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Chocolate Or Blood (Severus Snape Love Story. Completed!)
Story published December 29, 2011 · updated February 22, 2012 · completed · 364 pages · 25,645 readers · 422,907 reads
49. In Blood
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49. In Blood

    “Selene, you know a lot about werewolves don’t you,” asked Vivian curiously one day at breakfast. Selene nearly dropped her toast. “I beg your pardon,” she asked her eyes widening at her random question. “I remember when we had Professor Moody, and we had that lesson on werewolves, you and Aiden practically answered all the questions in class that day,” remembered Vivian sipping her porridge. “Why are you so curious all of sudden,” asked Selene still on edge, she nibbled on her toast silently. “It was something I read,” replied Vivian, wiping her mouth with a napkin. “Something you read,” asked Selene raising a brow.

    Vivian nodded “Yes something about, if werewolves have amber eyes they feed on blood, but if the werewolf has green eyes they don’t. The book also said that the darker the fur the werewolf has the lethal it is, but werewolves with fur as white as snow have pure hearts,” said Vivian matter-a-factly. Selene wanted to laugh as if this was some cruel comical joke, she really did. When she took form of a werewolf she resembled her mother precisely, it wasn’t because of her ‘pure heart’ she wished it was, but it was genetics it had nothing to do with these myths.

    “Those are just myths Vivian, you can believe everything you read,” she concluded, before sipping her pumpkin juice. “No, Professor Moody did tell us that werewolves that feed on human blood have amber eyes,” protested Vivian. “Yes, but a werewolf’s fur is determined by genetics, Vivian not about how ‘pure’ their heart is. Werewolves get their fur color the same way you and I got our hair color, from one of our parents,” replied Selene stiffly. “How do you know so much about werewolves,” demanded Vivian suddenly. Selene laughed “I lived in a mansion, with the woods as my backyard, of course I have to know about the creatures that dwell there,” she said callously. “I’m sorry,” whispered Vivian. “Sorry isn’t going to bring them back is it,” she asked coldly.

 “I was only asking,” clarified Vivian.

     Vivian could never understand. Nobody could ever comprehend what it’s like to have your life controlled by the cycle of the moon. It wasn’t something she wanted or chose it was a curse that she was born with. The moment she was brought into this world two paths diverged in a forest waiting for her to choose, chocolate or blood. She was nothing like them, and she never will be. Nevertheless he grandfather won’t take no for an answer, this endangered everybody cared and loved. “Where are you going,” demanded Vivian as Selene got up from her seat. Without a word Selene exited out of the Great Hall, without looking back.

    Snape observed Selene carefully from his desk, the pile of essays on his desk completely ignored. Something obviously was wrong and if he did not notice that he would surely deem himself unworthy of her, her eyes were vacant, her face ridged and emotionless. Selene sat all the way in the back of the classroom alone, and Ms. Cosgrove was sitting alone as well nevertheless both seemed distraught. Vivian fiddled with her quill, absentmindedly doodling in her notebook, there seemed to be a lot on her mind as if she felt guilty of something. Selene meanwhile was staring at her paper blankly, her eyes welled up, genuine fear was apparent on her face. “Professor,” said a voice interrupting his thoughts. “Professor,” said the student more loudly, hoping to catch his attention. “Yes,” asked Snape irritably. “Class started five minutes ago,” informed the Gryffindor boy, now regretting that he did. “I am very aware of that Mr. Ferrars, don’t tell me when to start class five points from Gryffindor,” he snapped, more concerned about Selene than the lesson at the moment.

    Selene glanced up from her parchment, noticing Snape towering over her. He had been standing there for the past five minutes observing her work, but her parchment was still blank, her quill still dry, her ink in her inkwell unused. “Sir,” she asked finally noticing his presence. “See me after class,” he said bluntly, taking her paper pretending that there was something invalid about it, tearing it into shreds and scattering the pieces onto the floor. “Clean up the mess, Ms. Andrews,” he said coldly, before turning around with a flourish of his robes. The bell rang, dismissing the class, while the others packed their belongings; meanwhile Selene knelt down picking up the scattered pieces of parchment. Vivian threw her a sympathetic look, but sadly turned and headed towards the door.

    “Get up,” Snape commanded, once the room was clear from the others aside from Selene. As she stood up, Snape lazily waved his wand and the littered pieces of parchment vanished. “Tell me, what’s wrong,” he demanded. Selene’s eyes widened, her emotions betraying her, her emotions oozing out of every pore. “I’m fine,” she murmured. “You’re a horrible liar,” he replied bitterly, wanting desperately for her to tell him what was ailing her. Selene bit her lip, and her reply was in an almost inaudible whisper. “I think Vivian knows,” she whispered finally. “You think she knows,” replied Snape calmly. “How can you take all this so calmly, Severus,” protested Selene.

    “If she really is your friend, she will accept you no matter what you are,” he stated plainly. “It’s not that I’m worried about,” said Selene raising her voice. “You have nothing to worry about,” he said calmly, gazing into her eyes assuring her. “Severus, you can’t pretend that he’s not coming back, he won’t stop until he has vengeance! You landed his entire pack into Azkaban!  You’re stripped him of his pride and power! But most importantly, you’ve also taken me, the one thing he saw as not yours to take, but you took it anyway,” she cried hysterically.  “Is that your views as well,” he asked softly. Selene paused, but her body was still shaking uncontrollably.

    “No….those are the views of a man who can’t comprehend compassion….let alone…love,” she whispered. “If those are the views of a man who can’t comprehend compassion and love, then he will not understand that I will do anything to keep you safe,” he declared unwaveringly, he did not flinch neither did he in his mind for a moment questioned his choice. Anything. Selene’s face was streaked with tears, he couldn’t… she wouldn’t allow him to sacrifice himself so senselessly. “No,” she managed to choke out. Snape looked at her puzzled, taking her into his arms. “I won’t let you…I’m not going to allow another person to die for my sake….he already took everybody…I will not allow him to live with the satisfaction that he took you too….,” she whispered shakily. “Nothing is going to happen to you, Selene,” he whispered, trying to assure himself but her as well. He gently stroked her chocolate brown locks of hair, and looking into those emerald eyes he knew and loved. “Don’t lie to yourself, Severus,” she pleaded. “I know I endanger the lives of everybody I become acquainted with,” she added, closing her eyes. Deep down she knew he wasn’t a mere ‘acquaintance’; she loved him no matter how hard she tried to conceal or fight it. Without another word, she slipped away from his arms, and exited out of the classroom. He was now deceiving himself, he will not allow Romulus to come another inch near his Selene again, even if isn’t Romulus that is endangering her life he will protect her, he will protect her no matter the cost….even if it costs him his own life.

   “MURDER! MURDER IN THE BATHROOM! MURDER,” echoed a deafening scream. The bathroom door opened with a bang, and Severus Snape stormed in looking livid.  He roughly pushed Potter aside, and knelt down beside Malfoy, examining his wounds quickly he knew right away what spell had been used. Taking his dark ebony wand, he began tracing over Draco’s deep wounds. Potter watched extremely horrified, not realizing what exactly the curse did, but never did he think its effect would be this deadly.  He was unaware that his white buttoned down shirt was soaked with water, and stained with blood. Snape muttered the incantation, and in Potter’s mind it sounded like a song. The blood flow seemed to cease, and Snape wiped the residue off of the blonde Slytherin’s forehead.

    He continued the incantation, his eyes fixed on the pale boy for any signs of life left. The wounds began knitting themselves, but no doubt Mr. Malfoy will acquire scarring for the rest of his life. He performed the incantation for the third time, before supporting him into a standing position. “You need the Hospital Wing. There will be certain amounts of scarring…but if you take dittany right away we might even be able to avoid that…Come,” he said forced calm. Snape supported Malfoy across the slippery bathroom floor, and turning at the door he paused. “And you, Potter will wait here for me,” he said in a voice of cold fury.

    It did not cross his mind to leave and disobey for a second, his breathing ragged, his palms and forehead covered with a heavy film of sweat. His almond shaped green eyes were fixed upon the wet bathroom floor. The blood was swirling among the water, resembling crimson flowers. Snape returned moments later, shutting the heavy wooden bathroom door behind him, a cold calculating stare fixed upon the jet black haired boy. “I didn’t mean for it to happen,” said Harry at once, swallowing hard. Snape ignored this. “Apparently I underestimated you, Potter, nevertheless I am no fool. Who knew you knew so much Dark Magic? Who taught you that spell,” he demanded in a low dangerous tone. “I read about it-somewhere,” he stammered in reply.

   “Where,” he specified. “In a…library book,” invented Harry wildly. Snape narrowed his eyes; it was quite evident to him that Potter was lying, after all if he failed his lessons on Occlumency last year. “Liar,” he hissed venomously. Harry swallowed hard, and began fumbling with the collar of his blood stained shirt. He stared directly into Snape’s cold black eyes, hoping he did not see where he truly learned the spell. “Bring me your schoolbag,” said Snape softly, “and bring me all of your schoolbooks, bring them to me here. All of them….all of them here now!” He watched as Potter staggered across the slippery bathroom floor flinging the door open, there was only one book where Potter could have acquired the knowledge of the spell, and if he did have it in his possession like he suspected the consequences will be catastrophic, he could have learned every single spell that book had to offer.

    “Andrews, Professor Snape wants to see you in his office,” jeered Parkinson, laughing mechanically. Selene froze at the partially ajar door, but nodded silently. Vivian was sitting in her bed reading, but the two haven’t spoken since breakfast that morning. Selene closed the dormitory door behind her. She went down the corridor she was most familiar with; Snape had still kept his office in the dungeons even though he worked several floors upstairs. Selene heaved a loud sigh, before knocking on the door gently and pushing it open. Snape’s office was kept the same since the past two years she had became familiar with, the only change was the number of jars filled with specimens and potions ingredients.

    “You wished to see me, Professor,” she asked softly. “Indeed,” said Snape as if it were obvious. Her eyes travelled lower, and she noticed that his robes were completely drenched, and she frowned. “You’re robes are soaking wet,” she said. “Why?” she asked, seating herself across from him. “I wanted to know if you ever noticed a copy of Advanced Potion Making in my office or classroom,” he asked not answering her question. Selene pondered for a moment, trying to recall if she ever saw a copy of Advance Potion Making lying around. “No,” she replied finally. “I was afraid of that,” he murmured.

   Her eyes widened “Why is that specific copy so important,” she asked curiously. “It was mine at one time, and I wrote spells in it. Dangerous spells,” he replied seriously, his brow creasing, “and to answer your question, Potter and Malfoy had a small skirmish in the girl’s lavatory earlier this evening. Potter used one of those spells against Mr. Malfoy, unknowing the spell’s effect,” he muttered. “Is he dead,” gasped Selene, for once concerned for Malfoy’s well being, because if he was injured or perished Snape would have to suffer the consequences. “No, but he could have died all thanks to Potter’s reckless use of magic,” he said bitterly, running his fingers through his hair, the more he searched for the textbook the more apparent it was that Potter had it in his possession.

   “That’s not the only reason why I call you here,” he added. “What is it,” she asked her eyes widening. “Dumbledore and I fear that the Dark Lord will soon have this school at his grasp,” he admitted finally. “What,” she breathed. Snape nodded solemnly “We all are in danger.” Selene sat back in her seat, her stomach churning uncomfortably. Perhaps there was a chance that her grandfather had joined the ranks of Voldemort, she knew he must have. “Are you sure,” she swallowed; her fears were quickly turning into a reality. Snape nodded, staring into her emerald eyes. “Which is why…I want you to promise me something,” he whispered softly. She looked up at him. “It depends what your…asking for,” she choked.

   He reached over taking her hand into his, squeezing it tightly. “I want you to promise, that when the time comes, you will obey my commands no matter how absurd you find them,” he ordered. Selene squeezed his hand tightly. “I don’t really have a choice do I,” she whispered in realization. “No,” smirked Snape faintly, forcing a smile on his face, hoping that it would make things easier. Selene nodded in understanding, but looked into his dark eyes. “In return…if I let you…keep me safe…will you promise me..that you’ll keep yourself safe, and that you won’t….abandon me…,” she whispered tears welling up in her eyes, phrasing it in a different way so she wouldn’t have to say ‘die’. She couldn’t afford to lose him. She couldn’t suffer through the loss all over again. First her mother, then her father and was too much to bear.

    Snape knew that she wasn’t speaking in terms of leaving her in the usual sense, but from what she was asking, she was asking him not to die. It was something he can’t guarantee, let alone promise. “It’s not a promise if you don’t say it out loud,” said Selene smiling faintly, quoting his words. “I can’t promise you that,” he said finally, it was heartbreaking for her to hear those words, but heartbreaking for him to say them. “Very well then, can you promise that you will at least try,” she compromised, tears streaming down her face, wanting him to agree. “I can promise you that,” he said nodding. Her sobs echoed throughout the damp cold dungeon office.

    Taking her into his arms, he gently cradled her face, leaning down to kiss her. He hoped that one day, once this was all over, he and Selene can be together. He wanted her as a wife, belonging to him and nobody else, and perhaps if possible children. He desired all those things, but they had to make it out of this first. This vision that could possibly become reality, fuels his determination to live. Nonetheless he could not deny the dangers that were coming; he remembered the crimson red flowers on the wet bathroom floor. Blood.  Lately he wouldn’t allow a person die in his hands not if he could help it; he had seen many people die. Mostly from his Death Eater days and all those lives ended tragically....and in blood. 

 "If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater."