes, huge green eyes, mahogany hair, and prominent cheekbones. She picked up the brush and brushed her tangled hair, and placed the brush down after she had gone through her messy hair and her side bangs. She picked her bag that contained all her books, and headed downstairs. She took a quick glance at her schedule. History Of Magic.

     Personally she enjoyed History Of Magic, while most of her fellow students didn’t. She enjoyed listening to Professor Binns educating them about wars, battles, treaties, and alliances, and she could picture every little detail in her head.She sat down in the cramped room filled with books and dust. The room was dimly lit and the windows were closed. Professor Binns began calling attendance and when he reached her name she quickly put her hand up, and just as quickly back down. She sat silently and listened intently, and by the time class was over she had five pages worth of notes. She was the last to leave the classroom wanting to avoid all the other students, and she made her way to Transfiguration. Professor McGongall praised her for her admirable work. As the day progressed finally the last class was Potions with Professor Snape.

     Selene walked into the cold and gloomy classroom, which was modeled after Professor Snape’s taste. She slowly set down her bag, and pulled out her cauldron and studied the ingredients intently. She jumped at the sound of the door being kicked open, Professor Snape stormed into the classroom showing off his authority over them. He stopped in the front of the room where his desk was. He crossed his arms and scanned the room for any missing students. When he saw that everybody was accounted for he started class “Good afternoon, it is your third year at Hogwarts I believe…so can anybody tell me what potion we will be concocting today?” He scanned the room, and Selene looked around timidly through the curtains of her hair. “Nobody? Pity,” he sneered. Several people shrunk down in their seats, hoping not to be his victim that he was planning to humiliate.

    He pointed towards Selene “You girl, can you tell me what potion we’ll be making today? She looked at the ingredients set up before her Daisy roots, skinned shirvilfig, rat spleen, leech juice, and a caterpillar. “Shrinking Potion, sir,” she replied in a tranquil composure. Snape glared at her both disappointed, but impressed at the same time but he would not tolerate if he let himself show a student that he was satisfied. “Correct answer, but let’s see if you can manage to brew the potion correctly,” he replied in a dissatisfied tone. Selene shrunk in her seat, but sat back up Snape was never satisfied why should she let him bring her down? “Hey.” Selene looked around the room, but she found out it was the boy next to her, who had slightly curly brown hair and a pair of deep brown eyes. He smiled “Snape should have given you points for that answer, nobody else knew it. By the way I’m Aiden Vale.” He extended his hand for her to shake it, but Selene didn’t extend hers to shake his.

    The corners of his mouth tugged into a frown “What’s wrong?” She didn’t answer and moved on to cutting her Daisy roots. He chuckled “You’re not honestly trying to impress Snape are you? He’s never impressed.” She still didn’t answer and Aiden grinned “One of the quiet indoor girls are you? Can you at least tell me your name?” Selene forgetting her feigned deaf and mute act replied back rather loudly “If if will get you to shut up. If you must know my name is Selene Andrews!” “Detention, tonight with me Ms. Andrews. I do not appreciate yelling in my classroom. As he walked away back to his desk Selene glared at Aiden and muttered “Thanks a lot.” She was dreading detention with Snape tonight, and she hoped she wouldn’t be missing dinner since she already felt frail today.

   Severus Snape sat at his desk marking homework papers the students handed him in from the summer. He was up to Selene’s paper, and he was concentrating hard to find a mistake. He looked up from the parchment to the girl who had written the fine piece. He begrudgingly wrote an O, and it showed in his body language as his forehead creased and his hand went rigid. His mouth pulled into frown. The girl was an insufferable know it all like that Granger girl in Potter’s class. He looked back up and towards the girl, who was at the edge of her seat trying to avoid Aiden Vale.  At first sight she was nothing special long brown hair with side bangs, and a pale complexion. It wasn’t her intelligence that made him curious of her, but it was her startling green eyes. So much like Lily’s eyes he thought to himself.

    For such a pretty girl she was rather strange. She didn’t socialize and talk as much as the rest of the dunderheads. She stayed hidden in the corner, a flower that never gets to see the sun. She only spoke when she raised her hand to answer a question. Snape sat there trying to reminisce the past two years. He never noticed the girl in till now, and there was something else that made her different from the other students. He watched her as she carefully cut and measured the ingredients with precision before adding it to the cauldron. She actually mulls things over before she acts, unlike all those other idiots, he thought. He watched intently as she poured her finished product into a vial. Snape got up and walked towards her and stretched his hand towards her “Let me see your potion Ms. Andrews.” She handed the potion to him without a word.

   Snape placed the dish of leftover Daisy roots and poured some of the potion into the dish. There was a popping sound and the roots turned into seeds. That infernal girl is there anything she can’t do, he thought to himself. A look of satisfaction spread across Selene’s face, but Snape quickly wiped it off. “You still have detention with me tonight Ms. Andrews I wouldn’t be too happy if I were you.” Selene grimaced and replied quietly “Yes Professor.” The bell rang and the students filed out of the room, and for once in her life Selene was the first one out the door. 
   After all her classes were finished Selene made her way slowly down to the dungeons to serve detention with Professor Snape. She knocked on the door lightly, and then pushed it open. Snape was sitting on his desk grading his papers leisurely, and once he notice Selene came in he stopped and looked up. “In what way will I be serving detention this evening sir?” He motioned over towards the jars on his desk “The leeches have matured and are ready to have their juice extracted from them,” he said coldly. He motioned towards the pans “You will be compressing them so their juice can be used for classes. You may not use magic…or protective gear.” Selene winced, but did not dare to defy a direct order.

    She unscrewed the lid and placed her hand into the jar. She refused to show any signs of pain in front of Snape. The leeches stuck onto her hands, and she could feel them sucking on her blood. With her free hand she pulled them off of her hands and threw them onto the tray. Blood continued to trickle from her fingertips, but she did not complain. Snape watched in astonishment how the girl is willing to cope with the pain, and not complain unlike all those other whinny brats. He felt a twinge of guilt for not letting her use gloves and even he himself would never touch leeches without protective gear.                        

     Selene winced as one of the leeches bit deeply into her finger, and she felt tears forming in her eyes but she refused to shed them. She yanked the leech off and dropped it into the tray. She sighed with relief as she finished the first jar, and she only had ten more to go. Her hands were now feeling numb, the saliva of the leeches ensured that their host will not be able to feel a thing. Once she had all the leeches on the tray she used her hands and compressed them squeezing out the purple juice which they contained. After detention her hands were bloody and mangled. “I’m done,” she proclaimed in a relieved voice. Snape looked up from the papers he was grading and examined her work “Good Ms. Andrews you may wash your hands and I will escort you back to the common room.”

    She headed towards the sink and washed off the leech slime and her blood off of her hands. She flicked away the excess water and dried her hands with the rag near the sink. Snape stood up and motioned towards the door. She frowned “I don’t need you to escort me back Professor. I know the way back.” He glared at her “I want you to avoid being caught by the house perfects, since you finished your detention so late.”

Selene boiled over with anger, and she wanted to spat back that he was the idiot that made her obtain leech juice from leeches, but she didn’t dare she didn’t want another detention with him. She nodded and followed Professor Snape, but it was hard since his strides were a faster pace than hers. She had to faster in order to keep up, and once they were outside the Slytherin common room her stomach grumbled.

    Snape seemed amused “Hungry, are we?” Selene wanting to keep her dignity responded “No.” Snape rolled his eyes and extracted some chocolate out of his pocket. Selene’s eyes widened and Snape growled “I always see you picking at your food during dinner, and you always seem to take chocolate for dessert. You just happen to be lucky that I have chocolate with me this evening.” She frowned he made himself sound stingy and made her sound so ungrateful, but how in the world did he notice these things? Selene looked at him curiously “How did you..know?” Snape rolled his eyes “Because I recognize an ungrateful child when I see one. You always pick at your meat and avoid eating your vegetables, and every time dessert comes around you pick up chocolate.”

    Selene’s anger was refueled by his harsh words. If only you knew, she thought. She cautiously reached out and took the chocolate from his hands and murmured a word of thanks. Snape gave a curt nod and Selene spoke the password and stepped inside. As the wall slid back she watched as Snape’s black cloak swished out of sight. She sighed deeply and unwrapped the chocolate. She carefully broke off a piece and placed it into her mouth, the reason why she at so much chocolate because it kept her sane. She needed this sanity for reasons neither Snape nor anybody could understand. She let the sweetness of the chocolate fill her, and she let the chocolate melt in her mouth before swallowing. After she was done she disposed of the wrapper, and headed upstairs for bed

 "If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater."